Explosive Base

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Explosive Base
Base Statistics Base Info
Power: 300 Rank requirement: Initiate
Power Bonus: 5% Cost: 18,000 Gold
Attraction Bonus: 5% Limited Edition: No
Luck: 0 Crafted: No
Cheese Effect: Stale Smashable: No
Larry's Loot Lexicon: MouseHunt Info Page Image: External Link
A base made of plastic-explosive, the ultimate back-up plan for any weapon.

Obtained Via

The Explosive Base can be purchased for 18,000 Gold from the following Trapsmith:

It can be refunded for 3,240 Gold at the same locations.

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History and Trivia

  • 1 June 2021: The Explosive Base received an update to its artwork.
  • 22 March 2022: The Explosive Base received a cost update with the Shops Infrastructure Overhaul update:
  • Gold cost: 29,775 -> 18,000