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Region: Whisker Woods
Minimum Rank: Grandmaster
Travel Requirement: Map of the Lagoon
Required Cheese: Gnarled Cheese
Wicked Gnarly Cheese
Number of Mice: 17
Shops: None
Lose Gold: Yes
Lose Points: Yes
Lose Cheese: Yes
Release Date: 22 April 2009
The enticing blue water hypnotizes hunters, distracting them from the dangerous mice that take up residence nearby. The terrain that surrounds the Lagoon is extremely unsteady, comprised of jagged rocks and slick moss. High up in the trees that surround the Lagoon are the nests of Harpy mice who act as a plague to all hunters, stealing their cheese, gold and crippling their courage. Some mice here are not attracted to conventional bait. It is highly recommended that a hunter use Gnarled cheese when hunting at the Lagoon.


The Lagoon is a location in the Whisker Woods region requiring a minimum rank of Grandmaster and the Map of the Lagoon to enter.
Mice in the Lagoon can steal gold, points, and cheese if not caught.
Mice in the Lagoon are primarily weak to Tactical, Hydro, and, to a lesser degree, Shadow weapons. Other power types may have some effectiveness, but are not likely to perform well.

Lagoon Mice

The majority of the mice found in the Lagoon are part of the Forest Guild.
The Hydra and Water Nymph mice are part of the Aquatic Order and the Black Widow Mouse is part of the Indigenous Mice group.
All mice in the Lagoon are weak to Hydro and Tactical weapons. With the exception of the Hydra and Water Nymph mice, the mice in the Lagoon are also weak to Shadow weapons.
The table below lists the most effective power type for each mouse, though other power types may be used with some success.

Cheese Preference and Loot

Gnarled Cheese is required to attract the majority of the mice found in the Lagoon.
Wicked Gnarly Cheese has the same attraction as Gnarled Cheese, but is required to attract the Silth Mouse
Standard Cheese and SUPER|brie+ attract very few mice in the Lagoon.

Power Type


Wicked Gnarly

Black Widow
Extremely rare
480 10 Tactical X X Ancient Relic
Gnarled Cheese
Wicked Gnarly Cheese
Centaur 3,800 960 Tactical X X
Cyclops 2,800 2,800 Tactical X X Simple Orb
Eagle Owl 5,300 2,250 Tactical X X
Elven Princess 2,700 400 Tactical X X
Fairy 5,775 930 Tactical X X
Goblin 3,500 3,500 Shadow X X Flawless Orb
Scrap Metal
Harpy 11,100 3,100 Shadow X X Divine Orb
Hydra 9,640 5,760 Hydro X X Bolt of Cloth
Scrap Metal
Ship Blueprints
Simple Orb
Splintered Wood
Nomad 3,400 5,000 Tactical X X
Shaman 600 1,300 Tactical X X Splintered Wood
Silth 25,450 15,200 Hydro
X Ancient Relic
Divine Orb
Hunting Research (5,000 points)
Satchel of Gold (1,000)
Satchel of Gold (5,000)
Satchel of Gold (10,000)
Scrap Metal
Wicked Gnarly Cheese
Tiger 5,500 935 Tactical X X
Treant 1,300 600 Tactical X X Splintered Wood
Troll 8,190 8,190 Shadow X X Brie Cheese
Cheddar Cheese
Marble Cheese
Satchel of Gold (1,000)
Swiss Cheese
Water Nymph 4,725 790 Hydro X X
Wicked Witch of Whisker Woods 400 2,700 Tactical X X

Mice with Special Requirements

Hunting Strategy

Mice in the Lagoon are predominantly weak to Tactical, Hydro, and, to a lesser degree, Shadow weapons. Other power types may have some effectiveness, but are not likely to perform well.

The mice found in the Lagoon are primarily attracted to Gnarled Cheese[ and Wicked Gnarly Cheese. Wicked Gnarly Cheese is required to attract the Silth Mouse.

Hunters must collect Gnarled Potions and Wicked Gnarly Potions in the Great Gnarled Tree in order to create Gnarled Cheese and Wicked Gnarly Cheese.

Standard Cheese and SUPER|brie+ attract very few mice in the Lagoon.

Hunters that reach the rank of Legendary and find the Ship Blueprints will be able to craft and travel to the S.S. Huntington IV.

Adventure Book

Hunters can complete the final step to Craft the S.S. Huntington IV by catching a Hydra Mouse in the Lagoon to obtain the Ship Blueprints and craft the S.S. Huntington IV.

Library Assignments


Lagoon mice are worth points during some Tournaments.

Treasure Maps

Many mice in the Lagoon are often found on Whisker Woods Treasure Maps and Relic Hunter Treasure Maps.

Hunting tips by Larry

The waters of the Lagoon look dangerous! I hope you can swim!

You will find yourself having trouble attracting mice to your trap here, unless you use Gnarled Cheese. If you need more Gnarled cheese, head back to the Great Gnarled Tree to collect potions from the mice there. Or, if you want to attract the really valuable mice here, you might want to make some Wicked Gnarly Cheese. MouseHunters pursuing this cheese might benefit from consulting a certain Curious Chemist at the Great Gnarled Tree about ingredients.

Dwelling in the water is the fearsome Hydra mouse. The Hydra originates from the Ocean to the East, where it is known for being the cause of many shipwrecks. For this reason, the Hydra is known for dropping many nautical items. If you have your sea legs, try hunting the Hydra. You may just discover the mysteries of the ocean in the process.


There are no shops available in the Lagoon. Shops for the Whisker Woods region can be found in the Great Gnarled Tree.


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