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This page lists the mice that begin with H. See the Mice page for all mice.

Mouse Location(s)
Points Gold Preferred Cheese
Mouse Group

Hapless Mouse Dojo
Meditation Room
Pinnacle Chamber
50 70 Followers of Furoma
Hapless Marionette King's Gauntlet 90 100 Gauntlet Gladiators Tier One:
Puppet Mice
Harbinger of Death Bristle Woods Rift 200,000 50,000 Ancient String Cheese
Runic String Cheese
Rift Stalkers Bristle Woods Rift
Hardboiled Mouse Spring Egg Hunt 3,200 125 See current Spring Egg Hunt location Event Mice Spring Egg Hunt
Hardworking Hauler Mouse Fort Rox 9,000 900 Meteorite Miners Misc
Hare Razer Mouse Spring Egg Hunt 7,000 3,200 See current Spring Egg Hunt location Event Mice Spring Egg Hunt
Harpy Mouse Lagoon 11,100 3,100 Gnarled
Wicked Gnarly
Forest Guild
Harvest Harrier Mouse Seasonal Garden 11,477 3,680 Seasonal Soldiers Fall
Harvester Mouse Seasonal Garden 17,425 8,460 Seasonal Soldiers Fall
Hazmat Mouse Toxic Spill 25,000 5,000 Rancid Radioactive Blue The Polluted
Healer Mouse Cape Clawed
Derr Dunes
855 975 The Derr Tribe
Heart of the Meteor Fort Rox 500,000 1,000,000 Sunrise Meteorite Miners Dawn Destroyer
Heavy Blaster Mouse Iceberg 7,200 1,150 Icewing's Invasion Bomb Squad
Herc Floating Islands 100,000 10,000 Cloud Cheesecake Floating Islanders Physical Pummeler
High Roller Mouse All locations except:
10 10 Event Mice Prize
Hired Eidolon Mouse Labyrinth
44,220 10,000 Citizens of Zokor Treasure Misers
Hoarder Mouse Great Winter Hunt 2,500 3,000 See current Great Winter Hunt location Event Mice Great Winter Hunt
Hollowed Mouse Halloween 41,250 7,500 See current Halloween location Event Mice Halloween
Hollowed Minion Mouse Halloween 10,000 10,000 See current Halloween location Event Mice Halloween
Hollowhead Mouse Halloween 875 2,000 See current Halloween location Event Mice Halloween
Homeopathic Apothecary Mouse Moussu Picchu 45,000 3,000 Glowing Gruyere Cheese Moussu Picchu Inhabitants Potion Brewers
Hookshot Mouse Gnawnian Express Station 8,000 9,000 Train Robbers Automice
Hope Mouse Training Grounds 1,000 1,000 Event Mice Misc
Horned Cork Hoarder Mouse Queso Geyser 35,000 6,000 Hot Queso
Flamin' Queso
Queso Canyoneers Cork Collector
Hot Head Mouse Seasonal Garden 2,250 550 Seasonal Soldiers Summer
Huntereater Mouse Fungal Cavern 190,000 40,000 Gemstone Cheese
Diamond Cheese
Fungal Fiends Diamond Devourers
Hurdle Mouse Tournament Hall 500 500 Runny Cheese Indigenous Mice Great Gnawnian Games
Hydra Mouse Lagoon
S.S. Huntington IV
9,640 5,760 Gnarled
Wicked Gnarly
Aquatic Order
Hydrologist Mouse Sunken City 25,000 3,500 Fishy Fromage
Deep Sea Dwellers Sunken City Citizens
Hydrophobe Mouse Seasonal Garden 2,000 500 Seasonal Soldiers Spring
Hypnotized Gunslinger Mouse Fort Rox 55,000 9,000 Meteorite Miners Cosmic Critter