Chrome Onyx Mallet

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The Chrome Onyx Mallet is a Limited Edition Physical weapon.

Chrome Onyx Mallet
Power Type: Physical
Weapon Statistics Weapon Info
Power: 5,000 Rank requirement: Hero
Power Bonus: 30% Cost: 950,000
Attraction Bonus: 0% Limited Edition: Yes
Luck: 20 Crafted: No
Cheese Effect: Very Stale Smashable: No
Larry's Loot Lexicon: MouseHunt Info Page Image: External Link
Sleeker and more aerodynamic than its non-chrome counterpart, the Chrome Onyx Mallet takes full advantage of the additional weight added by the chrome coating to provide an impressive power bonus. After use, be sure to follow the careful cleaning instructions to ensure an impressive shine for years to come!

Obtained Via

The Chrome Onyx Mallet is a Limited Edition weapon and could no longer be acquired by Hunters after the end of Ronza's summer 2015 visit.. It was available for purchase for 950,000 gold from Ronza's Traveling Shoppe. It refunded for 171,000 gold at the same location.

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History and Trivia

  • 30 June 2015: The Chrome Onyx Mallet was introduced.