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Archive for updates taken place in November of 2011 in Reverse Chronological Order.
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Daily Rewards

14 November 2011

Earn Daily Rewards!

The King has created a series of chests as a reward for his most loyal hunters! These chests, called Loyalty Chests, contain a wide variety of hunting supplies, including gold, cheese, valuable King's Credits and even SUPER|brie+! Each day that you return to the game you'll automatically open a Loyalty Chest and have its contents added to your inventory. Return to play multiple days in a row to receive more valuable rewards!

How Loyalty Chests Work

  • Upon returning to the game, you'll receive the rewards inside a Loyalty Chest
  • Return the next day and you'll receive a greater reward
  • Play five days in a row to earn the most valuable reward, including King's Credits and SUPER|brie+!
  • Once you've opened your day five chest, the entire process can be repeated
  • The contents of chests become more valuable with higher hunter's titles
  • You can view your progress by clicking the daily tab above your trap on the camp page

Earn Loyalty Chests each Day!

  • Play each day to earn increasingly valuable rewards
  • Play five days in a row and earn SUPER|brie+!

-- Dave Vanderburg

+5 Bonus Luck Weekend!

4 November 2011

The +5 Bonus Luck Weekend has Started!

For this weekend only all hunters will have a +5 luck bonus while hunting!

The event will will end Monday November 7th at approximately 12pm/noon (EDT). The end time is only a rough guidelines, keep an eye on the news ticker at the top of the game to know exactly when the event has ended.

What if I have the Lucky Golden Shield?

The +5 Luck Bonus will be applied to all traps, meaning it will stack with the +7 Luck Bonus already offered by the Lucky Golden Shield!

What does luck help with?

Luck increases your chances of catching a mouse as well as gives a small bonus to your chance of finding loot while hunting. The more luck you have, the stronger the effect of it becomes!

Looking for even MORE luck?

The King has assembled a supply kit full of SUPER|brie+ and powerful Luck Charms!

Looking for more advice on how to best maximize your hunting this weekend?

Make sure to visit the forums and get advice from the many experienced hunters that hang out there! Don't be shy to seek out hunting tips and advice!

Good luck to everyone hunting this weekend!

-- Dave Vanderburg

Mousevina's Curse has been Lifted!

3 November 2011

Mousevina's control over the mice of the Haunted Terrortories has been broken as a result of your valiant hunting efforts! The Corn Maze, Haunted Manor and Pumpkin Patch have mysteriously left, leaving Gnawnia safe from the spooky mice that haunted the Terrortories.

Halloween Shoppes Available until Tuesday

The various shoppes that were located in the Haunted Terrortories will remain open in the now Vacant Lot until Tuesday, November 8th. If you have any remaining Halloween Candies or Cobwebs, Larry highly recommends you spend them at the shoppes now!

If you have a Soulstone and have not yet purchased a Soul Catcher Trap, make sure to do so before the Trapsmith closes. Note that you do not need any additional supplies from the Halloween shoppes to upgrade the Soul Catcher into the Soul Harvester Trap. The materials required to perform the upgrade can be found as loot and purchased from the various General Stores located across the Kingdom. This means you can upgrade your trap at anytime, assuming you have discovered the location of the required General Stores.

A Spooky Fog

Still have some Spooky Charms left? There have been some reports of a mysterious fog rolling through the Vacant Lot. Larry's early hunting has revealed that arming Spooky Charms brings the fog closer to a hunter's trap where a few spooky breeds of mice can then be encountered, even when using standard bait. As a reminder: Spooky Charms also carry a power bonus in all other areas of the Kingdom.

Additionally, you can exchange extra Ghoulgonzola and Candy Corn Cheese at the Charm Shoppe within the Vacant Lot to aquire more Spooky Charms.

Bonus Luck Weekend!

Has Halloween left you feeling a little on edge around rodents? To help his hunters conquer any fear of mice, the King has decreed that this upcoming weekend be a +5 Bonus Luck Weekend! On Friday, keep your eyes glued to the news ticker at the top of the game to know exactly when the event has started! Enjoy the bonus luck, hunters!

Halloween comes to an end!

  • The Vacant Lot now stands where the Terrortories were
  • You can still exchange candies and webs until Tuesday
  • You can use excess Spooky Charms to attract a few remaining spooky breeds

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-- Dave Vanderburg