Regal Charm

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Regal Charm
Category: Misc.
Charm Statistics Charm Info
Power: 1,000 Cost: 0
Power Bonus: 0% Limited Edition: No
Attraction Bonus: 20% Crafted: No
Luck: 6 Smashable: No
Cheese Effect: No Effect Tradeable: Yes
Consumed Upon: Encounter, Successful Catch, Failure to Catch Giveable: Yes
Larry's Loot Lexicon: MouseHunt Info Page Image: External Link
Regal Charms are handcrafted in Gnawnia from only the finest materials, making them in short supply. The exquisite craftsmanship not only makes for a stunningly beautiful charm, but also one of impressive power! These very charms are used in traps throughout the castle in an effort to adequately protect the King from any would-be mouse assassins.

Obtained Via

The Regal Charm was available during the Year of the Noble in 2014.

The Regal Charm could be obtained through donating or via Gifting as a Gift of the Day.

75 of these charms are found in a Regal Gift Basket. It can also be obtained as a result from hunting with an Unstable Charm.

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