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Archive for updates taking place June of 2009 in Reverse Chronological Order.
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Tournament Prizes

22 June 2009

Today marks the release of the much-antipated tournament prizes!

Members of the top 100 teams shall all receive a new unique item called a Tournament Token. This new crafting ingredient will be a multi-purpose ingredient for use in several new and existing recipes. We would love to hear from the community regarding the use of Tournament Tokens in recipes. We have a few ideas of our own but are also looking for fun ideas from MouseHunters! So, put on your thinking caps and swarm to the Ideas & Suggestions forums to have your suggestions heard!

Tokens are awarded to each member of the top 100 teams as follows:

(1st) 5 tokens
(2nd & 3rd) 4 Tokens
(4th - 49th) 2 Tokens
(50th - 100th) 1 Token

In addition, members of the team that finish first will also each receive a "Champion Chest". We would also love to hear from players regarding the contents of this coveted chest!

Prizes will be awarded within 60 minutes of the tournament's end.

We have also added these much asked for tournament features:

Party cork board on the "Organize Party" page
Basic date search function for the Tournament Scoreboard
New streamlined tournament join page
Clearer success and error messages

A big thanks goes out to Dev Jeremy for all his hard work in creating the prize system!

-- Dave Vanderburg

FB Credits and Boomerang

16 June 2009

We're excited to be one of the first three apps chosen by Facebook to implement the credits system!

This new Facebook credit system works by purchasing credits from Facebook and then spending them inside MouseHunt for Super Brie. These credits will soon be able to be used all over Facebook. To get started with Facebook Credits click the blue "Pay now" button on the donate page.

We have also partnered with a new offer system called Boomerang. The system works similarly to those many players have used in the past but with one special difference: The ability to rate and review offers. Help your fellow hunters find the best offers by providing feedback on those you have tried. We hope that Boomerang will make finding the right offer easier than ever!

We hope today's update has helped make SUPER|brie+ accessible to more hunters.

Good luck and happy hunting!

-- Dave Vanderburg

Nautical Happenings

4 June 2009

Ahoy MouseHunters!

Strange happenings have been reported from the Lagoon in Whisker Woods! Hunters have noticed their cheese being stolen by a mysterious silhouette with three heads. The King is calling on any hunter brave enough to investigate this new adversary.

Rumors have also spread of a nautical blueprint appearing around the same time as this new mouse. Some general store owners are quite excited to have a chance to sell this blueprint once enough have been discovered in the Lagoon. It's safe to assume that these blueprints will be sold at a general store in the future.

So if you're up for a challenge and are ready to boldly craft what's never been crafted before travel to the Lagoon and see if you can be one of the first to unlock the mysteries of this new mouse!

This update features the first ever fan art that has been added to the game. Congratulations to Neilson Cheng! We love the art work.

This update brings the first of many areas that will start a new story-line in MouseHunt. Future updates will begin to add to this story, unlocking new areas for Legendary, Hero and Knight MouseHunters!

DeathBot parts are now able to be reconstructed into a DeathBot. Simply enter the parts in the crafting screen and press combine to restore a DeathBot.

-- Dave Vanderburg