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This article is about the competitive gameplay feature. For other uses, see Tournament (disambiguation).

Tournaments are mice-catching competitions. In order to join a tournament, hunters have to join or create a Hunting Team, then click Tournaments option from the Teams drop-down menu on the game navigation. This will display a list of active and upcoming tournaments, allowing hunters to browse tournaments and view information about a specific tournament, including the number of teams involved, how the scoring works, and within which locations the tournament takes place. A Join button is located at the right of each row of tournaments. Do note that unlike the old tournaments, hunters have to enter the tournament themselves as their captain cannot enter for the entire team. A hunter can register for up to three upcoming non-overlapping tournaments at a time.

Upon joining a tournament, a heads-up display (HUD) will appear near the top of the game informing hunters how long until the tournament starts, how many fellow team members have joined the same tournament, how many active team members are in the same tournament, and some controls to invite teammates and friends to compete together. A small circular icon on the right of the HUD will show a blue question mark when the hunter is at a location that can earn tournament points. If the hunter cannot earn tournament points at the current location, the small circular icon will show a yellow exclamation mark instead.

Upon the tournament starting, the HUD will change to indicate the amount of time remaining, along with your team's current points and rank. Should hunters need a reminder of the scoring rules, they can click the name of the tournament on the HUD to view the tournament details.

While in an active tournament, sounding the Tourney Horn will send teammates in the same tournament on hunts if they are ready to hunt, and vice versa, only those in your Hunting Team will bring you along for a hunt. Each team member could be in a different location but as long as they are ready to hunt, they will be brought along on a hunt when a teammate sounds the horn. Team members do not have to be friends with each other to be brought along on hunts during tournaments. Trap checks still occur during an active tournament, but they do not count toward earning tournament points nor do they add to the multiplier. As soon as the tournament is over, normal horn hunts resume as usual.

Team members can see the Team Journal, which records the last four private events of each team member, whether or not the team is currently involved in a tournament. This allows a team to track if all hunters were brought along for a hunt, even if they missed a mouse, and also see when a team member has received a King's Reward.

A hunting team is required to participate in Train Rides at the Gnawnian Express Station; a player cannot participate in a tournament and a train ride simultaneously.

General Rules

  • Individual members can only be in one tournament at a time, although teams can participate in different tournaments at the same time.
  • Hunters cannot join a tournament that has started.
  • Only a certain amount of team members can join a tournament.
  • Hunters who leave a tournament early cannot claim prizes.
  • Spend Tournament Tokens at the Tournament Shop in Valour.
  • Tournaments with less than 6 teams will automatically cancel.


Depending on the tournament, its duration ranges from 3 hours to 3 days (72 hours). The duration affects the number of Tournament Tokens rewarded if the team is in the top 50% and above. See the Rewards section for more information.

Barring a few rare exceptions, tournaments usually start and end on the hour in GMT/UTC time.

Number of members

The maximum number of players per team usually ranges from 3 to 5 players, with 4-player tournaments being the most common.

The exceptions are Valentine's Solo and Valentine's Couples, which are 1 and 2-player tournaments respectively, available during Valentine's Day event. On rare occasions, 8-player, 10-player and 12-player tournaments were also available.

List of Tournaments

Main Article: Tournament/List

Normal Tournaments

MEGA Tournaments

Event Tournaments


By competing in tournaments, hunters can earn collectible trophies and badges, as well as tournament tokens that can be spent at the Tournament Hall. All hunters participating in a tournament, upon its completion, should receive a notification informing them of their team position as well as rewards. Alternatively, hunters can also claim the prize by clicking on the Team History tab on the team profile page which would indicate the tournament(s) for which they have yet to claim the prize.

All reward items are only given to hunters who took part in the tournament and stayed until it ended. If a hunter leaves before the tournament ends, no reward can be earned. In addition, the hunter must remain in their same team when claiming their reward. If you leave your tournament team before claiming your reward (or the team is disbanded by the captain), the reward cannot be claimed.

The number of teams that entered the tournament, the length of the tournament, and your team's rank upon the tournament's completion determine what reward you receive. If fewer than 6 teams enter a tournament, it will automatically be cancelled, so that all tournaments are guaranteed to award at least three trophies while still only rewarding top 50% finishers. All tournament ties are calculated at the end of the tournament; if two teams tie for first, then both teams are awarded a Gold Trophy, and the next team is awarded Bronze.

Position Collectible Tokens
per hour*
Tournament Tokens
3 hours 4 hours 5 hours 6 hours 8 hours 12 hours 18 hours 24 hours 48 hours 72 hours
1st Place Gold Tournament Trophy 1.5 5 6 8 9 12 18 27 36 72 108
2nd Place Silver Tournament Trophy 1 3 4 5 6 8 12 18 24 48 72
3rd Place Bronze Tournament Trophy 0.5 2 2 3 3 4 6 9 12 24 36
Challenger (Top 10%) Tournament Challenger Badge 0.45 2 2 3 3 4 6 9 11 22 33
Competitor (Top 25%) Tournament Competitor Badge 0.375 2 2 2 3 3 5 7 9 18 27
Participant (Top 50%) Tournament Participant Badge 0.25 1 1 2 2 2 3 5 6 12 18
Bottom 50% None 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

* After multiplying by the number of hours, non-integer values are rounded up to the nearest integer.

During the Halloween 2013 event, hunters who participated in Halloween Haunting, High Stakes Hunting, Zombies, Zombies, Zombies!, and Bad Moon Rising tournaments received varying amounts of Spooky Charms, Brain Charms, Ghoulgonzola Cheese, Candy Corn Cheese, Halloween Candies and Cobwebs on top of the existing rewards. Similarly, the Zombie SUPER|hunt+ rewarded SUPER|brie+, Haunted Ultimate Luck Charms, Brain Charms, Halloween Candies, Cobwebs, and Spooky Surprises on top of existing rewards.

During the Great Winter Hunt 2013, the event tournaments Bocconcini Battle, Festive Fodder, Snowflight Stockpiling, Snowflake Flurries, and Festive SUPER|hunt+ awarded SUPER|brie+, Snowball Charms, Snowball Bocconcini, Festive Ultimate Luck Charms, Winter Charms, and Advent Chocolate on top of existing rewards. Additionally, upgrades to the Ice Armoury increase token rewards by 50% and awards Ice Coins.

During MouseHunt's Sixth Birthday in 2014, the event tournaments Dance-A-Thon and Dance Floor Dance Off awarded SUPER|brie+ and Birthday Goodie Bags on top of existing rewards. Additionally, upgrading the Dance Leaderboard added Cupcake Colby and Party Charms to the rewards.

Additionally, the team as a whole (regardless of whether individual players join or leave) earns progress towards unlocking additional slots for the Hunting Team. The team profile page tracks how many trophies and badges the team has collected.

Slot Required Tournaments
First 5 Default
6th 10 completed
7th 10 Participant badges (top 50%)
8th 10 Competitor badges (top 25%)
9th 50 completed
10th 50 Participant badges (top 50%)
11th 50 Competitor badges (top 25%)
12th 25 Challenger badges (top 10%)

Train rides do not count towards required tournaments, and have a different reward system.

History and Trivia

  • Tournaments were initially released on 13 May 2009, but were discontinued on 8 June 2010. After more than a year, it was finally re-released on 28 December 2011.
  • The Team Journal was re-released on 28 March 2012, along with the introduction of the Tournament Challenger Badge to recognize a top-10% finish.
  • Once in a while, a tournament will be renamed after a special event, such as the UK Birthday Meet Tournament.
  • Tournaments were further enhanced on 17 May 2013, with several new tournaments, a maximum team size of 12, and the ability to pre-register for up to three tournaments at once.
  • Most tournaments from 20–24 May 2013 awarded double Tournament Tokens.
  • As of 8 April 2014, tournaments with less than 6 teams will automatically cancel.


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