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== Shops ==
== Shops ==
These are the shops that can be found in the Gnawnia Rift:
These are the shops that can be found in the Gnawnia Rift:
*[[Cartographer#Gnawnia Rift Cartographer|Cartographer]]
*[[Charm Shoppe#Gnawnia Rift Charm Shoppe|Charm Shoppe]]
*[[Cheese Shoppe#Gnawnia Rift Cheese Shoppe|Cheese Shoppe]]
*[[Cheese Shoppe#Gnawnia Rift Cheese Shoppe|Cheese Shoppe]]
*[[General Store#Gnawnia Rift General Store|General Store]]
*[[General Store#Gnawnia Rift General Store|General Store]]
*[[Trapsmith#Gnawnia Rift Trapsmith|Trapsmith]]
*[[Trapsmith#Gnawnia Rift Trapsmith|Trapsmith]]
*[[Charm Shoppe#Gnawnia Rift Charm Shoppe|Charm Shoppe]]
== Gnawnia Rift Mice ==
== Gnawnia Rift Mice ==

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Gnawnia Rift
Region: Rift Plane
Minimum Rank: Count/Countesss
Travel Requirement: Rift Detector
Recommended Power Types: Arcane
Recommended Cheese: Riftiago Cheese
Resonator Cheese
Number of Mice: 16
Shops: Cartographer
Charm Shoppe
Cheese Shoppe
General Store
Lose Gold: Yes
Lose Points: Yes
Lose Cheese: Yes
Release Date: 25 March 2014
Within the depths of the unknown, creeping among the mists of mystery, the Gnawnia Rift is haunted by the most menacing, terrifyingly thought-bending, and maniacally mind-warping mice one could imagine... What will you find beyond the tear is vast and unknown. Brace yourselves for a challenge of great proportions!

Description and Requirements

The Gnawnia Rift is a location in the Rift Plane region requiring a minimum rank of Count and the Rift Detector to enter.


These are the shops that can be found in the Gnawnia Rift:

Gnawnia Rift Mice

All mice in this area are from the Gnawnia Rift sub-group of the Rift Walkers mouse group.
Mice can also drop Calcified Rift Mist if a Rift Vacuum Charm or a Super Rift Vacuum Charm are armed, but that is not shown in the table.

Mouse Points Gold Marble
Riftiago Resonator Loot
Agitated Gentle Giant 26,700 2,510 X X X X Riftiago Potion
Brawny 19,500 2,000 X X X X
Cyborg 54,000 5,000 X Riftgrass
Dream Drifter 30,000 3,450 X X Ionized Salt
Magical String Cheese
Magic Essence
Riftiago Potion
Excitable Electric 26,250 2,888 X X X X Riftiago Potion
Goliath Field 119,000 15,000 X Ancient Relic
Divine Orb
Raw Rift Crystal
Greyrun 19,900 2,050 X X X X
Micro 28,000 3,400 X X Ionized Salt
Riftiago Potion
Mighty Mole 35,000 5,000 X X X X Riftiago Potion
Raw Diamond 60,000 2,000 X X X X
Rift Guardian 34,000 4,000 X Flawed Orb
Flawless Orb
Simple Orb
Riftweaver 19,750 2,025 X X X X
Shard Centurion 52,000 4,600 X Rift Dust
Spiritual Steel 50,000 4,500 X Magic Seed
Supernatural 25,000 2,900 X X X X Riftiago Potion
Wealth 35,000 12,000 X X X X

Hunting Strategy

With the introduction of this area came a new powertype, the Rift type. All other types, except Parental are proven less effective towards these mice; a hunter must start with these traps, but the initial goal is to collect enough Riftiago Potions and then craft enough Resonator cheese to catch a Goliath Field Mouse. Once a hunter manages to catch a Goliath Field, they will then have the Raw Rift Crystal needed to purchase the Crystal Tower weapon that makes the area much easier. Focusing on power rather than luck makes a difference when not using a Rift weapon; in fact, Ultimate Power Charms show a marked improvement compared to any other charm when hunting the Goliath Field. Hunters that use the Rift Base and Crystal Tower weapon gain a 10% power bonus from the Riftwalker Set.

Adventure Book

Hunters can Capture the Goliath Field Mouse by hunting with Resonator Cheese in the Gnawnia Rift to catch the Goliath Field Mouse and obtaing a Raw Rift Crystal.

Hunting tips by Larry

Hello Hunters! Before you begin hunting in this vast void known as the Rift, you should stock up on one of the variety of String Cheeses available at the Rift Cheese Shoppe.

They have that special twist needed in order to entice the mice inside. They have quite particular tastes, you know! Once inside, try to keep your eyes out for a powerful "Raw Rift Crystal". It won't be easy to obtain and our current trap technology is just barely effective as it is. Physical traps barely scratch the surface of these mice, but they will have to do for now.

If you do locate this special crystal, the Trapsmith is looking for one to create a weapon that hunters will be able to use more effectively against these mice!

In the meantime, use one of the many String Cheese baits to hunt mice and collect the magical Riftiago Potions used to create special cheeses. These potions will be crucial in unlocking some of the mysteries of the Rift. There's also a rumor about Magical String Cheese and its immensely alluring properties towards Rift mice. Keep an eye out for this recipe!

Brace yourselves, MouseHunters: The Gnawnia Rift will pose the greatest challenge you have ever faced!

History and Trivia

  • The Gnawnia Rift was released on 25 March 2014.


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