The Dread Nautilus Trap

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The The Dread Nautilus Trap is a Limited Edition Hydro type weapon.

The Dread Nautilus Trap
Power Type: Hydro
Weapon Statistics Weapon Info
Power: 6,000 Rank requirement: Lord/Lady
Power Bonus: 10% Cost: 5,000,000 gold
Attraction Bonus: 15% Limited Edition: Yes
Luck: 23 Crafted: No
Cheese Effect: Very Fresh Smashable: No
Larry's Loot Lexicon: MouseHunt Info Page Image: External Link
Designed by one of the prolific Trapsmiths who went to sea during the maiden voyage of the S.S. Huntington II. The harsh conditions and exotic aquatic mice encountered along the journey prompted the creation of this unstoppable, unsinkable, submersible marine machine!

This submarine is piloted by a specially-trained crew of amphibious, seafaring droids that are equipped to go toe to toe with any mouse at any depth!

The Dread Nautilus is even equipped with mudskipper-like flaps, allowing it to flop along the land to hunt down the more pesky, landlocked hydro mice!

Obtained Via

The The Dread Nautilus Trap could be purchased from the Trapsmith in Ronza's Traveling Shoppe 2023 for 5,000,000 gold.
It cannot be refunded.

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History and Trivia

  • 4 July 2023: The The Dread Nautilus Trap was introduced at the beginning of Ronza's 2023 visit.