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Adding New Bases to the Wiki

  • New Bases need their own page. See the layout below.
  • Create a Redirect for the base using its name without the word "Base", if necessary.
  • Add the base to any disambiguations or related pages that may be appropriate. For example, a new Rift base is likely to need to be added the Riftwalker Set page.
  • Add the new base and its stats to the Bases page.
  • Any information about the base that is likely to become stale ("most powerful", "strongest", etc.) should either be placed in the History and Trivia section or avoided completely.

Base Page Layout

The Base pages are as laid out below. This can also be used as the basic structure in creating a new Base page. Note that the sections should always be laid out in the order in which they are shown below, which is in the order of importance that most players will consider the information.

Bold the base name wherever it appears on the page to help guide the user's eye to relevant info. Follow the bolding and capitalization conventions outlined in the included examples to help provide a consistent look and feel to the various base pages.

Article starts with an optional very brief editor's description of the base. Details should be left for the various sections below the InfoBox.


The Bacon Base is a Limited Edition base and can no longer be acquired by Hunters.

The Birthday Cake Base is only available during MouseHunt's Birthday events.

The Bronze Tournament Base is only available to Hunters who have earned Tournament Tokens from participating in Tournaments.

The Claw Shot Base has special bonuses when used in Claw Shot City.

Follow that info with the Base Template.

Manual of Style - Bases
Base Statistics Base Info
Power: Title Required: ??
Power Bonus: % Cost:
Attraction Bonus: % Limited Edition:
Luck: Crafted:
Cheese Effect: Smashable:
Larry's Loot Lexicon: ?? Image: ??

Obtained Via

This section should always be included.

Include a bolded note about availability if the base is not limited edition but can only be acquired during certain events.

  • Example: This entry was last updated for the MouseHunt Birthday event held in 2015.

There are a few possibilities in this section:

  • Base is limited edition and can no longer be bought. In this case, the location or item from which it could be found should be included. The purchase cost and refund value should also be included, if any.
  • Example: The Runic Base was available for purchase for 580,785 gold from Ronza's Traveling Shoppe during Ronza's January 2011 visit. It refunded for 116,000 gold at the same location. It can no longer be obtained.
  • Base can be bought in shops. In which case, the locations where the weapon can be bought and the refund value should be included.
  • Example: The Bamboozler Base can be purchased for 90,000 gold from the Training Grounds Trapsmith. It refunds for 14,200 gold at the same location.
  • Base can only be crafted and not purchased. In this case, it should be clearly stated that the weapon can only be crafted.
  • Example: The Dehydration Base is not sold by any Trapsmith. It can only be crafted given the proper ingredients.
  • The formula will follow in a subsection using 3 === rather than 2.
  • Section shown below, with a sample formula from the Rift Base. Note that the recipe name may differ from the item name.
  • The ordering of ingredients should list the Blueprints first (if Blueprints are part of the recipe), followed by all other items alphabetized A to Z.
  • Items used multiple times in a recipe should use the form: Unit Price (Total Price) Ex. 250 (750 total).
  • Use the maximum cost for items that can be purchased from the various shops. If an item can be looted and purchased, list the total purchase cost.
  • The Total Cost should be the maximum cost a Hunter will incur if required to purchase the various items available from shops.
  • Do not list Marketplace prices.


  • Any point or rank crafting requirements should be listed here.
  • Example: Hunters must have 125,000,000 points to craft the Rift Base.
Formula: Rift Base
Recipe can be unlocked by: Catch ANY of the following:
King Scarab
Shattered Carmine
Dark Magi
Item Qty Cost (Each) Source
Rift Base Blueprints 1 7,500,000
Rift Crystal 1 N/A
Rift Mist 1 N/A
Rift Stars 1 N/A
Total 7,500,000

Example of a reconstruction formula:
The Tribal Base (if unintentionally smashed) can be reassembled from Tribal Timbers.


Reconstruction Formula: Rebuild Tribal Base
Recipe can be unlocked by: Capture a mouse using the Tribal Base
Item Qty Cost (Each) Source
Tribal Timber 3 N/A
Total 499,600

Note: Certain bases have special sections that should be used. Use existing base pages as a guide for placement. Examples include bases in the Riftwalker Set.

Location-Specific Effects

Use this section if a base has specific effects in a small number of locations.

Special Effects

Use this section if effects are not location based.

Both sections areoptional. Include any special effects when paired with specific bases or charms, special loot effects, or effects on specific mice.

The Deep Freeze Base receives a bonus 665 power and 9 luck before hunt 250 in the Icewing's Lair, Hidden Depths and The Deep Lair of the Iceberg.

Related Items

  • Use this section if the weapon has related Bases or Charms, as well as traps.


  • List related bases here.


  • List related weapons here. Many groups of weapons already have a disambiguation page that can be linked to here. Examples: DeathBots and RhinoBots.


  • List related charms here.

Related Bases

  • Use this section if a base does not have related weapons or charms.
  • List related bases here.

Hunter's Hammer

This section is optional. It should be included when the base is available for smashing, such as Tribal Base. The section header should also include a link to the Hunter's Hammer article.

History and Trivia

  • This section should always be used. Use the following style: Day Month Year: Info here.
  • Any info that is likely to become stale, such as "most powerful", "most expensive", etc. should be included here and avoided (if possible) in the sections above.



  • Images and videos can be linked here if they are relevant to the base. Examples include images that show a previews version of the base, an active special effect or painting videos.

Combined Trap Effectiveness

Due to the very, very large number of trap/base combinations, this section will no longer be used on the individual weapon and base pages.

Categorization and Table of contents
  • Lastly comes proper categorization. This does not have a section on its own. The infobox automatically includes the Bases, Limited Edition, Craftable, and Smashable categories, as appropriate. Thus no further categorization is needed.
  • The infobox automatically hides the table of contents with a __NOTOC__ tag. This is to prevent the page from looking odd by having a TOC above the infobox.