Festive Comet

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This celestial event of festive proportions has crashed into Gnawnia! Although the original origin of this cheer-spreading comet are unknown, hunters from across the Kingdom are calling its arrival cause for festive celebration!

Description and Requirements

The Festive Comet is a special location available exclusively during The Great Winter Hunt '09. There are no special requirements for hunters to enter this area. Mice are unable to steal gold, cheese, or points in the Festive Comet.


There is no Trapsmith, Cheese Shoppe, or Cartographer at the Festive Comet. A gift shop known as the Festive Gift Shoppe was introduced along with this location.

Festive Comet Mice

Mouse Max Points Min Gold Power Type Loot
Abominable Snow 1,750 1,751 Physical
Bear 310 576 Physical
Candy Cane * 600 601 Physical Icing Sugar
Centaur 3,800 961 Tactical
Christmas Tree * 2,600 1,201 Physical Icing Sugar
Dwarf 225 451 Tactical
Gargoyle 5,600 2,801 Forgotten
Hydra 9,640 5,761 Hydro
Moosker 80 126 Physical
Nutcracker * 3,000 301 Physical Icing Sugar
Plank of Gingerbread
Ornament * 900 2,601 Physical Icing Sugar
Present * 900 900 Physical Icing Sugar
Plank of Gingerbread
Scrooge * 70 3,001 Physical Satchel of Gold worth 1,000 gold
Satchel of Gold worth 5,000 gold
Steel 270 501 Physical
Stocking * 900 301 Physical Icing Sugar
Plank of Gingerbread
Treant 1,300 601 Physical
Troll 8,190 8,191 Physical Cheddar cheese
Marble cheese
Swiss cheese
Brie cheese
Satchel of Gold worth 1,000 gold
White 70 101 Physical
Worker 300 2,201 Tactical Splintered Wood
* Special event mice that qualify as Rare Breeds

Hunting Strategy

In this location, there are mice of four different power types (Hydro, Physical, Forgotten and Tactical). There are currently no traps that are effective against both Forgotten and Tactical mice, so the hunter needs to pick the trap with the power type of their most desired mice. Alternatively, hunters may consider using the luckiest trap available to them. SUPER|brie+ and the Gingerbread cheese are the only cheese that are consistently effective in attracting the mice that are exclusive in this location, though SUPER|brie+ seems to be better in obtaining the Christmas Tree Mouse. (see the Christmas Tree Mouse main article )

Hunting tips by Larry

Welcome to the Festive Comet, MouseHunter!

This massive snowy comet smashed into Gnawnia resulting in a massive explosion of candy canes and snow!

There are all sorts of festive looking mice here! To attract a festive mouse to your trap I suggest using SUPER|brie+ or Gingerbread cheese. You'll find that both work quite well here!

A few resident mice here have been spotted carrying gifts... twelve to be exact. I have a strange suspicion that collecting all the different items will prove to have a benefit!

Watch out for errant snowballs and happy holiday hunting!

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