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Loot are items that may be dropped by mice when they are caught in traps. Different sorts of mice from varied locations drop loot. Some of the loot dropped are needed to make progress; such as map pieces. Other types of loot are simply bonuses to the hunter in the form of extra gold or points.

Known Loot



Crafting Items


Pepper Seeds

Torn Pages of Plankrun's Journal

  • Front Cover Outside
  • Front Cover Inside
  • Gnawnia Page 1
  • Gnawnia Page 2
  • Dojo Page 1
  • Dojo Page 2
  • Back Cover Inside
  • Back Cover Outside

Maps and Keys



*only available during Ronza's October 2009 visit


  • Research
  • Lab Research is dropped by different mice in the Laboratory as follows:
  • Combat Research is dropped by different mice in the Dojo as follows:
  • Satchel of Gold
  • Satchels of Gold containing 250 gold pieces are dropped by the Pirate Mouse in the Harbour
  • Satchels of Gold are dropped by different mice in Furoma as follows:
  • Satchels of Gold containing 1,000 gold pieces are dropped by the Whelpling Mouse in the Dracano
  • Satchels of Gold containing 5,000 gold pieces were among the Gifts dropped by Elf and Abominable Snow mice around Christmas 2008.
  • Satchels of Gold containing 50,000 gold pieces may be found in Mysterious Boxes.

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