Relic Hunter Mouse

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Relic Hunter Mouse
Mouse Group: Indigenous Mice
Mouse Statistics
Points: 650 Gold: 935
Location & Attraction Info
Required Power Types: Any type Other Requirements: Must have at least one
Ancient Relic in inventory
Cheese: None Charm: None
Locations: Randomly changes every 24 hours.
See Locations section below.
Loot: Relic Hunter Scroll Case
Larry's Loot Lexicon: MouseHunt Info Page Image: Image Link
From the mountains of Gnawnia to Zugzwang's famous Gardens, the Relic Hunter Mouse leaves no trap unturned in the search for elusive Ancient Relics. Sure, they can be found in the possession of some of the most dangerous mice around, but, well... That's dangerous! It's far safer (relatively) to try to check out the relics that hunters have accrued. And besides, free cheese!

This mouse is so dedicated to the study of Ancient Relics that she'll never approach your trap until you have at least one. The Relic Hunter Mouse will stay in one location for an entire day before moving on, so you'll have to search Gnawnia to find her every day!

Mouse ID#: 401

Attracting the Relic Hunter Mouse

Each hunt in the current location of the Relic Hunter Mouse, both through sounding the Hunter's Horn and the hourly trap check, has the potential to attract the Relic Hunter Mouse in addition to whatever mouse is attracted by the Hunter's Cheese or not.
The outcome of the main hunt (catch or failure to catch or failure to attract) has no impact on the outcome of the bonus hunt.
Encountering a Relic Hunter Mouse will not affect progress in any area when encountered.

The attraction of the Relic Hunter Mouse is not affected by Cheese or Charms.
A successful catch of the Relic Hunter Mouse will occur as a bonus hunt that does not consume either Cheese or Charms.

Ancient Relics and Relic Hunter Scroll Cases

Hunters must have at least one Ancient Relic in their inventory for the Relic Hunter Mouse to be attracted.
Catching a Relic Hunter Mouse will cause an Ancient Relic to be removed from the Hunter's inventory and a Relic Hunter Scroll Case to drop as loot.
If a Hunter has 20 or more Relic Hunter Scroll Cases in their inventory, the Relic Hunter Mouse will no longer drop one as loot and will not remove an Ancient Relic from the Hunter's inventory.
The cap on scroll cases allows hunters to pursue the Relic Hunter without consuming Ancient Relics.

Journal Entries

Upon catching the Relic Hunter Mouse, the following message is displayed in the Hunter's Journal:

I caught an elusive Relic Hunter Mouse in [Location]! The mouse stole an Ancient Relic while it was in my trap, but dropped a Relic Hunter Scroll Case while scampering off!
I can go to my Special inventory to open it.
Make sure to tell your friends to check [Location] during the next [hours, minutes, seconds] to catch one!

If a Hunter has reached the maximum number (20) of Relic Hunter Scroll Cases in their inventory, the following message is displayed in their Hunter's Journal:

I caught an elusive Relic Hunter Mouse in the [Location]!
I already have the maximum allowed Relic Hunter Scroll Cases, so the mouse left my supply of Ancient Relics alone and scampered off.
Luckily she was not interested in my cheese or charms!
I should tell my friends to check the [Location] during the next [hours, minutes, seconds] to catch one!

A Failure to Catch of a Relic Hunter Mouse results in the following message in the Hunter's Journal:

Aw! I failed to catch an elusive Relic Hunter Mouse!
I should tell my friends to check the [Location] during the next [hours, minutes, seconds] to catch one!

Power Type Weaknesses

All power types are of normal effectiveness against the Relic Hunter Mouse.



None All None


Every 24 hours the Relic Hunter Mouse randomly moves to one of the following locations.
Viewing the Treasure Map popup under the Invites and Scroll Cases tab offers a hint to the Relic Hunter's current location.

Note: The Relic Hunter Mouse appears in the Living Garden and Twisted Garden at the same time.

Region Location The Relic Hunter has been spotted...
Gnawnia Town of Gnawnia
  • Hiding within the hustle and bustle in the city of the crown.
  • In a town with a dense population.
  • Trying to spot the King himself.
  • By an agricultural structure once owned by one of Gnawnia's most prosperous farmers.
  • Grinding up hundreds of tiny seeds from a stalky, golden plant.
  • Observing the churning and grinding of the new harvest.
  • By the sea where there's plenty of fresh air and sunshine.
  • Near the loud and low horns and the dinging of bells.
  • Visiting where many new hunters seek out seafaring mice.
  • Cutting through the pass to reach the town on the other side.
  • Looking across vast landscapes and the many horizons of the land.
  • In a treacherous environment where only the toughest of mice survive.
Valour King's Arms
  • Browsing wares available with a most royal currency.
  • Under a circular roof atop arm-shared paths.
  • Where royal strength rewards hunting prowess.
Tournament Hall
  • Amongst the triumphant trumpets of master hunters of old.
  • Browsing the rewards of competitive champions.
  • Competing for the limelight amongst the finest champions.
King's Gauntlet
  • Atop a tall tower with the perfect view of an Eclipse.
  • Climbing up spiralling, menacing stairs.
  • Trekking up a massive tower in Valour.
Whisker Woods Calm Clearing
  • By a peaceful rock in a grassy clearing.
  • Taking a relaxing hike through a forested area.
  • Tucked behind dense trees where it's quiet and peaceful.
Great Gnarled Tree
  • By a tree older than Gnawnia itself.
  • Finding shade in the largest tree in the Kingdom.
  • Tracing the deep patterns of bark growing on ancient towers.
  • Amongst sparkling, still water.
  • Climbing jagged rocks and slick moss.
  • Waist-deep in a shallow, sparkling pond.
Burroughs Laboratory
  • Amongst brightly glowing potions.
  • Performing bizarre experiments and chemical reactions.
  • Where the powerful and strange breeds of mice first arose.
Town of Digby
  • Amongst powerful drills and excavation equipment.
  • Exploring the deep and winding caverns near a technologically-advanced underground city.
  • Hiding in the shadows while standing in the limelight.
  • Investigating the spirits of slain mice.
  • Studying the spooky remains of Zombie Mice.
  • Surveying where scientists harvest 'spare parts'.
  • Ducking between stalls and tents and loud merchants.
  • Searching for the best deals in the Burroughs.
  • Under the pointiest tent in all the Kingdom!
Furoma Training Grounds
  • Relaxing in the shade of tall engraved rock.
  • Standing among the ranks of new students out in the field.
  • Watching the careful training of artful students.
  • Carefully watching the training activities of advanced students.
  • Practicing an ancient art with fledgling warriors.
  • Safely inside the bottom floor of a bamboo building.
Bristle Woods Catacombs
  • Listening for sinister secrets deep underground.
  • Walking through dark hallways in search of a Keeper's Candle.
Forbidden Grove
  • Behind heavy stone gates.
  • Trapped between two planes of existence.
Acolyte Realm
  • Inside an elaborate one-way trap designed by Plankrun.
  • Outside a smoky purple tower.
  • Standing on the other side of a green and purple portal.
Tribal Isles Cape Clawed
  • On a small bit of land near a volcano.
  • Watching the peaceful gathering of tribal mice.
Elub Shore
  • Near the blue waters of the island.
  • Watching the calm waters of Rodentia while remaining safely ashore.
Nerg Plains
  • Investigating a well-seasoned Gumbo Cheese.
  • Running through flat fields of green.
Derr Dunes
  • Ankle deep in rocky, tropical sand.
  • Tumbling down hills of red sand.
Balack's Cove
  • Lurking in a damp and darkened grotto.
  • Roaming amongst the most powerful of Lich mice.
Varmint Valley Claw Shot City
  • Keeping an eye on the long-arm of the law.
  • Spitting in a spittoon! Yuck!
Queso Canyon Queso River
  • Sipping delicious liquid cheese from a river.
  • Enjoying a quick dip in a cheesy bath.
  • Protecting her ears from the sound of loud pumps.
Rodentia S.S. Huntington IV
  • Looking a bit queasy...
  • Testing out balance on the high seas.
Slushy Shoreline
  • At the beachside site of an invasion force!
  • Shivering near the edges of the mainland.
  • Walking along the coldest waters in Gnawnia.
Seasonal Garden
  • Braving the ever-changing elements.
  • Watching the sky and wondering what the weather will bring.
Crystal Library
  • Expanding knowledge and climbing endless ladders.
  • Leafing through ancient tomes of knowledge.
Sunken City
  • Investigating powerful diving equipment.
  • Walking along the bottom of the Rodentia Ocean.
Sandtail Desert Fiery Warpath
  • Dodging arrows, spears, swords, and spells!
  • Marching through the Sandtail Desert.
Muridae Market
  • Keeping a close eye on would-be thieves...
  • Visiting a walled city that is no stranger to sieges.
Living Garden
Twisted Garden
  • Enjoying a drink on the overgrown rooftop patio.
  • Tending to a most troublesome and dangerous garden.
Hollow Heights Fungal Cavern
  • Carefully navigating a subterranean and humid environment.
  • Deep inside of an infested, glowing, twisting, unending cave of untold riches...
Moussu Picchu
  • Climbing and exploring some long lost ruins.
  • Up high upon a weather changing plateau.
Floating Islands
  • In the clouds above Hollow Heights.
  • Investigating what can be built in a workshop.
  • Peering through an oculus.
  • Searching the skies for treasure.
  • Watching hunters' dirigibles fly by.
Folklore Forest Foreword Farm
  • Reaping what she sowed...
Prologue Pond
  • Reeling it in...

History and Trivia

  • 29 August 2012: The Relic Hunter Mouse is released in the Muridae Market. Its location changed on a predictable weekly basis.
  • 6 May 2013: The daily location of Relic Hunter Mouse mouse begins to change randomly.
  • 28 April 2013: Catching the Relic Hunter Mouse in the Seasonal Garden begins giving hunters 1% increase in their Tower Amplifier.
  • 23 June 2015: The Relic Hunter Mouse stopped dropping Treasure Map Scroll Cases and Living Garden Scroll Cases and began dropping Relic Hunter Scroll Cases as part of Season 3 of treasure hunting.
  • 27 July 2016: The Relic Hunter Mouse encounter was changed to a Bonus Hunt that does not consume cheese or charms. The second paragraph of its description was also changed. The previous description read:
This mouse is so dedicated to the study of Ancient Relics that they'll never approach your trap until you have at least one, and will approach more often if you have more. Further, the Relic Hunter Mouse will only be searching in one location at a time, so you'll have to search if you expect to find any!

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