Unstable Crystal

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A delicate crystal containing something valuable to a Molten Midas Mouse inside. These mice create these crystalline enclosures around valuables so they can store them within themselves without destroying the contents.

Once exposed to air, these crystals become brittle by design. The objects inside can be easily retrieved by delicately poking these crystals to shatter the protective exterior.

Acquiring Unstable Crystals

The Unstable Crystal is dropped as loot by the Molten Midas Mouse in the Treasure Vault (a Level 2 Treasury district) in Zokor. It is placed under the Special inventory tab.

Unstable Crystal Contents

When "poked", an Unstable Crystal yields up to two of the following items:

Cheese Quantity
Crystal Crucible 1
Diamond 1
Diamond Boost Charm 1
Diamond Cheese 1
Divine Orb 1
Flawed Orb 1
Flawless Orb 1
Gemstone 1
Gemstone Boost Charm 1
Gemstone Cheese 1
Gold 5,000
Gold 20,000
Gold 50,000
Gold 100,000
Gold 250,000
Mineral 10-50
Simple Orb 1
Spore Charm 1
Super Spore Charm 1
Ultimate Luck Charm 1
Ultimate Power Charm 1
Ultimate Spore Charm 1

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