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Power Type: Parental
Weapon Statistics Weapon Info
Power: 525 Title Required: ??
Power Bonus: 5% Cost: 0
Attraction Bonus: 0% Limited Edition: ??
Luck: 5 Crafted: ??
Cheese Effect: No Effect Smashable: ??
Larry's Loot Lexicon: ?? Image: External Link
Straighten up and mind your manners: the Nannybot is on duty! She has camera 'eyes' in the back of her head, four extra claw arms that allow her to be absolutely everywhere at once, and the Time Out Engine, a device that will catch and hold mice frozen in time until the hunter is ready to deal with them. Some mice 'borrowed' this model from Digby scientists as a prototype, so it lacks all the features of a factory model. Maybe with a few supplies, you could fix it up. . .

The Nannybot is a Parental type weapon released during MouseHunt Birthday II to catch the Terrible Twos Mouse.

Purchasing Info

The Nannybot is a Limited Edition weapon and is not available for purchase. It must be assembled from the loot dropped by various mice in the Town of Gnawnia:

Once all of the weapon components have been gathered, the Nannybot can be constructed on the Nannybot assembly page. It cannot be assembled initially via crafting.

After assembling the Nannybot, hunters see the following message:

I constructed a Nannybot! The Nannybot is the only known weapon capable of capturing the pesky Terrible Twos mouse. I should head to the Meadow to hunt the Terrible Twos Mouse.

The Nannybot can also be reassembled from Nannybot Parts.


Reconstruction Formula: NannyBot
Description Qty Cost (Each)
Nannybot Parts 1 0 / Crafting
Total 0

The total cost of crafting only includes direct vendor costs. Variable costs in acquiring the ingredients are not included, such as the cost of cheese used in obtaining loot for the original Nannybot construction.

Related Weapons

Hunter's Hammer

Smashing this weapon with the Hunter's Hammer yields the Nannybot Parts, used in crafting the Chrome Nannybot.

History and Trivia

The Nannybot was introduced on 2 March 2010 at the beginning of the MouseHunt Birthday II event.

The Nannybot became smashable on 24 March 2010. After smashing the Nannybot, hunters can assemble another one if they have the required parts.

Combined Trap Statistics

Shown in the table below are the statistics when combined with the respective Bases. Click on the sorting box beside a particular attribute to do a quick comparison.

Base Power Power Bonus Attraction Bonus Luck Cheese Effect
Aqua Base 793 5% 0% 13 48No Effect
Bacon Base 761 5% 15% 5 57Extremely Fresh
Bamboozler Base 834 15% 5% 5 54Very Fresh
Birthday Cake Base 812 16% 5% 5 48No Effect
Candy Cane Base 866 5% 0% 13 51Fresh
Cheesecake Base 756 8% 20% 5 48No Effect
Chocolate Birthday Cake Base 791 13% 5% 6 48No Effect
Dehydration Base 788 5% 5% 9 60Insanely Fresh
Explosive Base 908 10% 5% 5 45Stale
Firecracker Base 908 10% 5% 9 45Stale
Gingerbread Base 848 13% 0% 9 60Insanely Fresh
Magma Base 932 13% 5% 15 36Insanely Stale
Molten Shrapnel Base 965 17% 5% 13 39Extremely Stale
Monolith Base 965 17% 0% 5 48No Effect
Polar Base 834 15% 0% 9 60Insanely Fresh
Runic Base 848 17% 10% 10 48No Effect
Seasonal Base 866 5% 8% 11 48No Effect
Spellbook Base 1,220 19% 5% 12 51Fresh
Stone Base 776 15% 0% 5 51Fresh
Tiki Base 892 23% 5% 5 54Very Fresh
Tribal Base 861 23% 2% 5 51Fresh
Wooden Base 588 5% 0% 5 54Very Fresh
Wooden Base with Target 630 5% 20% 5 48No Effect