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Full of fresh air and plenty of sunshine, the Harbour seems to attract the types of mice who boast of sea salt in their veins.

Description and Requirements

The Harbour is a location in the Gnawnia region requiring a minimum rank of Apprentice to enter. It is the first area encountered by new hunters where mice may steal points, gold, or multiple pieces of cheese if not captured.


These are the shops that can be found in the Harbour:

Harbour Mice

Mouse Max Points Min Gold Power Type Loot
Bionic 300 551 Physical Brie Alchemy Potion
Black Widow 480 11 Physical SUPER|brie+ cheese
Brown 115 151 Physical
Burglar 1,420 1,251 Physical Brie cheese
Christmas Tree * 2,600 1,201 Physical Gingerbread Base Blueprints
Gingerbread House Plans
Diamond 1,200 601 Physical
Dwarf 225 451 Tactical
Gold 600 1,201 Physical
Granite 285 526 Physical Whisker Woods Clearing Map Piece
Grey 90 126 Physical
Nibbler 1,100 900 Physical
Ninja 2,750 351 Tactical
Pirate 350 2,751 Tactical Satchel of Gold worth 250 gold
Steel 270 501 Physical
White 70 101 Physical
  • Highlighted mice are those rarely encountered in the location.
  • *Special event mouse available only for a very short period of time after The Great Winter Hunt '09.

Hunting Strategy

As the Harbour is the first place where hunters can lose gold, points, and cheese, new hunters should avoid using a weak trap as this can be very costly. The hunter has several Trap Setup Options for the Harbour. At the minimum, the Mouse Trebuchet or Mouse Rocketine should be used. For those with the Mouse Rocketine, this location is a good place to start collecting Stale Cheese for future use as it is the only purchasable trap with the very stale cheese effect.

With a stronger trap such as the Swiss Army Mouse Trap, hunting in the Harbour will be more worthwhile than spending time in the Town of Gnawnia or the Meadow. While any trap will be effective in this location, hunters are encouraged to move on to the Mountain once they have earned enough gold to purchase at least the Swiss Army Mouse Trap. Hunters should also avoid spending too much time in this location to trap rare mice as they can also be found in other locations.

Hunters who wish to craft the Dehydration Base should remember to purchase the Dehydration Base Blueprints and salt needed to avoid a return trip to the Harbour.

Cheese Usage

All standard cheese types can be used in this location. However, Brie with its combination of higher cost and higher attraction should be reservered for hunting rare mice or gathering points due to it lower profit when compared to the other standard cheeses. Swiss cheese should also be avoided when using a weak trap.

White Cheddar can be easily crafted from the ingredients available in the General Store, and it will keep the White, Brown, and Grey mice away from traps and increase overall profit by attracting only the more valuable breeds.

Hunting tips by Larry

Welcome to the Harbour, MouseHunter! The cool breeze coming in from the ocean feels great, doesn't it?

The mice of this area are a little more tenacious than those found in Town of Gnawnia or the Meadow. Be warned that should you fail to catch a mouse, they may steal some of your points or gold!

If you need to upgrade your trap or purchase more cheese, you will have to travel back to town to visit the shops there. May I recommend a Rocketine trap or Mouse Trebuchet?

Be on the look out for a particularly crafty Granite mouse that has been rumoured to be carrying a torn piece of the map. Should you find this mouse and obtain the map piece, it will be added to your map, adding a new hunting location!

When you reach the next title of Journeyman, you'll be able to move to another hunting ground. View your map to see what locations you have discovered.

Happy hunting!

History and Trivia

Up until the end of May 2009, there was a ship in the Harbour as can be seen here. At the beginning of June, hunters noticed the ship was now sunken, leading to rumours of something lurking in the Harbour. These events were later explained by the release of the S.S. Huntington II area.


Trap Setup Options for the Harbour

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