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Train Phase Journal Messages

For reference when writing the main article. --Hyperchao 11:29, 27 September 2013 (UTC)

Supply Depot

The journey begins!

The Gold Express train has embarked on its epic journey along the Gnawnian Express Railway! We must work together as MouseHunters to protect it until it reaches its destination!

First stop is the Supply Depot to gather supplies for the train that are to be delivered to parts of Gnawnia!

Raider River

The train picks up some speed and starts to chug along!

Laden down with supplies, the Gold Express is a tempting target for raiding mice! A wave of 10 Raiders are swarming the train, trying to smash their way inside! My team and I should equip the right charm to attract and capture these raiders!

There is an endless number of waves and defeating a wave will earn my team and the train extra points. We should try to defeat as many waves as possible!

The mice are also launching automated attacks during our hourly trap checks. Special robotic mice will always take the place of normal mice during trap checks, but they can also be encountered during normal hunts. They drop special mouse repellent that can aid us in depleting the raiding mice waves faster!

Any Royal Supply Crates not loaded onto the train have been left at the Supply Depot.

Daredevil Canyon

The train leaves the last of the raiders behind!

But it looks like those bitter mice have smashed down the Daredevil Canyon bridge! The Gold Express should clear the gap just fine, but let's build up as much speed as possible to guarantee our landing.

The faster we go, the greater our reward!

Unused Raider-B-Gone Mouse Repellent was thrown overboard to lighten the train load!

Page Organization

I've done what I can adding the train journey information to this page, but the page looks quite messy... Any ideas on how to clean this up? ---- S18067 talkcontr 16:36, 27 September 2013 (UTC)

Putting the in-game text in boxes may make it easier to parse the main text from the article. Also, the mice table can be formatted like other locations with different phases (e.g. Haunted_Terrortories). --Hyperchao 02:21, 28 September 2013 (UTC)
I would rather like to see the mice table split into the phases, like in Iceberg, Fiery Warpath and Seasonal Garden... Maybe most like the Fiery Warpath, since there are mice that appear in all phases. -- camomiletea 03:04, 28 September 2013 (UTC)