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The Tower Amplifier is a game mechanic that affects the gameplay in the Seasonal Garden and the Zugzwang's Tower.

The Amplifier acts as a special power and luck multiplier in the Zugzwang's Tower, thus affects the Hunter's ability to catch mice within the tower.

However, the luck multiplying effect is only active when the Amplifier drops below 100%, which means the Hunter won't have more luck than normal even if the Amplifier is greater than 100%.

Charging and Depleting

Catching a mouse in the Seasonal Garden will charge the Amplifier. The amount charged depends on the mouse as stated in Seasonal Garden Mice.

Catching a mouse in the Zugzwang's Tower will deplete the Amplifier. The amount depleted depends on the mouse as stated in Zugzwang's Tower Mice.

Failing to attract a mouse in either Seasonal Garden or Zugzwang's Tower will deplete the Amplifier by 3%.

Retreating from Zugzwang's Tower or being moved automatically from Zugzwang's Tower, either when a Mystic King or Technic King is caught without either Checkmate Cheese or Stalemate Charms, or when catching a Chess Master without using Stalemate Charms, will reset the percentage to 0%. Traveling manually from the Seasonal Garden or Zugzwang's Tower will not affect the Tower Amplifier's percentage or reset progress in the Tower.

In Zugzwang's Tower, if the amplifier dips below 20%, a popup message appears:

Your Amplifier is low!
As your amplifier lowers, so does your trap's power and luck. You can recharge your amplifier by catching mice in the Seasonal Garden.

The Travel tab informs players that the Amplifier cannot be charged unless the Hunter forfeits their progress in the Tower:

You Are Currently Engaged in a Chess Match in Zugzwang's Tower
Finish your game of chess or retreat from the tower in order to visit the Seasonal Garden and re-charge your Tower Amplifier. Retreating will reset all progress in Zugzwang's Tower.

Maximum Charge Percentages

The maximum percentage of the Tower Amplifier increases with the Hunter's rank.


Since failure to attract decreases the amplifier, it is common to hunt with cheese with high attraction rate such as Gouda or SUPER|brie+.

It is recommended that the Hunter fully charge the Amplifier before entering Zugzwang's Tower.

Within the tower, the Hunters would want to avoid unnecessary depletion of the Amplifier. This can be done by:

  • Missing more mice of the unwanted levels, such as using a weak setup when a King is unlocked, as Kings are relatively weaker than most other mice in the tower

History and Trivia

Catching mice from the Seasonal Garden during an event also charges the amplifier, even for hunters with no access to the location. Examples include:

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