Master the Magic of the Boiling Cauldrons

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Master the Magic of the Boiling Cauldrons
Region: Burroughs
Minimum Rank: Recruit
Travel Requirement: None
Number of Mice: 36
Shops: Apothecary
Charm Shoppe
Cheese Shoppe
Lose Gold: No
Lose Points: No
Lose Cheese: No
Event Starts: 13 October 2021
Event Finishes: 2 November 2021
Shoppes Close: 9 November 2021
A dark and dangerous forest that earned its moniker from its blanket of billowing green fog and the inescapable sense of dread that envelops all those who dare approach it. The trees seem to close around you, choking out the light, while the shadows of the unknown dance in the distance behind the glow of a mysterious hut.

A very spooky place indeed!


The Gloomy Greenwood is a location that plays host to the Halloween 2021 event, Master the Magic of the Boiling Cauldrons. It is populated by Halloween mice that are led by the Baba Gaga mouse.

Hunters aim to defeat Baba Gaga and her minions by using the cauldrons in the location. They should collect various ingredients from the mice in the Gloomy Greenwood and then put those ingredients into the cauldrons in order to start brewing up different varieties of cheese, each of which attract a distinct pool of mice.

When hunting with any type of brewed cheese, the Gloomy Greenwood mice will drop an ingredient called Mousedrake Root, which is used to brew Evil Extract. Evil Extract is then used as currency to purchase items from the shops in the Gloomy Greenwood, the highlight being the potions found in the Apothecary.

As part of the Halloween event, brewing up batches of Evil Extract also allows Hunters to gain rewards from the Reward Track. Finally, the Spooky Shuffle from previous Halloween events has returned with some new items from the Floating Islands and its expansion, the Empyrean Sky Palace.


The HUD can be divided into roughly three parts horizontally: each of these parts are covered in more detail below.

Top Part

From left to right, the Hunter can access:

  • A tracker showing the Hunter how many more marginal batches of Evil Extract must be brewed in order to reach the next cumulative milestone on the Reward Track
    • A link showing the description of the unique reward at the next cumulative Evil Extract milestone on the Reward Track
    • A link showing the entire Reward Track
  • Graphic indicators which change depending on what cheese the Hunter arms:
  • A tracker for Spooky Shuffle Tickets and a link to play the Spooky Shuffle
  • A link that gives a brief overview of the event, summarised from the newspost

Middle Part

The Hunter can utilise the two cauldrons, Cauldron I (left) and Cauldron II (right), here (both are functionally identical):

  • Hovering your mouse over the cauldron will show the item being brewed and the brewing progress as well as a link that when clicked provides the Hunter with the option of using Reactive Reagent to instantly finish any ongoing brews:
    • 1 Reactive Reagent will allow the Hunter to skip 1 hunt of the brew.
    • The Hunter can only use Reactive Reagent to fully finish a brew: no partial skips are allowed.
    • On the browser version of the game, the Hunter is also provided with a link to the Premium Shop to donate for additional Reactive Reagent.
    • On the mobile app, the option to use Reactive Reagent will only be provided should the Hunter have a sufficient quantity to fully complete at least 1 ongoing brew.
    • If a Hunter is brewing cheese, the colour of the cauldron's contents will be blue.
    • If a Hunter is brewing Evil Extract, the colour of the cauldron's contents will be purple.
  • The counters to the left of Cauldron I and to the right of Cauldron II display the queued brews that will automatically start upon completion of ongoing brews in the cauldrons:
    • Hovering your mouse over the queued brews displays the item that is planned for brewing.
  • Clicking on the cauldrons brings up a 'book' that can be divided into three parts roughly:
    • 1) At the top of the 'book', Hunters are provided with the option to cancel any ongoing or queued brews as desired:
      • Hunters can, at any time of the ongoing brews, empty the cauldrons and get refunded the full amount of ingredients used for the brew.
      • However, Hunters will not regain any lost hunts that have been used for progressing any ongoing brews.
    • In the centre, the Hunter can access one of two menus displayed within the 'book':
      • 2) Brews:
        • On the 'left' page, the Hunter are provided with the ability to start an ongoing brew (if any cauldron is empty) or add it to a queue (if both cauldrons are in progress):
          • The items that can be brewed include: Monterey Jack-O-Lantern (requiring 15 Pungent Pumpkin), Bonefort Cheese (requiring 15 Marshmarrow), Polter-Geitost (requiring 15 Ghost Pepper), Scream Cheese (requiring 15 AvocAAAAHdo) and Evil Extract (requiring 15 Mousedrake Root)
          • The cauldron to which the brew is started or queued is dependent on the Hunter's selection: Hunters can pick the cauldron they wish to use by clicking on the respective cauldron on the top of the 'book' (Cauldron I is selected when there's a blue background for the left queue counter, while Cauldron II is selected when there's a pink background for the right queue counter).
        • On the 'right' page, the Hunter is shown details of the item that the Hunter may be intending to brew:
          • Yield (always 10 of the item that was brewed) and Brew Time (always 15 hunts to complete without any usage of Reactive Reagent)
          • Description of the item
          • Ingredients required and quantity owned by the Hunter
          • (For cheese) The list of mice attracted to the cheese
      • 3) Shop:
        • On the 'left' page, the Hunter is shown all the various potions sold in the Apothecary and their cost in terms of Evil Extract.
        • On the 'right' page, the Hunter is shown details of the potion that the Hunter is currently browsing:
          • Quantity of the potion owned by the Hunter
          • Description of the potion
          • Cost in Evil Extract and quantity of Evil Extract owned by the Hunter
          • A link to the Apothecary for the Hunter to head to for purchase of the potion
          • Conversion details of the potion: inputs, outputs and any gold costs if applicable

Bottom Part

From left to right, the Hunter can access:

Reward Track

Cumulative Evil Extract
Batches Brewed
Marginal Evil Extract
Batches Brewed
1 1 10 Gloomy Gathering Charm
3 2 1 Boiling Cauldron Trap
6 3 1 Cursed Skull
10 4 1 Alchemist's Cookbook Base
15 5 1 Cursed Skull
20 5 1 Steaming Pumpkin Spice Latte Trap Skin
25 5 1 Gloomy Greenwood Journal Theme
30 5 10 Ultimate Spooky Charm
35 5 1 Spooky Reward Box
40 5 2 Cursed Skulls
Additionally, the Hunter receives 3 Spooky Shuffle Tickets and 10 Reactive Reagent at every cumulative Evil Extract milestone reached.

Spooky Aura

The sole source for the Spooky Aura in the Master the Magic of the Boiling Cauldrons event is the Reward Track, where up to 4 Cursed Skulls can be obtained.

Crushing a Cursed Skull will award you one week of the Spooky Aura from the time of crushing.

When the Spooky Aura is active, Hunters will receive:

Spooky Shuffle

See here for this year's contents

Mice Available at Gloomy Greenwood

Mouse Points Gold Standard Cheese /
Old Halloween Cheese
Monterey Jack-O-Lantern Bonefort Cheese Polter-Geitost Scream Cheese Loot
Admiral Arrrgh 45,000 7,000 X AvocAAAAHdo
Cursed Gold
Mousedrake Root
Baba Gaga 50,000 35,000 X Extreme Spooky Charm
Mousedrake Root
Reactive Reagent
Spooky Charm
Super Spooky Charm
Tiny Cauldron
Ultimate Spooky Charm
Bonbon Gummy Globlin 40,000 5,000 X Mousedrake Root
Candy Cat 4,250 1,000 X Candy Apple
Pungent Pumpkin
Candy Goblin 800 2,500 X Pungent Pumpkin
Captain Cannonball 45,000 6,250 X AvocAAAAHdo
Cursed Gold
Mousedrake Root
Cobweb 500 700 X Pungent Pumpkin
Creepy Marionette 16,000 5,000 X Ghost Pepper
Mousedrake Root
Dire Lycan 5,000 3,000 X Ghost Pepper
Mousedrake Root
Ghost Pirate Queen 15,000 10,000 X AvocAAAAHdo
Cursed Gold
Mousedrake Root
Gourd Ghoul 20,000 5,000 X AvocAAAAHdo
Mousedrake Root
Gourdborg 25,200 9,000 X Cackle Charm
Mousedrake Root
Grave Robber 2,000 1,200 X Brain Charm
Ghost Pepper
Mousedrake Root
Spooky Charm
Grey Recluse 1,100 550 X Pungent Pumpkin
Hollowed 41,250 7,500 X Mousedrake Root
Hollowed Minion 10,000 10,000 X Mousedrake Root
Hollowhead 875 2,000 X Ghost Pepper
Mousedrake Root
Sock Ghost Plushie
Maize Harvester 18,000 1,000 X Marshmarrow
Mousedrake Root
Mousataur Priestess 35,000 8,000 X Cavern Fungi
Compass Magnet
Ghost Pepper
Lantern Oil
Mousedrake Root
Shuffler's Cube
Shuffler's Kit
Pumpkin Hoarder 1,800 1,000 X Marshmarrow
Mousedrake Root
Sandmouse 30,000 6,000 X Ghost Pepper
Mousedrake Root
Scorned Pirate 10,000 5,750 X AvocAAAAHdo
Cursed Gold
Mousedrake Root
Shortcut 5,500 3,100 X Pungent Pumpkin
Spectral Butler 20,000 4,800 X AvocAAAAHdo
Mousedrake Root
Spectral Swashbuckler 2,500 5,000 X AvocAAAAHdo
Cursed Gold
Mousedrake Root
Spirit Light 1,200 500 X Marshmarrow
Mousedrake Root
Sugar Rush 2,600 2,000 X Pungent Pumpkin
Sugar Rush Plushie
Swamp Thang 32,500 5,500 X Mousedrake Root
Teenage Vampire 1,000 900 X Pungent Pumpkin
Titanic Brain-Taker 32,500 6,000 X Ghost Pepper
Mousedrake Root
Tomb Exhumer 50,000 6,500 X Ghost Pepper
Mousedrake Root
Rift Spooky Charm
Super Brain Charm
Treat 8,100 4,200 X Marshmarrow
Mousedrake Root
Trick 8,400 4,000 X Marshmarrow
Mousedrake Root
Tricky Witch 4,250 1,000 X Pungent Pumpkin
Wild Chainsaw 2,200 1,150 X Marshmarrow
Mousedrake Root
Zombot Unipire 1,750 750 X Pungent Pumpkin
Radioactive Blue Potion
Radioactive Sludge

Hunting Strategy

Location-Specific Effects

Hunting Tips by Larry

A coughing figure emerges from the trees in a plume of smoke. As they fan the smoke away, you recognize the familiar face of Larry!

He extinguishes a small flame from the tip of his Moustache as he greets you.

Greetings Hunter and welcome to the Gloomy Greenwoods!

The good news is we finally found a way into this dark and mysterious place! The bad news is someone else beat us to it!

I was sent out with a small band of the King's finest to discover the source of the green smoke that has been billowing out of this murky wooded area recently. To our surprise, we stumbled upon a tiny, chicken-legged hut that seems to have just wandered in to roost in the middle of the woods! We approached cautiously and heard the most wonderfully horrific vocalizations coming from the creature inside. The angelic voice echoed through the trees as it sang a soothing but unsettling song that sent shivers down my spine.

I looked inside and couldn't believe my eyes! It was Baba Gaga! THE Baba Gaga! Known throughout Gnawnia for her mastery of dark magic, alchemy, and the performing arts! I always thought she was just a legend but boy was I wrong! Her captivating performance was accompanied by dancing cauldrons that hung on her every word as they bubbled and brewed up batches of strange and potent cheeses as well as another dark and sinister-looking solution that was hastily bottled and put away before Baba Gaga exited the hut.

The whole forest seemed to be enchanted by Baba Gaga's hypnotic voice. She appeared to be using this mystical melody to enthrall the mice of the Gloomy Greenwoods by offering unparalleled strength, unlimited wealth, and unimaginable power! She sang tales of how the mice of Gnawnia would rise up and overthrow the King and his Hunters as long as they continued to gather and bring her the precious ingredients she needed to complete her sinister concoctions.

The King needs your help in putting a stop to Baba Gaga's dastardly plot and the only way to do it is to use her own cauldrons and recipes against her!

You must use Baba Gaga's Recipe Book and her two enchanted cauldrons to brew up batches of bait to lure different groups of mice out of the woods. Each mouse group is partial to gathering specific ingredients and has a penchant for a particular type of cheese. Start hunting with any Standard Bait (or your old Halloween cheeses) and gather up the first ingredient to get started. Consult the recipe book and it will tell you what you need to do.

The cauldrons themselves are magical and will automatically brew any recipe that you throw into them! They are even capable of starting new brews on their own if you have enough excess ingredients to queue them up!

You must brew your way up to Scream Cheese as that's the only thing shrill enough to interrupt Baba Gaga's enchanting melody and lure her out of hiding. Capture that frighteningly talented witch and put an end to her nefarious plan!

Baba Gaga's most sought after ingredient is a dangerously powerful herb called Mousedrake Root. Only the spookiest mice in the Gloomy Greenwoods are daring enough to collect it in large quantities. Unlike all other ingredients that grow in these woods, Mousedrake Root is the only one capable of brewing Baba Gaga's secret weapon: Evil Extract. This wicked liquid is what Baba Gaga uses to create the most powerful and valuable potions that Gnawnia has ever known! I recommend brewing up as much Evil Extract as you can and exchanging it in the General Store for some of her coveted concoctions!

Hunt these spooky mice, collect their ingredients, and brew up your own batches of bone-chilling baits and Evil Extract! Master the cauldrons until you can brew something loud enough to attract Baba Gaga's attention.

Be wary once the singing stops...

Adventure Book

Double, Double Toil and Trouble

Gather your courage and head deep into the Gloomy Greenwoods to face the monstrous, yet gorgeous, Baba Gaga! Learn her sinister recipes and use them to brew up some bubbling batches of bloodcurdling bait! Master the alchemical arts and bring down Baba Gaga with her own boiling cauldrons!

Brew Monterey Jack-O-Lantern Cheese

Brew Bonefort Cheese

Brew Polter-Geitost Cheese

Brew Scream Cheese

Brew an Evil Extract

  • Collect Mousedrake Root by hunting with any brewed cheese.
  • Brew 15 Mousedrake Root in a cauldron to distill a batch of Evil Extract for purchasing potions!

Capture Baba Gaga

This adventure takes place in:
Gloomy Greenwood



These are the shops that can be found in Gloomy Greenwood.


Wealth Potion 1 Evil Extract N/A
Riftifier Potion 5 Evil Extracts N/A
Dragonbane Potion 10 Evil Extracts N/A
Ultimate Potion 20 Evil Extracts N/A
Epic Cheese Potion 30 Evil Extracts N/A
Greater Radioactive Blue Potion 1 Evil Extract N/A
Gnarled Potion 1 Evil Extract N/A
Ancient Potion 1 Evil Extract N/A
Undead Emmental Potion 1 Evil Extract N/A
Terre Ricotta Potion 1 Evil Extract N/A
Cherry Potion 2 Evil Extracts N/A
Greater Wicked Gnarly Potion 2 Evil Extracts N/A
Runic Potion 2 Evil Extracts N/A
Rancid Radioactive Blue Potion 2 Evil Extracts N/A
Riftiago Potion 2 Evil Extracts N/A
Polluted Parmesan Potion 2 Evil Extracts N/A
Rainy Potion 2 Evil Extracts N/A
Windy Potion 2 Evil Extracts N/A
Undead String Emmental Potion 3 Evil Extracts N/A
Ancient String Cheese Potion 3 Evil Extracts N/A
Runic String Cheese Potion 3 Evil Extracts N/A
Reactive Reagent 3 Mousedrake Roots N/A
Spooky Shuffle Ticket 2 Evil Extracts N/A
Spooky Shuffle Dust 50 Spooky Shuffle Tickets N/A
Gloomy Galleon Airship Sail 5 Evil Extracts N/A
Gloomy Galleon Airship Hull 5 Evil Extracts N/A
Gloomy Galleon Airship Balloon 5 Evil Extracts N/A
Ghost Galleon Airship Sail 1 Evil Extract N/A
Ghost Galleon Airship Hull 1 Evil Extract N/A
Ghost Galleon Airship Balloon 1 Evil Extract N/A
Completed Halloween Theme 10 Spooky Shuffle Tickets
9,000 gold
Completed Spooky Halloween Theme 10 Spooky Shuffle Tickets
59,000 gold
Completed Undead Halloween Theme 10 Spooky Shuffle Tickets
90,000 gold
Rift Halloween Journal Theme 10 Spooky Shuffle Tickets
190,000 gold
Pillowcase Journal Theme 10 Spooky Shuffle Tickets
290,000 gold
Ghostship Journal Theme 10 Spooky Shuffle Tickets
350,000 gold
Admiral's Ship Journal Theme 10 Spooky Shuffle Tickets
390,000 gold
Happy Halloween Journal Theme 10 Spooky Shuffle Tickets
450,000 gold
Pumpkin Patch Journal Theme 10 Spooky Shuffle Tickets
500,000 gold


Sealed Treat Scroll Case 1 Ancient Relic
Sealed Trick Scroll Case 3 Ancient Relics

Charm Shoppe

Item Cost Refund Requirements
Gloomy Gathering Charm 25 Pungent Pumpkins N/A N/A
Spooky Charm 1 Pungent Pumpkin N/A N/A
Super Spooky Charm 1 Marshmarrow N/A N/A
Extreme Spooky Charm 1 Ghost Pepper N/A N/A
Ultimate Spooky Charm 1 AvocAAAAHdo N/A N/A
Rift Spooky Charm 1 Mousedrake Root N/A N/A

Cheese Shoppe

Cost Ea.
Refund Ea.
Cheddar Cheese 10 10
Marble Cheese 50 50
Swiss Cheese 100 100
Brie Cheese 200 200
Gouda Cheese 600 600



Item Cost
(Items Spent)
(Items Not Spent)
Eerie Base 120,000 gold Master title to equip
Eerier Base 320,000 gold Own an Eerie Base to purchase
Grandmaster title to equip


No weapons in Trapsmith this event.


Count Sentinel Skin Sandtail Sentinel 10 Evil Extracts N/A
The Thing That Ate The Bottomless Grave Skin Bottomless Grave 10 Evil Extracts N/A
Zugzwang's Night-Mare Skin Zugzwang's First Move 10 Evil Extracts N/A
Undead Mysteriously unYielding Null-Onyx Rampart of Cascading Amperes Skin Mysteriously unYielding Null-Onyx Rampart of Cascading Amperes 10 Evil Extracts N/A
Candy Corn Ice Maiden Skin Ice Maiden 10 Evil Extracts N/A
Scary S.L.A.C. II Skin S.L.A.C. II 10 Evil Extracts N/A
Horrific Pumpkin Trap Skin Horrific Venus Mouse Trap 10 Evil Extracts N/A
Witch's Brew Trap Skin Oasis Water Node Trap 10 Evil Extracts N/A
Costumed Ambush Skin Ambush Trap 10 Evil Extracts N/A
Ghostly Spiked Crusher Skin 500 Pound Spiked Crusher 10 Evil Extracts N/A
Spooky Mary O'Nette Skin Mouse Mary O'Nette 10 Evil Extracts N/A
Molten Oasis Trap Skin Chrome Phantasmic Oasis Trap 30 Evil Extracts N/A
The Spirit of Halloween Skin Arcane Capturing Rod Of Never Yielding Mystery 30 Evil Extracts N/A
Skeletal Rune Shark Trap Skin Rune Shark Trap 30 Evil Extracts N/A
Haunted Spires Skin Multi-Crystal Laser 30 Evil Extracts N/A
Spooky Endless Labyrinth Trap Skin Endless Labyrinth Trap 30 Evil Extracts N/A
All Seeing Eye Skin Focused Crystal Laser 30 Evil Extracts N/A
Pillow-S.L.A.C. II Skin S.L.A.C. II 30 Evil Extracts N/A
Soul Searching Turbine Trap Skin Temporal Turbine 30 Evil Extracts N/A
Spooky Chrome Temporal Turbine Trap Skin Chrome Temporal Turbine 50 Evil Extracts N/A

History and Trivia

  • When the Hunter travels to the Gloomy Greenwood via clicking the travel shortcut located in the Travel page, the following message can be seen:
Following Larry's directions I make it to the hut. I recite the rhyme: "Hut of brown, now sit down." and the door creaks open...