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Buy exciting traps and delicious cheese with this!

Gold is the currency of MouseHunt. It is earned by catching mice and, to a lesser extent, accepting rewards from the King. It can also be obtained through loot drops such as a Satchel of Gold, bonus drops from arming Wealth Charms and other related charms, or by returning surplus cheese, traps, and crafting materials for a refund at the respective shops. All hunters also receive an hourly wage of 50 gold from the King.

Gold can be exchanged for traps, cheese, crafting materials, marketplace items, traveling, repairing maps at the Cartographer, and raffle tickets. When transferring gold via the Give To Friends option, the King charges a 10% tariff.

In some Locations, failure to catch a mouse can sometimes result in the mouse stealing extra gold from the hunter. However, if a hunter has less gold on hand than what a particular breed of mouse typically steals, then failure to catch that mouse will not result in a loss of gold.

If the hunter has an extremely low amount of gold, the following message is displayed:

You are stricken with poverty!
The King pays all his active hunters a wage of 50 gold an hour, so fear not if you do not have enough to purchase bait.

Satchel of Gold

The gold contained in this satchel is instantly awarded to the hunter upon being collected. This item does not appear in a hunter's inventory.

Satchels of Gold are dropped by mice as follows:

Satchels of Gold can also be found as follows:

Wealth Charms

Wealth Charms, Rift Wealth Charms, Super Wealth Charms, Extreme Wealth Charms, and Ultimate Wealth Charms cause mice to drop a percentage of their gold value as a bonus, with a fixed cap to how much additional gold can be produced. Both the percentage and the cap are based on the charm used. Rift Wealth Charms are also part of the Riftwalker Set.

Charm Gold Value Percentage Gold Bonus Cap
Wealth Charm 5% 1,800
Rift Wealth Charm
Super Wealth Charm 10% 4,500
Extreme Wealth Charm 20% 15,000
Ultimate Wealth Charm 40% 50,000


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