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Archive for updates taken place in April of 2011 in Reverse Chronological Order.
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The GOLDEN Egg has been Released!

19 April 2011

Find the Golden Egg to Unlock the Chocolate Factory Location

Hunt for the Hare Razor Mouse to find a way to smash open your eggs

All 10 Spring Hunt Eggs have been released!

The Chocolate Factory is fully operational, meaning all 10 Spring Hunt Eggs have gone into production and can now be found as loot across the entire Kingdom! Finding the 10th and final egg, the Golden Egg, will unlock the Chocolate Factory location where you can begin the hunt for the Hare Razor Mouse.

Hidden in the Chocolate Factory is the secret of how to smash open the Spring Hunt Eggs to find the loot trapped inside! What could be in all those colourful eggs...? Not even Scrambles knows!

Dark Chocolate Charms

Stocked at the Chocolate Factory Charm Shoppe are Dark Chocolate Charms. These enchanted pieces of confectionery can be armed to attract some of the spookier mice known to inhabit the factory. If you're looking for a bit more of a challenge while at the Chocolate Factory try arming some Dark Chocolate Charms.

Dark Chocolate Charms can also be found in Spring Gift Baskets along with SUPER|brie+ and the Lucky Golden Shield. They can be opened by visiting the special section of your inventory, or can be sent to friends to help them in their chocolatey quest!


Bonus Eggs can be discovered!

The Spring Egg Hunt doesn't stop with only 10 eggs! Dozens of BONUS eggs have been scattered around the Kingdom and can be smashed open for more loot. Can you find all of them?

Spring Egg Hunt 2011

  • Find 10 hidden eggs to unlock the Chocolate Factory location
  • Travel to the Chocolate Factory and hunt for the Hare Razor Mouse
  • Find a way to smash open your eggs to redeem the loot inside!
  • BONUS eggs can be found after you've captured Hare Razor

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-- Dave Vanderburg

Spring Egg Hunt 2011

14 April 2011

The Spring Egg Hunt is Here!

Find eggs across the Kingdom and smash them open for rewards!

The Gnawnian Chocolate Factory

To celebrate the arrival of spring, the King has constructed a new chocolate factory south of the castle to produce thousands of scrumptious chocolate eggs for hunters to munch upon! It was not long, however, until a villainous mouse known as Hare Razor picked up the milk-chocolatey scent and took over the factory to carry out his own devious plan.

What is Hare Razor's plan? To use our confectionary eggs as a means to smuggle precious hunting gear out and away from Gnawnia to leave hunters inadequately supplied to hunt mice! Hare Razor has recruited Eggsplosive Scientists, Egg Painters and Coco Commanders to help create chocolate eggs with an almost unbreakable candy shell. Hunting items and equipment from across the Kingdom have been stolen and locked away in these unbreakable eggs to prevent hunters from being able to use them for hunting mice.

The King needs you to find 10 of these hidden eggs and then travel to the Chocolate Factory to find a way to smash them open.

Find 10 Eggs to Enter the Chocolate Factory

Before you can travel to the Chocolate Factory you'll first have to find 10 eggs that have been scattered across the Kingdom by Hare Razor. You can keep track of which eggs you've found by clicking the "Spring Hunt Eggs Found" button on the heads-up display. You'll also notice a new friendly companion named Scrambles who provides a few hints on where to start looking. Don't forget to visit the forums to share your findings with other hunters. By working together, you'll have them found quicker!

Even mildly insane, candy-addicted rodent villains have organized production schedules, and Hare Razor is no exception. Four of the eggs are not yet being produced at the Chocolate Factory but will be put into production over the next few days. Check your Spring Hunt Egg Found button for more details.

A Few Tips to Get You Started

Five locational eggs have been scattered across the entire kingdom where they can be found as loot drops from mice. These same five eggs can be found in each region, so you may want to pick a region and check each location within it as a starting point. Remember, some locational eggs have yet to be produced by the Chocolate Factory and will not be available for collection until they have been released. Click your Spring Hunt Eggs Found button to see which are unlocked.

Three profile eggs have been hidden on your friends' hunter profiles. Visit friends to discover these eggs. Profile eggs can also be found as loot drops from mice.

One gift egg can be sent to your friends.

One GOLDEN egg has can be found in various hunting locations. You'll need to be an experienced EggHunter to handle this precious egg. You won't be able to find the golden egg until you have found the other nine eggs.

Let the Hunt Begin!

You may be an experienced MouseHunter, but how will you fare as an EggHunter? Now's the time to find out! The King is counting on you to find the scattered eggs and find a way to smash open their hardened candy shells!

Spring Egg Hunt 2011

  • Find 10 hidden eggs to unlock the Chocolate Factory location
  • Travel to the Chocolate Factory and hunt for the Hare Razor Mouse
  • Find a way to smash open your eggs to redeem the loot inside!

-- Dave Vanderburg

Incorporating FB App Changes

1 April 2011

Hey hunters. There have been some recent changes to how Facebook apps work. We've had to make updates to MouseHunt to accommodate these changes. During this transition there may be a few hiccups. We're working to resolve any issues that may have come up due to these changes.

If you are having problems using the application please try logging out of Facebook, clearing your browser's cookies and restart your browser before logging back into Facebook.

We hope to have everything sorted out soon. Thanks for your patience.

-- Dave Vanderburg

Amazing New Trap Discovery!

1 April 2011

New Trap Discovery!

The Scientists of Digby realize the life of a MouseHunter has gotten really tough, so they've invented a brand new tool to help any hunter out there struggling. After much hard work they are pleased to present to you the Omni-trap™!

The geniuses over at Digby Labs formulated a device that could 'etherealize' any trap component, using this ability they soon realized they could 'stack' as many components into the same time-space as they wanted!

With 183,940 power, no mouse is safe from the Omni-Trap™. Aside from the amazing power, every mouse's weakness is exploited, as the Omni-Trap™ utilizes the power type "ALL", no mouse will escape!

Make hunting a breeze with the new Omni-Trap™ today! All you will need is Splintered Wood, a few pieces of Stale Cheese, a dash of ionized salt and a wild goose!

Trade these items in for your very own Omni-Trap™ at your local trapsmith today! (while supplies last)

Good Luck in the Hunt!

-- Dave Vanderburg