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*[{{MHdomain}}/item.php?item_type=kings_calibrator_message_item Larry's Loot Lexicon]
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A remarkable device that can be used to remotely unlock and configure Daily Loyalty Chest Rewards using King's Credits. Activate it from the Special tab in your Inventory!

Buying and Using the King's Calibrator

The King's Calibrator can be purchased from the King's Cart or King's Arms General Store for 1,000 gold. It allows Hunter's to adjust elements of their Loyalty Chests. Upgrades are purchased using King's Credits.

The King's Calibrator can be accessed through the Special inventory tab, under Equipment, or through the Daily tab above the Hunter's Journal.

Opening the King's Calibrator reveals a pop-up that has four tabs:

  • Current Daily Rewards -- Shows what you will currently receive in each day's Loyalty Chest.
  • Change Daily Cheese -- Hunters can buy upgrades that change the type of cheese awarded.
  • Upgrade Daily Gold -- Increase the amount of gold awarded.
  • Upgrade Gifts -- Increases the number of gifts sent and recieved through Gifting.

Current Daily Rewards

This tab shows the Hunter what will be awarded in each day's Loyalty Chest. Changes made on the other tabs will be reflected here.

Change Daily Cheese

Hunters can purchase upgrades that allow specific cheeses to be awarded in the daily Loyalty Chests. Gouda Cheese, which is awarded on days 2, 3, and 4, will be replaced by another cheese once an upgrade is purchased and selected.

Upgrade purchases are permanent, but once purchased, the cheeses can be swapped out at will.

(King's Credits)
Gouda Cheese Default
No Cost
Radioactive Blue Cheese 50
Cherry Cheese 80
Gnarled Cheese 100
Limelight Cheese 200
Ancient Cheese 200
Gauntlet Cheese Tier 3 200
Vanilla Stilton Cheese 200
Dewthief Camembert 200
Fishy Fromage 250
Runic Cheese 300
Riftiago Cheese 300
Terre Ricotta Cheese 400
Glowing Gruyere Cheese 500
Mineral Cheese 750

Upgrade Daily Gold

Purchasing these upgrades will permanently increase the amount of gold in each day's Loyalty Chest.
These upgrades must be made in order and their effects are cumulative. Making all 3 upgrades will result in an additional 4,000 gold in each day's chest.

(King's Credits)
Wealth Upgrade #1 +800 gold 150
Wealth Upgrade #2 +1,200 gold 300
Wealth Upgrade #3 +2,000 gold 600

Upgrade Gifts

Purchasing these upgrades will permanently increase the number of gifts that Hunters can send and claim through Gifting.
These upgrades must be made in order.

(King's Credits)
Gifting Upgrade #1 20 12 200
Gifting Upgrade #2 25 15 300