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Creepy Carl's Cursed Cruise is here!

17 October 2017

An eerie glow has cast itself across the lands of Gnawnia...

Bad Ship Rising...

Our old friend Carl is back and he's really getting into the spooky spirit of things! Instead of touring Gnawnia on a cozy cruiseship, he's built a bunch of creepy, floating ghostships...? What a creepy guy! He's also sporting a rather convincing costume!

The ghostships have all picked a region in Gnawnia to haunt, spilling ghastly, ghoulish mice into otherwise ghost-free environs. Hunters will have to visit their favourite hunting location and help ground these ghostships!

Hey Carl... You, uh, doing okay there, buddy?

Bring Down the Ghostships

Several regions across Gnawnia have cursed ghostships disrupting the local mouse populations with spooky mice! Some locations are a bit different than the rest... These "haunted" locations seem to be the focal points for these visiting ghostships, and mice of an undead and otherwordly nature are invading these areas.

  • When hunting in a "haunted" location with cheese you'd normally use in that area, mice will drop Ghastly Galleon Gouda, which attracts the spooky mice of Halloween!
  • Some of these mice carry Ethereal Cannonballs, which hold the key to bringing down the ghostships.
  • Defeated ghostships drop Lockbox Limburger, an attractive cheese to high-ranked undead pirates!

When hunters have gathered Ethereal Cannonballs, they can hurl them at the floating ghostships in their region to slowly bring them down! Hunters can fire cannonballs at ghostships from any location where a ghostship is present.

When your cannon is armed with an Ethereal Cannonball, catching a mouse will damage the ghostship by the same number of points of the captured mouse! The more valued the mouse, the more damage your cannon deals. The ghostship they affect is based on the location from which hunters attack.

For example, the Furoma Ghostship can be attacked from the Training Grounds, Dojo, Meditation Room, or Pinnacle Chamber. In that particular region, only the Dojo itself is "haunted". This means that Ghastly Galleon Gouda and Ethereal Cannonballs can only be found in that area, but cannonballs can be fired from any other location to bring down the regional ghostship.

Remember that you can fire Ethereal Cannonballs from any location where a ghostship resides! However, Ghastly Galleon Gouda and Ethereal Cannonballs can only be collected within the Haunted Ghostship Locations in these regions, listed below. Savvy hunters will save their cannonballs and hunt mice in the location worth the highest points, like the Master of the Dojo in the Furoma region, to bring down the ghostships even faster!

Ghostship Rewards

When a ghostship is defeated, it’ll crash to the ground and explode into loot! Cover your eyes: Splintered Wood is sharp!

The rewards provided are based on the region in which the ghostship was defeated. Expect to find gold, some basic and specialty baits, charms, and even items to help you in environments found within the region. You might find token packs for Furoma, Living Garden Essences, crafting items for Hollow Heights, and more!

In addition to regional loot rewards, hunters will find some Spooky Shuffle Tickets and Lockbox Limburger Cheese, used for hunting down the mysterious Captain Cannonball!

Spooky Aura

Defeating a ghostship grants the Spooky Aura, which provides bonus loot and a 30% Power Bonus to your trap!

When the aura is active, hunters will receive...

  • 30% Power Bonus
  • Chance to find Wealth Charms
  • Chance to find Cursed Gold

The amount of time the aura will remain active depends on the regional ghostship that was defeated. Each time you defeat a ghostship, the aura will be extended. It cannot be extended beyond December 1, 2017.

Capture Captain Cannonball

The dreaded pirate Captain Cannonball is said to be behind this ghostly incursion! Though, at this point, we also wonder how much of an influence Carl might have been... The King might have to have a word with him!

Use Lockbox Limburger Cheese found by defeating ghostships in one of the "haunted" locations to attract this mouse and bring an end to his spine-chilling reign. Capturing this mouse will complete this year's Halloween adventure, earning hunters a new Limited Edition trap and a new spooky journal theme!

Halloween Haunted Shipwreck Trap

A sunken ghostship wrested from the command of Captain Cannonball, it has been salvaged and repurposed by paranormal trapologists to function as a high-powered Hydro trap.

Hunting with this trap in the Sunken City will help you find extra loot when exploring Haunted Shipwrecks.

This limited edition trap can be earned by completing this year's Halloween adventure!

Haunted Ghostship Locations

The following is a list of all regions where ghostships are located and the Haunted Ghostship Locations where Ghastly Galleon Gouda and Ethereal Cannonballs can be found.

Hunters can fire their cannons from any ghostship location, haunted or otherwise! But only Haunted Ghostship Locations will provide Ghastly Galleon Gouda and Ethereal Cannonballs.

Ghastly Gifts and Spooky Supplies

The King has assembled supplies to help hunters brave the battle against these terrifying ghostships!

  • 15 Ghastly Galleon Gouda
Attract event mice!
  • 100 Ghastly Galleon Gouda
Get more cannonballs!
  • 50 Ethereal Cannonballs
Take down the ghostships!
  • 100 Ethereal Cannonballs
Blow them out of the sky!
  • Ghastly Gift Basket
Great for ghostly giving!
  • Spooky Supply Kit
Everything you need!

I wonder if we can maybe get some tips from Carl about his killer costume? It's so realistic! Oh, hey, he just shambled into the office! Crazy coincidence. Say, how it's going, Carl? Just how DID you make that costume, anyway? Uh... Carl? Why are you getting so close, Carl...? Carl?!?! CAAAAARLLL!!!! AAHHHHHHHHHhhhhhh...

Creepy Carl's Cursed Cruise

  • Visit Haunted Ghostship Locations
  • Collect Ghastly Galleon Gouda
  • Catch event mice to collect Ethereal Cannonballs
  • Fire your cannon and take down ghostships
  • Collect Lockbox Limburger Cheese and capture Captain Cannonball
  • Earn a new journal theme and an LE trap!
  • HaPpY HaLlOwEeEeEennn!!!