Terrifying Halloween Treasure Map

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Terrifying Halloween Treasure Map
Category: Adventuring Items
Map Info
Max Number of Hunters: 5
Number of Mice: 30
Rank to Acquire: Grand Duke/Grand Duchess
and above
Rank to Join: Recruit
and above
Reward Chest: Terrifying Halloween Treasure Chest
Rare Terrifying Halloween Treasure Chest
Scroll Case Info
Scroll Case: Sealed Halloween Scroll Case
Sealed Terrifying Halloween Scroll Case
Scroll Case Source: See current
event location
Cost: See current
event location
Larry's Loot Lexicon: MouseHunt Info Page
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A haunted scroll case. Who knows what harrowing fate this scroll will lead to? Untold riches or untimely demise?

Opening this scroll case can lead to an Eerie, Spooky, Haunted or Terrifying Halloween treasure map.

Acquiring a Terrifying Halloween Treasure Map

2016: The Sealed Halloween Scroll Case can be purchased at the Spooky Sandcastle Cartographer in exchange for 4 Ancient Relics. These maps can also be found in Sealed Terrifying Halloween Scroll Cases (which were renamed from Sealed Rift Halloween Scroll Cases) that remain in a Hunter's inventory from previous Halloween events.

Hunters ranked Grand Duke/Grand Duchess and above can find Terrifying Maps in Sealed Halloween Scroll Cases. Hunters ranked Recruit and above can be invited to join Terrifying Maps.

Hunters are limited to one Sealed Halloween Scroll Case in their inventory at a time.

Redeeming a Terrifying Halloween Treasure Map

These maps can be cashed out if they have been started but remain uncompleted at the end of the event.

The rewards for incomplete maps can only be obtained after the event ends. The Map Captain may activate Consolation Mode, allowing each participant to claim a consolation reward. The rewards include gold, points, and Ancient Charms based on how complete the map is when redeemed. If the map has been dusted, the Rare Map Dust will not be returned to the Hunter that dusted the map, even if that Hunter is no longer on the map, but the consolation items rewarded will be increased.

Mice found on a Terrifying Halloween Treasure Map

These maps contained 30 mice found in the Halloween location and mice from higher ranked areas.

Terrifying Halloween Treasure Chests

Guaranteed Items

These items are found in each Terrifying Halloween Treasure Chest.
Rare chests are awarded to Hunters who have used Rare Map Dust on a Terrifying Halloween Treasure Map.

Terrifying Halloween
Treasure Chest
Rare Terrifying Halloween
Treasure Chest
100,000 90,000 50 30 200,000 180,000 100 60

Variable Items

Hunters will receive a number of items from the following list.

All Seeing Eye Skin Skin 1
Baitkeep Charm Charm 3
Battery Fragment Crafting Item 3
Brie String Cheese Cheese 10
Calcified Rift Mist Crafting Item 25
Candy Corn Cheese Cheese 10
Candy Corn Ice Maiden Skin Skin 1
Cavern Fungus Crafting Item 5 - 30
Cherry Charm Charm 3
Costumed Ambush Skin Skin 1
Count Sentinel Skin Skin 1
Creamy Gnarled Sap Crafting Item 1
Crumbly Rift Salts Crafting Item 1
Divine Orb Orb 2 - 10
Enerchi Charm Charm 5
Essence of Destruction Trap Part 1
Extra Spooky Charm Charm 10
Flawed Orb Orb 3
Flawless Orb Orb 3 - 10
Forgotten Charm Charm 10
Ghostly Spiked Crusher Skin Skin 1
Ghoulgonzola Cheese Cheese 10
Gnarled Charm Charm 5
Haunted Spires Skin Skin 1
Haunted Ultimate Luck Charm Charm 30 - 60
Horrific Pumpkin Trap Skin Skin 1
Infused Plate Trap Part 1
Lantern Oil Equipment 3 - 5
Magic Seed Crafting Item 5
Mineral Crafting Item 20
Mist Canister Equipment 10
Molten Oasis Trap Skin Skin 1
Nightshade Crafting Item 2
Nightshade Farming Charm Charm 50
Null Onyx Stone Crafting Item 1
Polluted Parmesan Potion Potion 3
Powercore Hammer Trap Part 1
Really, Really Shiny Precious Gold Trap Part 1
Resonator Cheese Cheese 5
Rift Blossom Branch Crafting Item 1
Rift Cherries Crafting Item 3 - 5
Rift Circuitry Currency 1 - 3
Rift Dust Crafting Item 5
Riftgrass Crafting Item 3 - 5
Riftiago Potion Potion 2
Rift Power Charm Charm 10
Rift Super Vacuum Charm Charm 10
Rift-torn Roots Crafting Item 3 - 5
Rift Vacuum Charm Charm 10
Sacred Script Trap Part 1
Sap-filled Thorns Crafting Item 3 - 5
Scary S.L.A.C. II Skin Skin 1
Scrap Metal Crafting Item 20
Shortcut Charm Charm 5
Shuffler's Cube Equipment 1
Simple Orb Orb 3
Skeletal Rune Shark Trap Skin Skin 1
Spooky Endless Labyrinth Trap Skin Skin 1
Spooky Mary O'Nette Skin Skin 1
Stagnant Charm Charm 3
SUPER|brie+ Cheese 30 - 60
Tasty Spider Mould Crafting Item 1
Terre Ricotta Potion Potion 3
The Spirit of Halloween Skin Skin 1
The Thing That Ate The Bottomless Grave Skin Skin 1
Ultimate Charm Charm 1
Ultimate Attraction Charm Charm 5
Ultimate Luck Charm Charm 10
Ultimate Lucky Power Charm Charm 5
Ultimate Power Charm Charm 10
Ultimate Spore Charm Charm 10
Unstable Charm Charm 30
Widow's Web Crafting Item 1
Witch's Brew Trap Skin Skin 1
Zugzwang's Night-Mare Skin Skin 1

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