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Larry's Football Challenge!

10 June 2014

Larry hosts his very first event! Join us in celebrating his Football Challenge!

Larry's Football Challenge!

Larry the Friendly Knight is excited to present to you: Larry's Football Challenge! Support your favourite team, collect footballs from your friends, take on the challenge, and score goals in the Bronze, Silver and Gold Leagues!

Compete against the mice of the Kingdom in football trials and score goals for your team! Will you take the easy route and shoot on the first net, or will you go the distance, defeat the Football Superstar and climb to the top of the Gold League?

Setting Up Your Profile

Visit your MouseHunt profile page to select your favourite team and show your support! Then, visit up to 5 of your friends' profiles daily to collect Gnawnian Footballs! Each football counts toward an attempt in Larry's Football Challenge!

Remember to check back every day to collect more footballs and take on the challenge as much as you can! There's a different set of mousey defenders and a new challenge to face every day!

Taking on the Challenge!

Larry's Football Challenge is quite simple! It costs 1 Gnawnian Football per attempt, and the goal is to get past as many mice defenders as possible and score on the nets! There are three nets: Bronze, Silver, and Gold! The further you go, the better the rewards, but the tougher the challenge!

Each goal is tallied on the scoreboard and counts toward your chosen country flag for the type of net you scored on. Additionally, if your team has a match that day, it will appear under Today's Matches! Score big points for your team in one of the three leagues and show off your own personal goals on the Scoreboards.

When the challenge ends, which teams will be at the top of the Bronze, Silver, and Gold League Scoreboards? Will you settle for Bronze or Silver? Or will you go the distance and score big?!

Footballs and Footlockers

While Larry's Football Challenge is running, you can find special green-coloured Football Footlockers on mice that you catch! Inside, you'll find some helpful loot and even a chance to find an extra Gnawnian Football for another attempt at Larry's Football Challenge!

In addition to the Football Footlocker, scoring goals on the Bronze, Silver and Gold nets will earn you a Bronze, Silver or Gold Footlocker! Inside of these are some helpful charms, a chance to find a Journal Theme Scrap for the Football Journal Theme, and sometimes, even some SUPER|brie+! Additionally, the Gold Footlockers always contain 1 King's Credit and 1 Striker Charm!

Collect your daily footballs from friends, open up the Football Footlockers found on mice, and go for gold in Larry's Football Challenge every chance you get!!

Striker Charms

Professional athletes around the world know you can't play well without training, and you can't train without the right equipment!

Arm this charm to receive TWO Football Footlockers instead of one when mice drop them as loot!

This charm can be found inside of Gold Footlockers or purchased in a bundle of 15 from the premium shop!

Larry's Football Challenge

-- Giorgio Sintichakis