Derr Dunes

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The dunes are a harsh, barren wasteland where only the toughest of mice can survive. The Derr Tribe take advantage of their ability to survive and navigate in such a dangerous terrain as a defensive strength which allows them to maximize their offensive abilities. Use of a Physical trap is highly recommended when hunting for the Derr.

Description and Requirements

Derr Dunes is a location in the Tribal Isles region requiring a minimum rank of Legendary and crafted Ocean Navigation Kit to enter. Mice in this location may steal points, gold, or multiple pieces of cheese if not captured.


There are no shops available in Derr Dunes. Shops for the Tribal Isles region can be found in the Cape Clawed.

Derr Dunes Mice

Mouse Max Points Min Gold Power Type Loot
Black Widow 480 11 Physical SUPER|brie+ cheese
Derr Chieftain 10,035 12,281 Physical Ancient Mangled Blueprint
Red Pepper Seed
Gladiator 8,365 8,251 Physical Red Pepper Seed
Grunt 910 3,076 Physical Delicious Stone
Guardian 7,600 7,501 Physical Red Pepper Seed
Healer 855 976 Physical Delicious Stone
Mintaka 4,500 5,101 Physical Delicious Stone
Renegade 550 7,351 Physical Delicious Stone
Seer 5,000 6,121 Physical Delicious Stone
Spellbinder 3,199 5,401 Physical Delicious Stone
Trailblazer 790 881 Physical Delicious Stone
Wordsmith 720 801 Physical Delicious Stone
  • Highlighted mice are those rarely encountered in the location.

Hunting Strategy

Cheese Usage

If you are looking for Delicious Stones, SUPER|brie+ provides the best attraction rate, followed by Gouda; Brie can also be used with some success. Crunchy should be used if you are looking for Red Pepper Seeds and the Ancient Mangled Blueprint. To improve the chances of catching the strong mice here, it is recommended that hunters collect enough gold to craft the RhinoBot or must have the Chrome Drillbot. However, the Digby DrillBot with the Magma Base or Tribal Base would do adequately well there as well although not for long-term gold farming.

Hunting tips by Larry

Great Scott, what in King's name are we doing here?! Are you mad, MouseHunter? Members of the Derr tribe are ruthless, power-hungry war mongers! The reputation of the Derr Tribe is known across the Island. They topple even the most powerful of traps with ease, crippling hunters' courage and pillaging their gold! Hunting here is not for the faint of heart, but capturing a member of the Derr tribe does come with a handsome reward of gold!

If you insist on hunting the dangerous Derr Tribe you will need a powerful Physical Trap. If you are familiar with the Burroughs Region, perhaps you have discovered the secret research facility called Digby. The Trapsmith in Digby sells the powerful Digby DrillBot, known throughout Gnawnia as a vital component in a strong Physical trap setup.

The mice of Derr trust no one, a trait that has made them very suspicious and hard to trick into a trap. You'll find Gouda is quite capable of attracting a member of Derr towards a trap, but SUPER|brie+ is even more effective! The magical sparkle of SUPER|brie+ prevent mice from stealing more than a single piece at a time, a property that comes in especially handy here in the Derr Dunes as the mice here tend to steal cheese in large quantities.

You're on your own now, MouseHunter. This heavy suit of armour proves to be quite cumbersome when trying to navigate the rocky terrain here. Best of luck!

History and Trivia

The names of three locations in the Tribal Isles are roughly the tribes' colours backwards. Derr Dunes takes its name after the colour 'red', and the Derr tribe mice wear red clothes.


Trap Setup Options for the Derr Dunes

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