Halloween Trick Map

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Halloween Trick Map
Category: Adventuring Items
Map Info
Max Number of Hunters: 5
Number of Mice: 15
Rank to Acquire: Recruit
Rank to Join: Recruit
Reward Chest: Halloween Trick Treasure Chest
Rare Halloween Trick Treasure Chest
Scroll Case Info
Scroll Case: Sealed Trick Scroll Case
Scroll Case Source: Gloomy Greenwood Cartographer
Cost: 3 Ancient Relic
Larry's Loot Lexicon: MouseHunt Info Page
Image: External Link
This is a list of terrifyingly tricky mice that are up to no good this Halloween season! Tricking the mice on this list is no treat!
NOTE: This list of tricky mice includes Baba Gaga whose capture requires you to brew Scream Cheese.

Take on this tougher challenge after brewing a few batches of Bonefort Cheese, Polter-Geitost, and Scream Cheese!

Acquiring a Halloween Trick Map

Sealed Treat Scroll Case is available during the annual Halloween Event:

Hunters can find Halloween Trick Map upon opening the scroll case.
Hunters rank Recruit and above can be invited to join the map.


Each Halloween Trick Map contains 15 Halloween mice found during the event.

Mouse Selection group
Baba Gaga (A) Guaranteed
Admiral Arrrgh (B) 6 out of 7
Captain Cannonball
Ghost Pirate Queen
Gourd Ghoul
Scorned Pirate
Spectral Butler
Spectral Swashbuckler
Creepy Marionette (C) 6 out of 8
Dire Lycan
Grave Robber
Mousataur Priestess
Titanic Brain-Taker
Tomb Exhumer
Bonbon Gummy Globlin (D) 2 out of 4
Hollowed Minion
Swamp Thang

Treasure Chests

Common Chest

Halloween Trick Treasure Chests are awarded to Hunters who have completed a Halloween Trick Map.

Item Quantity
Gold 100,000
Points 90,000
Bonefort Cheese 5
Extreme Spooky Charm 10
Reactive Reagent 2

Rare Chest

Applying a Rare Map Dust to a Halloween Trick Map turns it into a Rare Halloween Trick Map.
Rare Halloween Treat Treasure Chests are awarded to Hunters who have completed a Rare Halloween Trick Map.

Selection group Item Quantity
(A) All of Gold 200,000
Points 180,000
Bonefort Cheese 15
Gloomy Gathering Charm
Before Halloween 2022
Insidious Incense
From Halloween 2022 onward
Reactive Reagent 5
Spooky Shuffle Ticket 2
Ultimate Spooky Charm 20
(B) 0-1 slot of Spooky Shuffle Dust 1

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