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| [[Queso Geyser]]
| [[Queso Geyser]]
  | align="left" |  
  | align="left" |  
*[[Emberstone Scaled]]
*[[Emberstone Scaled]]
*[[Kalor'ignis of the Geyser]] (not directly dropped, found in Dragon Nest)
*[[Stormsurge, the Vile Tempest]] (not directly dropped, found in Dragon Nest)
  ! rowspan="7" valign="top" | [[Rodentia]]
  ! rowspan="7" valign="top" | [[Rodentia]]

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With the dust cleaned off, this jade and gold statue is indescribably beautiful. It represents an ancient period of time in mouse culture, where master sculptors might spend entire years perfecting a single curve of a single statue, chipping out the tiniest piece of jade and polishing for hours and hours and hours.
It's no surprise that the Relic Hunter Mouse is desperate to catch even a glimpse of these artifacts - they represent an incredible wealth of cultural and artistic knowledge.


The Ancient Relic is a collectible and a currency and Hunters must have one in their inventory to be able to attract the Relic Hunter Mouse.

The Hunter's inventory of Ancient Relics can be viewed through the Treasure Maps pop-up and in Inventory in the Special tab under Currency.

Relic Hunter Mouse

The Relic Hunter Mouse will drop the Relic Hunter Scroll Case as loot unless a Hunter has reached the maximum of 20 Relic Hunter Scroll Cases in their inventory.
The Relic Hunter Mouse will remove one Ancient Relic from the Hunter's inventory with each successful catch unless a Hunter has reached the maximum of 20 Relic Hunter Scroll Cases in their inventory.


Ancient Relics can be used at most Cartographers to purchase Scroll Cases that contain area- or event-specific treasure maps.

Golden Jade Treasure Chests

Golden Jade Treasure Chests contain Ancient Relics as a reward for completing Golden Jade Treasure Maps.

Mice that drop the Ancient Relic

The following table shows mice that can drop Ancient Relics, although they are not guaranteed to drop with every catch.

Region Location Mice
Gnawnia Meadow
Town of Gnawnia
Valour King's Arms
Tournament Hall
King's Gauntlet
Whisker Woods Calm Clearing
Great Gnarled Tree
Burroughs Laboratory
Town of Digby
Toxic Spill
  • None
Furoma Training Grounds
Meditation Room
  • None
Pinnacle Chamber
Bristle Woods Catacombs
Forbidden Grove
Acolyte Realm
Tribal Isles Cape Clawed
Elub Shore
Nerg Plains
Derr Dunes
Jungle of Dread
  • None
Balack's Cove
Varmint Valley Claw Shot City
  • None
Gnawnian Express Station
Fort Rox
Queso Canyon Queso River
Prickly Plains
Cantera Quarry
Queso Geyser
Rodentia S.S. Huntington IV
Slushy Shoreline
  • None
Seasonal Garden
Zugzwang's Tower
Crystal Library
Sunken City
Sandtail Desert Fiery Warpath
Muridae Market
  • None
Living Garden
  • None
Twisted Garden
Lost City
  • None
Cursed City
Sand Dunes
  • None
Sand Crypts
Hollow Heights Fungal Cavern
  • None
Moussu Picchu
Rift Plane Gnawnia Rift
Burroughs Rift
Whisker Woods Rift
Furoma Rift
Bristle Woods Rift

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