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Various types of blueprints and patterns can be found in MouseHunt. They are needed for crafting a variety of weapons, bases and skins. Some are dropped by mice, while others were purchasable at one of the General Stores. Below is information on all such blueprints.

In general, a hunter can own at most one of each blueprint. However, after crafting the item described by the blueprint, a hunter can then obtain a replacement blueprint to complete their collection of items.

There are five additional blueprints available on the Marketplace, which were first made available as Trap Skins.


No blueprints can be found in this region.


No blueprints can be found in this region.

Whisker Woods

Ship Blueprints

Sometimes discovered by hunters after defeating a Hydra mouse in the Lagoon, these rare prints show how to build a ship capable of sailing the open ocean.

The plans call for 900 Splintered Wood, 70 Bolts of Cloth, 100 Ropes and 18 Scrap Metal.

To captain the ship a hunter will need Legendary experience.


Scum Scrubber Blueprints

Looks like an incredibly complex piece of cleaning machinery! It calls for a little bit of everything: Soapy Suds, refined Pollutinum, some Scrap Metal, and Canister Rings.

Polluted Base Blueprints

Damp from soaking in sludge, this blueprint contains instructions on how to contain a small, localized toxic spill. There are references to a substance called "Pollutinum" which can be infused with metal and then lined with shard-laced sludge.

Washboard Base Blueprints

Washboards, the original cleaning machine! An old design souped up with Soapy Suds! Looks pretty straight forward, 100 Soapy Suds should do it.


Ambush Trap Blueprints

These blueprints are vital in knowing how to construct the Ambush Trap. These prints show how to set up the required droids as well as how to construct a wall separator using a Furoma Master's Seal.

Dropped By Found In
Assassin Mouse Dojo
Hapless Mouse Meditation Room, Pinnacle Chamber
Worker Mouse Dojo

Onyx Mallet Blueprints

A very crude trap design consisting of an extremely heavy mallet made of 3 Onyx Stones. The tremendous weight is held up by platinum supports.

Bristle Woods

No blueprints can be found in this region.

Tribal Isles

Ancient Frayed Blueprint Piece

Sketched onto this torn piece of blueprint is a glowing stick standing up straight on a trap base. The print is too tattered to tell what object it may be propping up.

Ancient Mangled Blueprint Piece

Amongst various holes and rips is the faint drawing of a hinge. The rest of the print is too discolored and mauled to read.

Ancient Ripped Blueprint Piece

An oddly slanted box is drawn in this small scrap of blueprint, as if being held up on one end. The print is torn, omitting what object this may be.

Heat Bath Blueprints

The wise Dragon Mouse has designed a few changes to the Harpoon Gun that hunters sometimes use in Elub Shore. These plans require a couple of Launcher Parts modified with Scrap Metal to form fuel tanks that house a Coal-based combustible fluid.

Varmint Valley

No blueprints can be found in this region.

Queso Canyon

No blueprints can be found in this region.


Deep Freeze Base Blueprints

Crafted from an exotic collection of rare materials, this base represents an attempt by Icewing to ensure her icebergs could no longer be stopped. In a capable hunter's hands, however, it represents a means to safely explore the depths of the Iceberg before it fully collapses.

In addition to these blueprints, to craft this base you will require:

1 Steam Nine
6 Bottled Cold Fusion
9 Frosty Metal
10 Wire Spools
10 Stale SUPER|brie+

The lettering on this blueprint is in an unfamiliar, shifting script that glows with an eerie light. Sometimes you feel you can make out meanings, but never words. There's something on here about un-meltable icebergs, but perhaps that could be turned to your advantage, if only you could figure out how to built it.
Two of the sections of the blueprints seem to refer to advanced power sources, and look familiar.
The next three sections seems to be talking about construction materials - familiar wires, but a strange mixture of metals.
The next two sections are clearly about binding magic to the base, but the materials referred to are far less clear. Something about magic past its prime, and something about the essence of life itself.
The final section grows fainter as it progresses, ending in a long, downward scrawl and a splotch of ink.

Reaper's Perch Blueprints

These blueprints describe the careful process of imbuing slabs of metamorphic rock with magical runes and Onyx to create a perch for a deadly Reaper Droid.

Sandtail Desert

No blueprints can be found in this region.

Hollow Heights

No blueprints can be found in this region.

Rift Plane

No blueprints can be found in this region.


Gingerbread Base Blueprints

A single gingerbread plank, five festive candies and a pack of icing sugar make a base that is sure to bring festive cheer to any trap!

Gingerbread House Plans

Every successful architect needs blueprints, even those planning to use gingerbread for construction material! Building a home has never looked so easy!

Two gingerbread planks for the roof, four to make the walls and no gingerbread house would be complete without one more plank for a chimney!

All the planks are carefully glued together with five sugary packs of icing sugar and ten festive candies for decoration!

1 Only during The Great Winter Hunt '09 event.
2 Only during The Great Winter Hunt 2010 event.

Nutcracker Trap Blueprints

These plans outline how to create the festive Nutcracker Nuisance Trap! The plan is rather simple, only requiring six pieces of Splintered Wood and one extremely powerful LED light bulb.

Unfortunately, the only LED bulbs powerful enough for this trap have all been stolen by the Mad Elf Mouse! Be at the ready, hunter: Once enough hunters reach the rank of Master Builder, the King will call upon you to track down the Mad Elf, put an end to its evil plan, and recover the missing LEDs!

Pumpkin Pummeler Blueprints

These blueprints are a diagram of a unique farming process that will grow an Evil Pumpkin Seed into a mouse pummeling sight to behold!

Tiki Base Blueprints

These blueprints describe how to assemble pieces of Tribal Timber into an ornate base capable of mesmerizing the mice of the Elub, Nerg and Derr tribes. The enchanting effect results in a +6 luck bonus when hunting the three tribes. These plans are printed by Ronza herself, and are often available when she visits. Due to her limited supply, a hunter may only own 5 copies of the blueprints.

Skin Blueprints

These blueprints were the first implementation of Trap Skins. They require using the Hunter's Hammer to smash the weapon to be skinned and once the new weapons is crafted the process cannot be reversed. Weapons created in this fashion may not be used to complete some tasks that require the un-skinned weapon, despite having exactly the same tasks.

Clockapult of Winter Past Blueprint

Combine these blueprints with Clock Parts to create a more festive version of the Clockapult of Time. The Clockapult of Winter Past sends caught mice into the not-so-distant past where they learn a valuable lesson that gives mice a change of heart.

Once crafted, the Clockapult of Winter Past can not be smashed back into parts.

This trap requires the rank of Legendary or higher.

Fluffy DeathBot Blueprint

To honor spirit of our loyal hunters, the Deathbot has a new paint job, to give it some extra frills and flower power! Combine these blueprints with DeathBot Parts to obliterate mice the cute way... you know you want to.

Once crafted, the Fluffy DeathBot can not be smashed back into parts.

This trap requires the rank of Journeyman/Journeywoman or higher.

Grungy DeathBot Blueprint

The Deathbot, painted up for our loyal hunters, gives you that gritty, post-apocalyptic feeling while hunting, without leaving the comfort of your own dimension. Combine these blueprints with DeathBot Parts to show your tough side while hunting mice!

Once crafted, the Grungy DeathBot can not be smashed back into parts.

This trap requires the rank of Journeyman/Journeywoman or higher.

Icy RhinoBot Blueprint

These blueprints when combined with RhinoBot Parts make the Icy RhinotBot! Hunt mice with sub-zero flare! Don't let the cute matching hat and scarf fool you, those frozen fists mean business!

Once crafted, the Icy RhinoBot can not be smashed back into parts.

This trap requires the rank of Legendary or higher.

Ninja Ambush Blueprint

With a few small tweaks, the droids of the Ambush Trap become the SUPER NINJA GO-GO DEATH SQUAD!!! Smash an Ambush Trap with your hunters' hammer and use it with these blueprints to hunt, ninja style!

This trap requires the rank of Grandmaster or higher.

Skin Patterns

These patterns are required for crafting certain Trap Skins. The skins they produce are removable and alter only a weapon's appearance.

Incinerated Garbage Bath Skin Pattern

Main ingredient in the crafting of skins. This one requires a charcoal outline with a fitting amount of refined Pollutinum.

Noxious School of Sharks Skin Pattern

Main ingredient in the crafting of skins. Requires an abundance of refined Pollutinum soaked in an almost equal amount of Radioactive Sludge.

Polluted Chrome MonstroBot Skin Pattern

Main ingredient in the crafting of skins. Requires a ton of refined Pollutinum dipped in an equal amount of Radioactive Sludge. Add in a bit of Scrap Metal for the frame and you're good to go.

Soapy Oasis Skin Pattern

Main ingredient in the crafting of skins. This one looking for a substantial amount of refined Pollutinum with some Soapy Suds for flavor.

Soapy Phantasmic Oasis Skin Pattern

Main ingredient in the crafting of skins. A load of refined Pollutinum with a bathtub full of Soapy Suds should suffice.

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History and Trivia

Hunters with removed blueprints could see the following entry in their Hunter's Journal:
The King's Shops Infrastructure Overhaul which took place on March 22, 2022 stocked Trapsmiths with traps that were traditionally only crafted.
With these advancements in trap-building technology, (Name) Blueprints are no longer sold and any I own have become obsolete.
My (Number) (Name) Blueprints were removed.
I have been refunded the following:
(refund value)