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Gifting was first introduced during the Halloween Trick AND Treat event in 2010 and allows Hunters to send free gifts to friends. This should not be confused with the gifts from the Festive Gift Shoppe, where hunters buy gifts to send, nor the transfer of supplies via the Give To Friends option.

The number of gifts to select from can vary from 4 to 9; one is a "Gift of the Day" which changes daily, the others are standard and can be cheese, collectibles or crafting items. It can be accessed by clicking the GIFT icon at the top of the page, or by going to this link. A Hunter must be of a minimum rank of Recruit to send gifts. Unclaimed gifts expire after 7 days.


There is a limit on the number of gifts hunters are able to receive (claim) each day. The limit is dependent on rank.

The numbers are as follows:

Hunter's Title Claim Limit
Recruit - Apprentice 3
Journeyman and above 10

There is no limit on the total number of gifts hunters can send out, but only one gift per friend per day is allowed.

Current Gifts

The possible standard items for gifting:

Retired Gifts

The following items are no longer available for gifting:

E    Available only during specific events.

Gifts of the Day

Gifts of the day can be sent for one day only, however they rotate and may appear again in the future. The following is the list of items previously seen as a Gift of the Day:

E    Available only during specific events.


Gifting was first introduced on 20 October, 2010, but was soon removed on the same day due to server issues. On 21 October, 2010, Gifting was brought back. Originally, the number of gifts available to send was dependent on the Hunter's rank, and the limit on claiming gifts was 3 per day. The current limits were introduced on 22 October, 2010. The original limits on gifting per day were: