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This page lists the mice that begin with L. See the Mice page for all mice.

Mouse Location(s)
Points Gold Preferred Cheese
Mouse Group

Lab Technician Mouse Toxic Spill 10,500 3,000 Rancid Radioactive Blue The Polluted
Lady Coldsnap Iceberg 27,580 3,745 Icewing's Invasion Icewing's Generals
Lambent Mouse Burroughs Rift 60,000 10,000 Terre Ricotta Rift Walkers Burroughs Rift
Lambent Crystal Mouse Town of Digby 9,000 3,000 Limelight Digby Dirt Dwellers
Lasso Cowgirl Mouse Claw Shot City 5,500 2,000 Wild Bunch Misc
Leprechaun Mouse All locations except:
10 10 Event Mice Prize
Leviathan Mouse S.S. Huntington IV 6,910 2,880 Aquatic Order
Lich Mouse Acolyte Realm 12,200 8,700 Runic The Forgotten Mice
Lightning Rod Mouse Meadow
Tournament Hall
175 100 Indigenous Mice
Limestone Miner Mouse Muridae Market 14,000 5,200 Muridae Market Mice
Living Ice Mouse Slushy Shoreline 1,850 3,250 SUPER|brie+ Icewing's Invasion Bergling
Living Salt Mouse Iceberg 1,525 550 Icewing's Invasion Misc
Lockpick Mouse King's Gauntlet 150 180 Gauntlet Cheese Tier 2 Gauntlet Gladiators Tier Two:
Thief Mice
Longtail Mouse King's Arms
Town of Gnawnia
1,000 900 Indigenous Mice
Lord Splodington Iceberg 21,450 3,295 Icewing's Invasion Icewing's Generals
Lost Mouse Labyrinth 30,000 995 Citizens of Zokor Hallway Wanderers
Lost Legionnaire Mouse Labyrinth 25,500 2,000 Citizens of Zokor Hallway Wanderers
Lovely Sports Mouse Valentine's Day
Lunar New Year
1,850 450 See current Valentine's Day or Lunar New Year location Event Mice Valentine's
Lucky Mouse Many locations. See Lucky Mouse page for details. 777 777 Event Mice Misc
Lumahead Mouse Fungal Cavern 32,000 1,200 Fungal Fiends Fungal Fodder
Lumberjack Mouse Muridae Market 15,500 3,000 Muridae Market Mice
Lunar Red Candle Maker Mouse Lunar New Year 2,888 2,222 See current Lunar New Year location Event Mice Lunar New Year
Lycan Mouse Catacombs
Forbidden Grove
9,250 5,500 Moon
Radioactive Blue
The Shadow Clan
Lycanoid Burroughs Rift 50,000 6,500 String Cheese Rift Walkers Burroughs Rift