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Hunters can send supplies from their own inventory to friends, not to be confused with daily gifting or gifts from the Festive Gift Shoppe.

There is no title requirement for *receiving* supplies, but only Apprentice and above can send supplies. There is no limit on how many friends a hunter transfers supplies to, nor how frequently these transfers occur. It can be accessed through the 'Friends' tab, or via the Supply Transfer page.

Using gifts to friends as a means of trading is inherently risky - the only guaranteed safe way to trade supplies is via the Marketplace.

Not all giveable items can be sold on the marketplace. Conversely, there are a few items on the marketplace that cannot be given to friends.

Several communities have formed to help provide safer trades, this is done by using a trusted third-party intermediary to ensure that both parties in the trade hold up their end of a bargain. Trading is always done at your own risk, and there is no official recourse for a trade gone wrong.

Sendable Items



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Trap Skins

1A minimum of 100 gold and a maximum of 1,000,000 gold can be transferred at any one time. The King applies a 10% tax on the giver on all gold transfers.
2While a sender gives up a Passing Parcel collectible, the recipient receives a Passing Parcel convertible. Also, the Passing Parcel Collectible includes a link for transfer as part of its interactive message; there is also a link available from a hunter's profile page during the Great Winter Hunt 2013).

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