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Archive for updates taking place March of 2009 in Reverse Chronological Order.
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New Region, Mice and More!

31 March 2009

Strange happenings have been afoot in Gnawnia! Nomadic mice have been spotted in the trees west of the Meadow while some hunters have heard rumors of a strange rock within the forest.

For the longest time the King has not recognized Whisker Woods as a hunting grounds but with word of this strange rock's appearance he has once again become eager to expand the hunt! This new region is home to all sorts of exotic mice, with a variety of areas to hunt in to give new challenges to Journeyman hunters and above!

Enjoy discovering and exploring this new region filled with all-new mice! These new areas were designed as a separate path to follow and act as a decision for new hunters regarding what direction to head in when they reach the title of Journeyman.

In other update news...

This update has also served to remedy some problems hunters with 1,000+ friends were having when sounding the horn, using the travel page or giving supplies to friends. We have also added some massive optimizations to help things run smoother behind-the-scenes.

Trap checks have been slightly modified in the way they work. Whenever the game awards you a random trap check it will also check when your last check was. If your last trap check was beyond a certain threshold you will receive more than one trap check at the same time. This means that occasionally you may notice that you receive two or three simultaneous trap checks. *phew* I used the word check a lot there!

I posted deleted and posted this again to fix a typo. I never seem to spot them all however!

Happy hunting!

-- Dave Vanderburg

Traveling Problems

27 March 2009

A few players are reporting having problems traveling. We are currently trying to narrow down what might be causing the problem. If you are currently unable to travel and would like to help us isolate the problem please reply to this thread with the following information:

- The number of Facebook friends you have.
- What message is on the error page.
- Your most recent error number, if any that appeared on the error page.

Please only reply once and make your response short and concise to help make this process go smooth and quickly.

Thanks for your help in isolating this problem that a handful of players are experiencing.

-- Dave Vanderburg

Don't feed the trolls!

25 March 2009

Hey everyone!

Just reminding you guys that the best way to get rid of a troll is to not give it any attention.

Eventually, they get bored and move on. The best thing to do right now is simply not reply to any topics at all that are posted by trolls in this forum.

Check out the new video for some recent news and get back to the hunt!

Remember, keep that trigger finger at bay! =)

-- Giorgio Sintichakis

Trap Check Update

25 March 2009

Hello MouseHunters!

As many of you are already aware trap checks have not been happening as regularly as normal. We have isolated the problem and have come up with a solution. We are currently in the final stages of testing this solution and anticipate it being put into production soon.

Thanks for your patience while we sort things out. We'll post another update when the solution is in place.

-- Dave Vanderburg

Publish Catch Journals

17 March 2009

I've re-posted this since the first time I accidently posted it in the Nibbler section; Old habits die hard I suppose!

We have added a small green button to the top of journal entries for catches that will allow a player to publish that catch to their Facebook profile Wall. Now you can share those awesome catches or rare loot with all your friends. The green button will appear for all catches made after this update was applied.

We've also added a notification for when a player is out of cheese. Should your trap run out of bait you'll receive a notification to help you maximize your hunting time!

We have also tweaked the give supplies page so that by default no friend is selected. This should help avoid mistakes where players were sending supplies to the wrong person.

-- Dave Vanderburg

Last day to request RB!

11 March 2009

Hello Everyone,

Today is the last day we will be accepting emails regarding the issue of RB compensation.

If you have NOT contacted us yet, please use the support link at the bottom of the Camp page. Again, I will be ignoring any requests that are not made through the support link.

I have not gotten to everyone yet, there are quite a bit of emails to go through still so if you do not have it yet, please be patient, you should have it by next week at the latest.

Please email only once, I have already gone through multiple duplicates which is making it take longer for you and everyone else to get their cheese.

Happy hunting!

-- Franco D'Auria

RB Compensation

6 March 2009

I am working at issuing the RB to everyone's account.

If you have not gotten it by the end of today and have NOT sent in an email already to [email protected] then please do so.

If at any point you have already emailed us about the missing RB we will get to you, we have already received 100's of emails today and it's only been a few hours.

I am ignoring all personal messages / emails to me directly through facebook or otherwise, you must email [email protected].

This may take some time but we will get to everyone, we appreciate your patience in the mean time!

Happy hunting and have a great weekend!

-- Franco D'Auria

OK The Catacombs are NOW fixed... Really... Honestly this is he last time!

6 March 2009

OK guys! This is the last time! The Catacombs are now officially fixed!

When we added the birthday mice, we had also added two other mice we forgot about and noticed no one was catching them (good work Jacob!). We made the same original mistake with adding them as the birthday mice and forgot when we went back to fix the birthday ones.

Now they are all fixed!


1) Birthday mice are back in the Catacombs.
2) Two new mice should now be catchable in the Catacombs.
3) Attraction rates are back to normal.

Again, our apologies and happy hunting! :3

-- Franco D'Auria

First ever LIVE feedback friday!

6 March 2009

Go to this link to participate in the first ever LIVE feedback friday! Chat with the devs! Leave a comment! Ask a question! 15 to 30 minutes only.


-- Joel Auge

The Catacombs Fixed... Really!

6 March 2009

Our apologies!

We thought we had corrected the issues with the Catacombs yesterday after the introduction of the Birthday mice. It turns out that they do not play well with the other mice who currently reside there. This should NOW be fixed!

We have removed the Birthday mice from the Catacombs in order to restore the attraction rates back normal.

If you have any further concerns or issues, feel free to contact us directly, [email protected].

-- Franco D'Auria

Catacombs back to normal

5 March 2009

Hey everyone,

You may have noticed that your attraction rate in the Catacombs had been reduced since the release of the Birthday mice. Those pesky mice caused some trouble with the cheese!

Everything has been corrected and should be working as normal now!

Happy hunting!

-- Franco D'Auria