Crystal Library

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A magical barrier originally protected this library from mouse invasion until recently. Bands of magic and mechanical mice have circumvented the library's security measures in an effort to destroy the research Zugzwang once worked so hard to document.

Description and Requirements

Crystal Library is a location in the Rodentia region requiring a minimum rank of Lord or Lady and a Crystal Library Card to enter. Mice in this location may steal points, gold, or multiple pieces of cheese if not captured.


There are no shops available in Crystal Library. Shops for the Rodentia region can be found in the S.S. Huntington II and Seasonal Garden.

Crystal Library Mice

Mouse Points Gold Mouse Group Loot
Aether 56,000 18,000 Zurreal's Breed
Bookborn 11,900 950 Zurreal's Breed
Crown Collector 1,000 1,000 Indigenous Mice
Effervescent 16,000 2,400 Zurreal's Breed
Explorator 5,500 500 Zurreal's Breed
Flutterby 12,000 1,000 Zurreal's Breed
Infiltrator 15,800 1,900 Zurreal's Breed
Pocketwatch 6,400 900 Zurreal's Breed
Scribe 14,000 9,000 Zurreal's Breed
Steam Grip 8,000 7,000 Zurreal's Breed
Tome Sprite 14,000 1,800 Zurreal's Breed Magic Essence
Walker 17,000 3,000 Zurreal's Breed
Zurreal the Eternal 79,000 36,000 Zurreal's Breed

Hunting Strategy

Hunters are advised to use their strongest Physical or Tactical setup. All standard cheese types including Brie and Gouda can be used in this location. However, the Tome Sprite mouse is only attracted to SUPER|brie+ cheese.

More information on research tasks can be found on the Library Assignment page.

Hunting tips by Larry

The Crystal Library is an ancient trove of knowledge passed down through generations of only the most honored and powerful wizards; it was last under the care of Zugzwang before he vanished.

In the absence of Zugzwang a powerful mouse known as Zurreal the Eternal has managed to infiltrate the library's defences where he has unleashed an army of mechanical and magical mice to destroy the knowledge the library holds.

Your task is to defend the library and conduct research to rebuild the knowledge that has been lost. To start your research, pick an envelope to receive an assignment. Each individual envelope may contain one of many similarly-themed assignments.

Completing assignments will earn you rewards related to where your assignment took you as well as Library Points to show you're ready to start more varied and challenging assignments!

Your research will no doubt take you far and wide and test your knowledge of hunting! With enough knowledge you may even be able to discover how to find the elusive Zurreal...


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