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  | style="border-bottom:2px solid #ddd; text-align:left;" | '''[[Fungal Frog]]'''
  | style="border-bottom:2px solid #ddd; text-align:left;" | '''[[Fungal Frog Mouse]]'''
  | style="border-bottom:2px solid #ddd; background:#EFC;" | [[Whisker Woods Rift]]
  | style="border-bottom:2px solid #ddd; background:#EFC;" | [[Whisker Woods Rift]]
  | style="border-bottom:2px solid #ddd;" | 32,250
  | style="border-bottom:2px solid #ddd;" | 32,250

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This page lists the mice that begin with F. See the Mice page for all mice.

Mouse Location(s)
Points Gold Preferred Cheese
Mouse Group

Fairy Mouse Great Gnarled Tree
5,775 930 Forest Guild
Fall Familiar Mouse Seasonal Garden 9,940 830 SUPER|brie+ Seasonal Soldiers Fall
Falling Carpet Mouse Muridae Market 9,800 1,600 Muridae Market Mice
Farmhand Mouse Windmill 1,000 1,400 SUPER|brie+ Indigenous Mice
Farrier Mouse Claw Shot City
Gnawnian Express Station
5,000 7,000 Wild Bunch Crew
Fencer Mouse King's Gauntlet 300 210 Gauntlet Cheese Tier 3 Gauntlet Gladiators Tier 3:
Melee Mice
Fetid Swamp Mouse Jungle of Dread 20,830 5,155 Crunchy Havarti The Dreaded Horde
Fiddler Mouse King's Gauntlet 4,090 800 Gauntlet Cheese Tier 4 Gauntlet Gladiators Tier 4:
Bard Mice
Field Mouse Meadow
200 200 Indigenous Mice
Fiend Mouse King's Gauntlet 72,000 50,000 Gauntlet Cheese Tier 7 Gauntlet Gladiators Tier 7:
Dust Mice
Finder Mouse Nerg Plains 3,550 1,935 The Nerg Tribe
Firebreather Mouse Seasonal Garden 15,180 4,620 Seasonal Soldiers Summer
Firefly Mouse Seasonal Garden 6,600 2,125 Seasonal Soldiers Summer
Flame Archer Mouse Fiery Warpath
(Wave 2)
19,900 2,700 The Marching Flame Archer
Flame Ordnance Mouse Fiery Warpath
(Wave 3)
33,000 1,600 The Marching Flame Artillery
Flame Warrior Mouse Fiery Warpath
(Wave 2)
18,000 3,000 The Marching Flame Warrior
Floating Spore Mouse Fungal Cavern 39,000 1,500 Fungal Fiends Fungal Fodder
Flutterby Mouse Crystal Library 12,000 1,000 Zurreal's Breed
Flying Mouse King's Arms
Tournament Hall
Town of Gnawnia
450 450 SUPER|brie+ Indigenous Mice
Fog Mouse Harbour
800 800 SUPER|brie+ Indigenous Mice
Force Fighter Blue Birthday Party Zone 1,750 1,750 Cupcake Colby Event Mice Birthday
Force Fighter Green Birthday Party Zone 2,250 2,250 Cupcake Colby Event Mice Birthday
Force Fighter Pink Birthday Party Zone 2,000 2,000 Cupcake Colby Event Mice Birthday
Force Fighter Red Birthday Party Zone 1,750 2,000 Cupcake Colby Event Mice Birthday
Force Fighter Yellow Birthday Party Zone 2,000 1,750 Cupcake Colby Event Mice Birthday
Forever Alone Mouse Many locations. See Forever Alone Mouse page for details. 1,200 600 Event Mice Valentine's
Foxy Mouse Calm Clearing
Great Gnarled Tree
1,650 1,500 SUPER|brie+ Forest Guild
Frigid Foreman Mouse Festive Ice Fortress 1,500 850 Arctic Asiago Cheese Event Mice Great Winter Hunt
Frog Mouse Calm Clearing
Great Gnarled Tree
325 400 Forest Guild
Frostbite Mouse Seasonal Garden 11,400 5,040 Seasonal Soldiers Winter
Frostlance Guard Iceberg 7,435 935 Icewing's Invasion Misc
Frostwing Commander Iceberg 22,550 7,525 Icewing's Invasion Misc
Frosty Snow Mouse Mountain 600 300 SUPER|brie+ Indigenous Mice
Frozen Mouse Mountain 300 300 Indigenous Mice
Fuel Mouse Gnawnian Express Station 5,000 4,000 Train Robbers Fueler
Fungal Frog Mouse Whisker Woods Rift 32,250 3,500 Brie String
Magical String
Marble String
Swiss String
Rift Walkers Whisker Woods Rift
Fungal Spore Mouse Twisted Garden 15,250 2,650 Duskshade Camembert
Lunaria Camembert
Living Garden Mice
Fungal Technomorph Mouse Labyrinth
80,800 12,750 Citizens of Zokor Tech Engineers
Funglore Mouse Fungal Cavern 40,000 2,400 Fungal Fiends Fungal Fodder