Spring Egg Hunt 2024

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Spring Egg Hunt 2024
Number of Event Mice: 15
Start date: 19 March 2024
End date: 16 April 2024


The 2024 Spring Egg Hunt event takes place from 19 March to 16 April.

During this event:

  • Non-event mice can drop various types of Egg.
    • These eggs contains many items to help the Hunter progress in the game.
  • Event mice can be encountered as bonus hunts.

Gameplay Mechanics

Egg Hunting

The Hunter can get the Eggscavator from the Camp HUD available during the event.

Once it is acquired, mice in the Kingdom can drop various types of eggs. The conditions to get those eggs as well as the content can be found here.

Special Effects


Chocolate Shop

During the event, the Hunter can spend Chocolatonium in this shop.

  • The shop has 5 shelves.
  • Each shelf needs to be unlocked before the Hunter can purchase items from it.
    • There is a Chocolatonium cost to unlock each shelf.
    • Unlocking a shelf grants an unlock reward.
    • The shelves have to be unlocked in order.
  • The items purchased in the Chocolate Shop cannot be refunded.
Shelf Unlock cost Unlock reward
1 100 Chocolatonium 1 Magical Eggsweeper Fertilizer
20 Eggstra Fondue
10 Eggsweeper Shovel
2 200 Chocolatonium 20 Eggstra Fondue
10 Dark Chocolate Charm
10 Eggsweeper Shovel
3 300 Chocolatonium 20 Dark Chocolate Charm
20 Eggstra Fondue
10 Eggsweeper Shovel
4 400 Chocolatonium 20 Eggstra Fondue
1 Magical Eggsweeper Fertilizer
10 Eggsweeper Shovel
5 500 Chocolatonium 20 Eggstra Fondue
30 Eggsweeper Shovel
1 M1000 Team Research Expedition Scroll Case

Shelf 1

Item Price
Dark Chocolate Charm 1 Chocolatonium
Tower Mana 15 Chocolatonium
Eggstra Fondue 25 Chocolatonium
Ultimate Power Charm 30 Chocolatonium
Chocolate Bar Base 100 Chocolatonium
Spring Easter Basket ACRONYM Trap Skin 100 Chocolatonium

Shelf 2

Item Price
Hot Spice Leaf 3 Chocolatonium
Dragonbane Charm 12 Chocolatonium
Wild Tonic 25 Chocolatonium
Ultimate Luck Charm 30 Chocolatonium
Hard Chocolate Prison Core Trap Skin 100 Chocolatonium
Spring Egg Hunt Journal Theme 100 Chocolatonium

Shelf 3

Item Price
Compass Magnet Charm 10 Chocolatonium
Springtime Schooner Airship Sail 20 Chocolatonium
Springtime Schooner Airship Hull 20 Chocolatonium
Springtime Schooner Airship Balloon 20 Chocolatonium
Lantern Oil 25 Chocolatonium
Rift Ultimate Power Charm 40 Chocolatonium
Super Lantern Oil Charm 50 Chocolatonium
Infinite Easter Trap Skin 100 Chocolatonium

Shelf 4

Item Price
Super Enerchi Charm 12 Chocolatonium
Marzipan Airship Sail 50 Chocolatonium
Marzipan Airship Hull 50 Chocolatonium
Marzipan Airship Balloon 50 Chocolatonium
Quantum Quartz 25 Chocolatonium
Fire Bowl Fuel 25 Chocolatonium
Rift Ultimate Luck Charm 40 Chocolatonium
School of Bunnies Trap Skin 100 Chocolatonium
Jacked Rabbot™ Trap 200 Chocolatonium

Shelf 5

Item Price
Bottled Wind 35 Chocolatonium
Champion's Fire 35 Chocolatonium
Rift Ultimate Lucky Power Charm 85 Chocolatonium
Rose Gold MonstroBunny Trap Skin 100 Chocolatonium
Ultimate Charm 800 Chocolatonium
Baitkeep Charm 1,200 Chocolatonium


During the event, the Hunter can play the Eggsweeper minigame to earn the Eggsweeper Eggs.

Camp H.U.D.

During the event, a Camp HUD is shown. It contains information and shortcut to many mechanics related to the event:

Info interface

This pop-up has 3 tabs:

  • Eggs: this pings the Eggscavator
  • Chocolate Shop
  • More Info: this provides description about the event, including the event duration.
Lady Laura is back!
Spring has returned to the Kingdom of Gnawnia and with its return the Kingdom is visited by a familiar face! Lady Laura the Chocolatier is back and with her she brings her renowned Chocolate Shop. Lady Laura is a master of the lost art of CocoAlchemy which gives her the ability to wield the mightiest power of the purest chocolate known to science: Chocolatonium! This rare and highly unstable element is so primordial that in the right hands it can be transmuted into a wide variety of complex and useful items. Using this powerful element, she is able to create and sell many exotic wares that one wouldn't normally expect to see in a Chocolate Shop!
Unfortunately, a certain group of greedy, chocolate-obsessed mice have ambushed her caravan and once again stole all of her Chocolatonium! Lady Laura is asking for your help in collecting Chocolatonium from these mice and preventing another ecological disaster! These mice are so plentiful that you won't even need cheese to attract them! They're so distracted by the pure Chocolatonium in their possession that they'll frequently just wander straight into your trap no matter where you’re hunting.
Once you've found some Chocolatonium, return it to Lady Laura so that she can set up her Chocolate Shop and begin selling her valuable wares. As you unlock the various shelves in her shop, you'll be able to purchase the items on those shelves using Chocolatonium anytime you want during the Spring Egg Hunt event. Lady Laura will also show her gratitude by presenting you with special, one-time rewards for each shelf that you unlock. Unlock all five shelves and you'll gain access to some exceptionally valuable items!
Chocolatonium has a highly unstable atomic structure and therefore only has a very short half-life. Any pure Chocolatonium exposed to the open air will undergo radioactive decay after only four weeks and even when it's properly contained within a hunter's inventory, it will only last an additional two weeks.
As of April 16, mice will no longer drop Chocolatonium and eggs will no longer be found in the Kingdom.
As of April 23, any Chocolatonium that remains in a hunter's inventory will decay into nothingness!
Make sure to spend it all at the Chocolate Shop while you can!

Event Mice

Spring Egg Hunt mice can be encountered throughout the Kingdom using the Prize Mice/Relic Hunter bonus hunt system.

When a mouse is caught, the following message is displayed in the Hunter's Journal:

A [Group A] X Mouse worth X points and X gold was [Group B] Chocolatonium when it [Group C] [Group D] into my trap!

When a mouse is missed, the following message is displayed in the Hunter's Journal:

A [Group A] X Mouse was [Group B] Chocolatonium and nearly [Group D] into my trap but escaped at the last moment!
Group A Group B Group C Group D
hyperactive pigging out on absent-mindedly wandered
ravenous feasting on carelessly slipped
gluttonous snacking on obliviously tumbled
hypoglycemic devouring inattentively ambled
chocolate-crazed obsessing over strayed
chocoholic fixated on meandered
sugar-induced stuffing itself with fell
greedy consuming strayed
voracious gorging on tripped
hungry gobbling strolled
binging on sauntered

All these mice can drop the 10 Spring Eggs:

These mice also drop varied quantity of Chocolatonium.
The quantity dropped from each mouse is fixed.

Mouse Points Gold Loot
Chocolate Overload 1,200 350 15 Chocolatonium
Egg Painter 6,500 900 3 Chocolatonium
Sinister Egg Painter 5,000 1,200 4 Chocolatonium
Egg Scrambler 2,750 850 3 Chocolatonium
Coco Commander 6,900 500 15 Chocolatonium
Eggsplosive Scientist 6,200 800 3 Chocolatonium
Carefree Cook 2,200 1,200 3 Chocolatonium
Eggscavator 6,500 1,200 3 Chocolatonium
1 Eggscavator
Eggsquisite Entertainer 2,500 1,350 3 Chocolatonium
Onion Chopper 5,000 5,000 3 Chocolatonium
Spring Sprig 3,300 2,350 5 Chocolatonium
Hardboiled 3,200 125 5 Chocolatonium
0 - 1 Egg Basket Box Trap Skin
0 - 1 Spring Hunt Shark Trap Skin
Pan Slammer 7,200 1,000 5 Chocolatonium
Hare Razer 7,000 3,200 5 Chocolatonium
Chocolate Gold Foil 7,000 2,500 30 Chocolatonium
0 - 1 Hard Chocolate Prison Core Trap Skin
0 - 1 Infinite Easter Trap Skin
0 - 1 Spring Hunt Multi-Crystal Laser Skin

Premium Shop

During the event, many event-related items were available in the Premium Shop.
1 month of Lucky Golden Shield is awarded upon completing each purchase unless stated otherwise.

Bundle Deals

Name Content Shield Duration Limit Price Image
Eggstreme Hunting Bundle 6 Magical Eggsweeper Fertilizer
125 Eggsweeper Shovel
100 Eggstra Fondue
1 month 3 $9.99 Image
Spring Hunt Gardener Bundle 3 Magical Eggsweeper Fertilizer
30 Eggsweeper Shovel
1 month 3 $4.99 Image
Spring Hunt Decorative Bundle 1 Magical Eggsweeper Fertilizer
50 Eggsweeper Shovel
25 Eggstra Fondue
1 Egg of the Mind's Eye Trap Skin
1 Slumbering Flower Trap Skin
1 Death by Infinite Dark Chocolate Trap Skin
1 month 1 $9.99 Image

Baskets and Kits

Content and Lucky Golden Shield is awarded at the time of opening the basket/kit.

Item Content Shield Duration Price
Eggscellent Gift Basket 10 Eggstra Fondue
10 Eggsweeper Shovel
1 Magical Eggsweeper Fertilizer
1 month $3.99
Eggsweeper Starter Pack 6 Magical Eggsweeper Fertilizer
200 Eggsweeper Shovel
1 month $19.99
Eggstravagant Supply Kit 200 Eggstra Fondue
250 Eggsweeper Shovel
12 Magical Eggsweeper Fertilizer
2 months $39.99


Item Price
25 Eggstra Fondue $4.99
100 Eggstra Fondue $9.99
10 Eggsweeper Shovel $0.99
125 Eggsweeper Shovel $9.99
1 Magical Eggsweeper Fertilizer $1.99
3 Magical Eggsweeper Fertilizer $4.99


Item Price
Egg of the Mind's Eye Trap Skin $5.99
Slumbering Flower Trap Skin $5.99
Death by Infinite Dark Chocolate Trap Skin $5.99
Chrome Fluffle of Bunnies Skin $4.99
Chrome Gold Foiled Thought Obliterator Skin $4.99
Hard Chocolate Prison Core Trap Skin $1.99
School of Bunnies Trap Skin $2.99
Infinite Easter Trap Skin $2.99
Spring Easter Basket ACRONYM Trap Skin $2.99
Spring M.Y.N.O.R.C.A. Trap Skin $2.99
Cottontail Sentinel Trap Skin $2.99
Spring Eggsplit Dissonance Trap Skin $2.99
Crouching Rabbit, Hidden Sphynx Trap Skin $2.99
Egg Basket Box Trap Skin $2.99
Spring Hunt Endless Labyrinth Trap Skin $2.99
Spring Hunt Focused Crystal Laser Skin $2.99
Spring Hunt Multi-Crystal Laser Skin $2.99
Chocolate Fount Trap Skin $2.99
Dimensional Egg Basket Trap Skin $3.99
Spring Hunt Shark Trap Skin $3.99
Smolderstone Saxon Trap Skin $3.99
Spring Arcanum Trap Skin $4.99
Spring Chrome Eggtastic Ballista Trap Skin $4.99
Rose Gold MonstroBunny Trap Skin $4.99
Chrome Celestial Spring Basket Trap Skin $4.99
Music Box S.T.I.N.G.E.R. Trap Skin $4.99
Egg Slayer Cannon Skin $4.99

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