Royal Loot Crate Loot Table

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Royal Loot Crates produce a very wide range of loot. This list may be incomplete.

Royal Loot Crate

Aleth Essence
Amplifier Charm
Ancient Cheese
Ancient Potion
Ancient String Cheese Potion
Animatronic Bird
Antiskele Charm
Artisan Charm
Bag of Living Essences
Baitkeep Charm
Ber Essence
Black Powder Charm
Blue Pepper Seed
Bottled Cold Fusion
Bottled-Up Rage
Bravery Charm
Brie Cheese
Brie String Cheese
Cactus Charm
Calcified Rift Mist
Canister Ring
Cavern Fungus
Champion Charm
Checkmate Cheese
Cheddar Cheese
Cherry Charm
Cherry Potion
Chi Belt Heirloom
Chi Belt Token
Chi Claw Heirloom
Chi Claw Token
Chi Fang Heirloom
Chi Fang Token
Clarity Charm
Clockwork Cog
Coconut Timber
Copper Bead
Creamy Gnarled Sap
Creamy Havarti Cheese
Crescent Cheese
Crumbly Rift Salts
Crunchy Cheese
Crunchy Havarti Cheese
Cynd Essence
Damaged Coral Fragment
Delicious Stone
Derr Power Charm
Desert Horseshoe
Dewthief Petal
Divine Orb
Dol Essence
Door Guard Charm
Dragonbane Charm
Dragonvine Cheese
Dreaded Charm
Dreamfluff Herbs
Drill Charge
Duskshade Petal
Dusty Coal Charm
Elub Power Charm
Empowered Anchor Charm
Enerchi Charm
Est Essence
Extreme Power Charm
Fel Essence
Fire Bowl Fuel
Fire Salt
Flamebane Charm
Flawed Orb
Flawless Orb
Fool's Gold
Forgotten Charm
Fort Rox Portal Console
Fort Rox Portal Core
Fusion Fondue
Galleon Gouda
Gauntlet Potion Tier 2
Gauntlet Potion Tier 3
Gauntlet Potion Tier 4
Gauntlet Potion Tier 5
Gauntlet Potion Tier 6
Gauntlet Potion Tier 7
Gauntlet Potion Tier 8
Gilded Cheese
Glowing Gruyere Cheese
Gnarled Charm
Gnarled Potion
Golden Anchor Charm
Gouda Cheese
Graveblossom Petal
Greasy Glob Charm
Greater Radioactive Blue Potion
Greater Wicked Gnarly Potion
Grilled Cheese
Grub Salt Charm
Grubling Chow Charm
Gumbo Cheese
Gur Essence
Heatproof Mage Cloth
Hix Essence
Icuri Essence
Inferno Havarti Cheese
Inferno Pepper
Infused Plate
Ionized Salt
Iron Pellet
King's Credit
Lantern Oil
Limelight Cheese
Limestone Brick
Living Shard
Luck Charm
Lucky Power Charm
Lunaria Petal
Magic Seed
Magical Havarti Cheese
Magical String Cheese
Magmatic Crystal Charm
Marble Cheese
Master Belt Shard
Master Claw Shard
Master Fang Shard
Master Fusion Cheese
Meteorite Piece
Mining Charm
Mist Canister
Molten Glass
Moon Cheese
Mouse Scale
Nerg Power Charm
Nightshade Farming Charm
Oasis Bead
Oxygen Canister
Packet of Flour
Pinch of Annoyance
Plate of Fealty
Plumepearl Herbs
Polluted Parmesan Cheese
Polluted Parmesan Potion
Portal Scrambler
Power Charm
Powercore Hammer
Predatory Processor
Prospector's Charm
Pungent Havarti Cheese
Quantum Quartz
Radioactive Blue Cheese
Radioactive Blue Cheese Potion
Radioactive Curd
Radioactive Sludge
Rainy Cheese
Rainy Potion
Raisins of Wrath
Rancid Radioactive Blue Cheese
Rare Map Dust
Realm Ripper Charm
Red Pepper Seed
Red Sponge Charm
Regal Charm
Rift Antiskele Charm
Rift Cherries
Rift Circuit Chips
Rift Curd
Rift Dust
Rift Rumble Cheese
Rift Ultimate Luck Charm
Rift Ultimate Lucky Power Charm
Rift Ultimate Power Charm
Rift Vacuum Charm
Riftiago Cheese
Riftiago Potion
Rift-torn Roots
Roof Rack Charm
Rook Crumble Charm
Rumble Cheese
Runic Cheese
Runic Potion
Runic String Cheese
Runic String Cheese Potion
Sacred Script
Safeguard Charm
Sand Dollar
Sandblasted Metal
Sap-filled Thorns
Savoury Vegetables
Scholar Scroll
Scientist's Charm
Scrap Metal
Searcher Charm
Shard of Glass
Shell Cheese
Sheriff's Badge Charm
Shine Charm
Shuffler's Cube
Silver Bolt
Silver Tome of Wisdom
Simple Orb
Soap Charm
Softserve Charm
Sphynx Crystal
Spicy Havarti Cheese
Spiked Anchor Charm
Sponge Charm
Stagnant Charm
Stale Cheese
Sticky Charm
Super Attraction Charm
Super Cactus Charm
Super Luck Charm
Super Power Charm
Super Salt Charm
Super Warpath Archer Charm
Super Warpath Commander's Charm
Super Warpath Scout Charm
Super Warpath Warrior Charm
Supply Schedule Charm
Sweet Havarti Cheese
Swiss Cheese
Tasty Spider Mould
Taunting Charm
Tech Power Core
Terre Ricotta Cheese
Terre Ricotta Potion
Timesplit Charm
Tin Scrap
Tiny Sprocket
Token of the Cheese Belt
Token of the Cheese Claw
Token of the Cheese Fang
Tournament Token
Tower Mana
Ultimate Anchor Charm
Ultimate Attraction Charm
Ultimate Charm
Ultimate Luck Charm
Ultimate Lucky Power Charm
Ultimate Power Charm
Ultimate Spore Charm
Undead Emmental Potion
Unstable Charm
Unstable Crystal
Vanilla Bean
Vanilla Stilton Cheese
Vengeful Vanilla Stilton Cheese
War Scrap
Warpath Archer Charm
Warpath Commander's Charm
Warpath Portal Console
Warpath Portal Core
Warpath Scout Charm
Warpath Warrior Charm
Water Jet Charm
Wax Charm
Wealth Charm
White Cheddar Cheese
Wicked Gnarly Potion
Windy Cheese
Windy Potion
Yellow Pepper Seed
Yellow Sponge Charm