Cursed City

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So this is what happened to the Lost City! It's become deeply cursed, with terrible and powerful mice living within and taking the safety of everyone around them into their own careless hands!

Description and Requirements

The Cursed City is a location in the Sandtail Desert region requiring a minimum rank of Baron/Baroness and the Living Garden Key to enter. It is the alternate version of the Lost City. Hunters can only travel to this location after catching a Carmine the Apothecary in the Living Garden and being transported to the Twisted Garden.
Using the wrong cheese will transport the player back to the Lost City.

Cursed City Mice

The Hunter may capture Carmine the Apothecary in the Living Garden at any time to gain access to the Cursed City.

Mouse Points Gold Mouse Group Loot
Corrupt 8,250 1,250 Lost City Mice
Cursed Enchanter 18,500 2,600 Lost City Mice
Cursed Engineer 20,500 1,900 Lost City Mice
Cursed Librarian 19,500 3,500 Lost City Mice
Cursed Thief 22,500 2,350 Lost City Mice
Essence Guardian 22,500 4,250 Lost City Mice

Hunting Strategy

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