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Proposed Gauntlet Potion Table

camomiletea has been working on a possible master table showing all Gauntlet Potion conversions in her sandbox. This is an alternative solution that might (or might not) work better:

Using Marble Using Swiss Using Brie Using Gouda Using SUPER|brie+
Gold (ea) #
Gold (ea) #
Gold (ea) #
Gold (ea) #
Gold (ea) #
Tier 2 10 2 25 4 0 6
Tier 3 25 4 50 5 0 7
Tier 4 150 3 150 4 100 6
Tier 5 800 2 800 4 250 5
Tier 6 1,000 3 500 4
Tier 7 1,500 2 900 3
Tier 8 15,000 1 2,000 1

Mice by Location by Cheese Appendix

Dryaobek is working on a table listing Mice by Cheese by Location. That table is focused on mice specifically attracted to the given cheese (ex: Cherry Mouse and Cherry Cheese). The following table can be considered an appendix to that effort, in which I'm recording all mice attracted to the cheese. This is particularly useful for hunters on quests for King's Crowns who want to know what mice they might expect to encounter (or not encounter) in a given area with a given cheese.

Feel free to contribute; I'm doing this as I visit the areas.

* Mice that are only attracted to the given cheese are marked with an asterisk.


Location Cheese Mice
Dojo Maki

Whisker Woods

Location Cheese Mice
Calm Clearing Cherry
Great Gnarled Tree Gnarled

Mouse Lagoon
Brie Gnarled Wicked Gnarly
Black Widow
Centaur X X
Cyclops X
Eagle Owl X X
Elven Princess X
Fairy X
Goblin X X
Harpy X X
Hydra X X
Nomad X
Shaman X
Silth X
Tiger X X
Treant X
Troll X X
Water Nymph X X
Wicked Witch X