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== Hunter ==
== Hunter ==

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"Hunter" redirects here. For other uses, see Hunter (disambiguation).

Hunter is a term that refers to an individual MouseHunt player. Every player who adds the MouseHunt application gains this title. There are several ranks of hunters, which affect how and where one can hunt.

Every hunter can have several people in their hunting group. Your hunting group grows if you have more Facebook friends online and hunting in your location. With a larger hunting group, your friends can sound the Hunter's Horn for you, sending you on more hunts, so long as you are online within the last hour. Otherwise, only the trap checks can happen without the hunter's input. You must log into MH once per 24 hours to receive the trap checks which happen on the hour for 24 hours. (12:00, 1:00, 2:00...)

Occasionally, there are rewards for 'active' hunters from the King. An active hunter is defined as any hunter who has cheese currently on their trap.

Hunter's Horn

You sounded the Hunter's Horn!
The courage of starting the hunt awards you ××× points.
The outcome of your hunt is recorded as a journal entry below.

The Hunter's Horn is a tool that hunters use to start a hunt. After a fixed period of time (see below), they will have the opportunity to click the Hunter's Horn image at the top of the page. This starts the hunt for the player and up to 8 active hunters in their hunting group in the same region, currently online (up to one hour from last activity) and ready to hunt (i.e. with the horn ready, cheese armed, not blocked by a King's Reward or performing another game action such as attempting to sound the horn themselves). Additionally, these hunters must have completed the game tutorial and reached the title of Apprentice while not having restrictions on their account which disable interaction with other players. Clicking the horn also initiates a short "horn blowing" animation and awards experience points to the hunter based on the number of friends taken on a hunt. Sounding the horn always awards 50 points as well as 25 bonus points per friend. The maximum bonus points for sounding the horn is 250.

Hunter's Title Duration between horns calls
Novice 20 seconds
Recruit Starts at 20 seconds, increasing 5 seconds every additional horn
Apprentice and above 15 minutes

There are several possible outcomes that can result from a hunt. In earlier stages of the game, the outcomes are fewer. The mouse may merely take the piece of cheese without being caught, or it may result in a successful catch, whereby the hunter will collect experience points and gold, depending on the type of mouse caught. In later stages of the game, the mice are more dangerous and, besides taking the cheese without being caught, the mice can affect the hunter's 'courage' on an unsuccessful hunt. This can take the form of the mouse stealing experience points, gold or extra pieces of cheese from the hunter.

Party Horn

The Party Horn was a tool similar to the Hunter's Horn, which replaced the Hunter's Horn when a Hunting Party was participating in an old Tournament.

Like the Hunter's Horn, it is available every 15 minutes. If it has been more than 15 minutes since the player's last hunt, s/he will have the opportunity to click the Party Horn image at the top of the page. This initiates a short "horn blowing" animation and awards experience points to the hunter based on the number of active party members online and ready to hunt at the time of the sounding, regardless of their location.

The outcomes are much like the Hunter's Horn in which mice be caught, lost, not attracted, cheese could go stale, etc. But the main difference is that the Party Horn will award the Hunter with Party Points towards the Tournament depending on which mouse is caught, what the settings of the tournament are, and how high the Multiplier is. Once sounded it will also influence the multiplier which will eventually increase the amount of points that can be received per mouse.

Insta Horn

Insta Horn (aka Luck Larry Industries' Insta-Horn-in-a-Can!) was a feature that allowed players to sound their horn without waiting the usual 15 minutes. For a brief time, 5 Insta Horns were given to new players after completing the horn training tutorial. Insta Horns are no longer available, and the development appears to have been abandoned.

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History and Trivia

  • 10 May 2022: Bringing friends on hunts was changed from location-based to region-based.


"King" redirects here. For other uses, see King (disambiguation).

The King of Gnawnia has called brave mouse hunters to his kingdom to fight the mice that are destroying his lands. It is he that pays rewards to hunters. He also has the power to increase the title of a hunter. The King's name is currently a mystery, although speculation exists that his name has been determined by MouseHunt developers. A contest held in the Summer of 2008 garnered hundreds of guesses from players. When the contest ended, it was revealed by the developers that the King's name had not yet been correctly guessed.

The King knows how bad the mouse problem is in Gnawnia from personal experience. On 10 September 2008, the King's Crown was stolen by a Master Burglar Mouse. The Master Burglar Mouse was later caught by a lucky hunter, resulting in the greatest single prize awarded in MouseHunt to date.

When MouseHunt is added to Facebook profile tab (a feature which has since been disabled), the background image features the King as well as the Master Burglar mouse.

The King is the author of the Sandtail Call to Arms.


"Gold" redirects here. For other uses, see Gold Mouse or Gold (disambiguation).

Buy exciting traps and delicious cheese with this!

Gold is the currency of MouseHunt. It is earned by catching mice and, to a lesser extent, accepting rewards from the King. It can also be obtained through loot drops such as a Satchel of Gold, bonus drops from arming Wealth Charms and other related charms, or by returning surplus cheese, traps, and crafting materials for a refund at the respective shops. All hunters also receive an hourly wage of 50 gold from the King.

Gold can be exchanged for traps, cheese, crafting materials, marketplace items, traveling, repairing maps at the Cartographer, and raffle tickets. When transferring gold via the Give To Friends option, the King charges a 10% tariff.

In some Locations, failure to catch a mouse can sometimes result in the mouse stealing extra gold from the hunter. However, if a hunter has less gold on hand than what a particular breed of mouse typically steals, then failure to catch that mouse will not result in a loss of gold.

If the hunter has an extremely low amount of gold, the following message is displayed:

You are stricken with poverty!
The King pays all his active hunters a wage of 50 gold an hour, so fear not if you do not have enough to purchase bait.

Satchel of Gold

The gold contained in this satchel is instantly awarded to the hunter upon being collected. This item does not appear in a hunter's inventory.

Satchels of Gold are dropped by mice as follows:

Satchels of Gold can also be found as follows:

Wealth Charms

Wealth Charms, Rift Wealth Charms, Super Wealth Charms, Extreme Wealth Charms, and Ultimate Wealth Charms cause mice to drop a percentage of their gold value as a bonus, with a fixed cap to how much additional gold can be produced. Both the percentage and the cap are based on the charm used. Rift Wealth Charms are also part of the Riftwalker Set.

Charm Gold Value Percentage Gold Bonus Cap
Wealth Charm 5% 1,800
Rift Wealth Charm
Super Wealth Charm 10% 4,500
Extreme Wealth Charm 20% 15,000
Ultimate Wealth Charm 40% 50,000


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Points measure both the quality and quantity of mice a hunter has caught. Being marked with a high number of points is a sign of a truly experienced hunter!

Points are gained by catching mice. Each mouse caught is worth a specific number of points. The breed of the mouse determines the amount of points it is worth. Previously, the points also differed based on the weight of the mouse caught (the heavier the mouse, the less points). Mice might steal points if you attract but fail to catch them in most locations. Losing points does not affect rank progress and thus will not cause a Hunter to drop in rank.

50 points are also awarded each time you sound the Hunter's Horn. You gain 25 extra points for each hunter in your hunting group at your location and yet to sound the horn, up to a maximum of 250 points. Points can also be gained from Research obtained as loot, or found inside Mysterious Boxes, as well as from opening a Tome of Wisdom.

Trap components used to have a minimum points requirement. Should a hunter fail to meet the requirement they will not be able to purchase, arm or craft the component. Since 17 October 2018, Trap components (except Timesplit Dissonance Trap, Celestial Dissonance Trap and Chrome Celestial Dissonance Trap) no longer have a minimum points requirement and have a minimum Title requirement instead.

Points determine your rank on the scoreboard. It is a common misconception that points determine the progress at which a Hunter advances to higher Hunter's Titles: a Hunter's Wisdom actually determines the title progression for a Hunter.


The knowledge this research contains instantly awards the hunter points upon being collected. This item does not appear in a hunter's inventory.

Lab Research is dropped by different mice in the Laboratory and Catacombs as follows:

Combat Research is dropped by different mice as follows:

Hunting Research can be found as follows:

The knowledge this artifact contains instantly awards the hunter points upon being collected. This item does not appear in a hunter's inventory.

Acolyte Relic worth 125,000 points are dropped by M400 mice or may be found in Mysterious Boxes.

The knowledge these ponderings contain instantly awards the hunter points upon being collected. This item does not appear in a hunter's inventory.

Deep Thought worth 25,000 bonus points is dropped by Deep Mouse in the Iceberg.

Pointy Charms

Arming Pointy Charms causes additional points to be gained upon catching a mouse, equal to 10% of a mouse's original point value, up to a maximum of 10,000 additional points generated per catch.

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