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* [http://mousehuntersinc.forumice.net/forum.htm Mousehunters Inc. website]
* [http://mousehuntersinc.forumice.net/forum.htm Mousehunters Inc. website]
* [http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=47427929609 Link to Facebook Group]
* [http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=47427929609 Link to Facebook Group]
== MouseHunt Prizes. ==
A group that provides info. for hunters and provides competition to win lots of SB+ and money.
== Newbie and Begging Deterrent League ==
== Newbie and Begging Deterrent League ==

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As with virtually all other popular online games, MouseHunt has spawned a number of "communities" of players. Some are loose affiliations based on geography or hunting preferences while others are tight-knit groups with specific missions and objectives. The one thing they all have in common is a shared passion for the game. A non-exhaustive list may be found below.

Adopt a Novice/Apprentice MouseHunter

A group pairing veteran hunters with newbies needing guidance. For more information, follow the links below.

Aussie MouseHunters Guild

AMHG is the largest group that is created specifically for serving the Oceanic/Asian Pacific regions. AMHG runs competitions and giveaways, has an "adoption" program, and provides a social atmosphere for players in the region. It is an active group that contacts members regularly. For more information, follow the links below.

Christian MouseHunt Coalition

This is a group of like minded individual who wish to get together with fellow believers and befriend them and share their faith.

M.A.I.M - Mice Annihilated Inhumanely by Mousehunters

M.A.I.M was formed to help out the mighty Mousehunters who have given so much time, money, and effort in eradicating these vile rodents. This coalition is set up with a checks and balances system so that no one individual has sole power or authority. M.A.I.M has a large population that acts like a community who are always looking out for each other. For more information, follow the links below.


It's not about LOCATION, it's about VOCATION! A group for dedicted Mousehunters the world over ... which just happens to have a really cool logo :p This is an active group so visit us regularly and don't miss out on all the events!

MouseHunt Kitchen

The MouseHunt Kitchen (MHK) is a MouseHunt fan group where new recipes for cheese and traps are crafted and tested. This is the workplace for avid hunters who bring their new discoveries from far and wide to showcase their cheese concoctions to the resident chefs. Promises of hefty prizes ensure that the competition is always heated.

Mousehunter Game Show Contest

The Mousehunter Game Show Contest (MHGSC) is a group devoted to game show-type contests. The group is open to the public and has numerous ongoing contests for members to win prizes.

Mousehunter's Association

The Mousehunter's Association is for all Mousehunter's to Have Fun, Play Games Have Competitions, Organize Online Events and much More Fun stuff and Fun Activities will be added in the near future.

MouseHunters Inc.

A group that provides a place to chat and share ideas and help for the world of MouseHunt.

MouseHunt Prizes.

A group that provides info. for hunters and provides competition to win lots of SB+ and money.

Newbie and Begging Deterrent League

The role of the Newbie and Begging Deterrent League (NBDL) is to assist new MouseHunt players by offering tips and financial assistance by way of contests and giveaways, and to deter begging by offering the same advice and assistance as that offered to new players.'The NBDL currently has more than 2300 members, making them one of the larger MouseHunt groups.

Non-Violent Mouse Removal Charity

The NVMRC is currently the largest MouseHunt-related player group on Facebook. It serves as a discussion forum for members of the group as well as a host for strategy advice and the group's hunter help programs and MouseHunt-related contests and giveaways, some held on the groups discussion board for members only and others held on the main MH forums.

Pupils of Plankrun

The Pupils of Plankrun follow the Legendary MouseHunter's example in chronicling the various epic catches in the Kingdom of Gnawnia and beyond. This is effectively a group-centralized version of the "Publish to Wall" option, with a more dramatic flair. Currently very small, but looking for players who either simply agree with the idea, or (especially) those who wish to contribute.

The Biggest MouseHunt Group Ever

TBMHGE is for hunters ranging from newbies to lords and ladies. It helps people with strategy, expanding your hunting group, getting gold and points, and many other things too. If you are interesting in looking at TBMHGE, follow the link below to the group's Facebook page.