Great Gnawnian Games 2012

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The Great Gnawnian Games is host to this year's "100 Mouse Dash"! Join other hunters in a competitive race around the track!

Description and Requirements

The Great Gnawnian Games is an event location released on 31 July 2012. To enter, hunters must have a minimum Hunter's Title of Recruit.

Upon entering the location for the first time, this message appears in the Hunter's Journal:

Welcome to the 100 Mouse Dash! The King has laid out a challenging event of trap'nrun - wherein hunters bait their trap with special Runny Cheese and race to the end as fast as possible!
To your mark, plucky Hunters!

Each hunt with Runny Cheese updates the Heads-Up Display to track how many race mice have been encountered, as well as a count of how many have been caught. On each multiple of ten race hunts, a Hurdle mouse will be encountered. After 100 mice have been encountered with Runny Cheese, the race is over and can be restarted; if the hunter caught more than 60 mice during the race, he is awarded a King's Medallion. Arming any other cheese will allow harvesting additional Runny Cheese, and does not reset progress if the hunter is already partially along the track. At each completion of a race, the following message appears in the Hunter's Journal (the last line appears only if 60 or more mice were caught):

The crowd roars with approval as hunters stream through the finishing line!
Congratulations! You earned a final score of X catches in the 100 Mouse Dash, and have been awarded X King's Credits and X Athlete Charms for your performance!
For this impressive score, you have been awarded the King's Medallion!


There are no shops available in Great Gnawnian Games. Shops for the Gnawnia region can be found in the Town of Gnawnia.

Great Gnawnian Games Mice

Mouse Points Gold Mouse Group Standard
Ends in 1-9 Multiple of 10 Loot
Runny Cheese
Archer 4,500 750 Followers of Furoma X
Bat 3,375 3,000 The Shadow Clan X
Brown 115 150 Indigenous Mice X Runny cheese
Centaur 3,800 960 Forest Guild X
Cowardly 190 300 Indigenous Mice X Runny cheese
Cyclops 2,800 2,800 Forest Guild X Simple Orb
Diamond 1,200 600 Indigenous Mice X
Extreme Everysports 5,000 5,000 Event Mice X
Fencer 300 210 Gauntlet Gladiators X
Frog 325 400 Forest Guild X Runny cheese
Gold 600 1,200 Indigenous Mice X
Granite 285 525 Indigenous Mice X
Grey 90 125 Indigenous Mice X Runny cheese
Hapless 50 70 Followers of Furoma X Runny cheese
Hurdle 4,000 4,000 Event Mice X
Kung Fu 4,750 800 Followers of Furoma X
Lightning Rod 175 100 Indigenous Mice X
Longtail 1,000 900 Indigenous Mice X
Monster 9,100 9,100 Indigenous Mice X Brie cheese
Cheddar cheese
Living Shard
Marble cheese
Swiss cheese
Pugilist 700 600 Indigenous Mice X
Salt Water Snapper 1,980 1,200 Aquatic Order X
Speedy 950 900 Indigenous Mice X
Swabbie 70 50 Aquatic Order X Runny cheese
Trampoline 3,000 3,000 Event Mice X
Water Nymph 4,725 790 Aquatic Order X
White 70 100 Indigenous Mice X Runny cheese
Wound Up White 70 100 Gauntlet Gladiators X Runny cheese

Hunting Strategy

Hunting tips by Larry

Welcome, MouseHunters, to the Great Gnawnian Games! This year's event is the "100 Mouse Dash", a race around a track with competitive mice!

Hunt for Runny Cheese across Gnawnia or right here on the track! It will drop from some of the less-than-ready-to-race mice. Collect enough and then use it to hunt down the competing mice! As you encounter these mice, you'll make progress in the race. The goal is to catch as many as you can out of the 100 mice encountered.

Every 10th hunt will have hunters facing off with a hurdle on the track, and a Hurdle Mouse to go with it! These are tougher mice that only the best-equipped hunters will be able to defeat!

Having trouble in the race? Grab some Athlete Charms from the shop or find a small amount at the end of every race!