Rift Plane

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Rift Plane is a region released on 26 March 2014, with an additional location added on 9 September 2014. A Rift Detector is required to travel to the first five locations in the region, while the Valour Rift Map Piece is required to access the Valour Rift. The Rift Detector map piece can be obtained at the Living Garden/Twisted Garden Cartographer, and the Valour Rift Map Piece can be purchased at the Bristle Woods Rift Cartographer. With the release of this new region came a new powertype – Rift.

There are six known locations in this region:

Within the depths of the unknown, creeping among the mists of mystery, the Gnawnia Rift is haunted by the most menacing, terrifyingly thought-bending, and maniacally mind-warping mice one could imagine... What will you find beyond the tear is vast and unknown. Brace yourselves for a challenge of great proportions!
Just when you thought you understood and could deal with the horrors of the Gnawnian Rift, a new rift opens up! Tendrils of mist curl along the ground, and the terrifying cries of powerful mice echo all around. Do you have what it takes to take it on?
If a tree falls in the woods, does it make a sound? Yes, It sounds like the angry yelling of crowded mice! Bursting forth from the surrounding area is the entrance of a new Rift. Can you head deep into the angered overgrowth of the Whisker Woods Rift and calm it down?
Cloaked in choking mist, the looming tower of the Furoma Rift beckons hunters to scale it. The mist acts as an environmental defence to keep outsiders away from stealing their precious teachings. Too thick for a hunter to breathe or even see through, this area presents quite a challenge.
The mist will be the least of your problems. It is rumored that the most powerful mice yet to be encountered reside inside and grow stronger every day.
A huge tower looms in the distance, stretching beyond the visible skyline. Completely isolated with no signs of entry except for a lone, translucent portal. Contained inside are extremely powerful mice, versed in the arts of clockwork time manipulation looking to find a way out!
Within the Valour Rift stands an endlessly tall tower slightly out of sync with our timeline... What dark secrets does this tower hold?

To move to a new area within the game, click on the TRAVEL button. The map will show all your discovered areas, as well as any special considerations of note in a specific area. It will also show the minimum rank required to hunt in that area.

(quick reference)
Gnawnia:  • Meadow   • Town of Gnawnia   • Windmill   • Harbour
 • Mountain
Valour:  • King's Arms   • Tournament Hall   • King's Gauntlet
Whisker Woods:  • Calm Clearing   • Great Gnarled Tree   • Lagoon
Burroughs:  • Laboratory   • Toxic Spill   • Town of Digby   • Mousoleum   • Bazaar
Furoma:  • Training Grounds   • Dojo   • Meditation Room   • Pinnacle Chamber
Bristle Woods:  • Catacombs   • Forbidden Grove   • Acolyte Realm
Tribal Isles:  • Cape Clawed   • Elub Shore   • Nerg Plains   • Derr Dunes
 • Jungle of Dread   • Dracano   • Balack's Cove
Varmint Valley:  • Claw Shot City   • Gnawnian Express Station   • Fort Rox
Queso Canyon:  • Queso River   • Prickly Plains   • Cantera Quarry   • Queso Geyser
Rodentia:  • S.S. Huntington IV   • Slushy Shoreline   • Seasonal Garden   • Zugzwang's Tower
 • Crystal Library   • Iceberg   • Sunken City
Sandtail Desert:  • Fiery Warpath   • Muridae Market   • Living Garden
 • Lost City   • Sand Dunes   • Twisted Garden   • Cursed City   • Sand Crypts
Hollow Heights:  • Fungal Cavern   • Labyrinth   • Zokor   • Moussu Picchu   • Floating Islands
Rift Plane:  • Gnawnia Rift   • Burroughs Rift   • Whisker Woods Rift   • Furoma Rift
 • Bristle Woods Rift • Valour Rift
Events:  • Great Winter Hunt: Festive Comet
 • Halloween: Gloomy Greenwood
 • MouseHunt Birthday: The SUPER brie+ Factory
 • Ronza: Ronza's Traveling Shoppe
 • Historic uses: King's Party Zone
Others:  • King's Stockade   • Vacant Lot