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Spring is here again, and the season has come to a shocking start! The nefarious Pan Slammer Mouse and his cooks have not only hijacked this year's supply of Spring Hunt Eggs but they have taken over the Vacant Lot and built themselves an Omelette Factory where the Chocolate Factory normally stands!

He must be stopped before he cooks up all of this year's supply of Spring Hunt Eggs! Who knows what dastardly delights this menace will cook up?!?

Description and Requirements

The Omelette Factory is a special location opened on 15 April during the Spring Egg Hunt 2014. It requires a minimum rank of Recruit to enter. Mice are unable to steal gold or points in this location but may steal cheese if not caught.

Initially, hunters were presented with a Heads-up Display with 10 fuzzy egg images, and a message that the Eggscavator needed recalibration. After a hunter collects 9 eggs, the Pan Slammer Mouse became available, allowing the hunter to collect the final Golden Egg and finish the recalibration, with the following message left in the Hunter's Journal:

That's the last egg!
Now that I've recalibrated my Eggscavator, I will be able to hunt hidden eggs all across Gnawnia!
I can now useEggscavator Charge Charms to charge my Eggscavator for a chance to gather new Low, Medium, and High Charge eggs from mice. The higher the charge, the better the Charge Egg!


These are the shops that can be found in the Chocolate Factory:

Omelette Factory Mice

The mice found in the Omelette Factory depend on whether Dark Chocolate Charms are used or not.

Mouse Points Gold With Charm Without Charm Mouse Group Loot
Bat 3,375 3,000 X The Shadow Clan
Bionic 300 550 X Indigenous Mice
Black Widow 480 10 X Indigenous Mice Black Widow Egg
Burglar 1,420 1,250 X Indigenous Mice Brie cheese
Burglar Egg
Gilded cheese
Carefree Cook 2,200 1,200 X X Event Mice Marshmallow Monterey
Centaur 3,800 960 X Forest Guild Whisker Woods Egg
Chrono 19,750 12,250 X The Forgotten Mice Chrono Egg
Chocolate Overload 1,200 350 X X Event Mice Marshmallow Monterey
Coco Commander 6,900 500 X X Event Mice Marshmallow Monterey
Cowardly 190 300 X Indigenous Mice
Diamond 1,200 600 X Indigenous Mice Diamond Egg
Dwarf 225 450 X Indigenous Mice
Egg Painter* 6,500 900 X X Event Mice Blue Argyle Egg
Caring Egg
Friendly Egg
Gift Egg
Green Plaid Egg
Scalloped Pink Egg
Sharing Egg
Stripy Red Egg
Wavy Purple Egg
Egg Scrambler 2,750 850 X X Event Mice Marshmallow Monterey
Eggscavator* 6,500 1,200 X X Event Mice Satchel of Gold (2,000 gold)
Eggsplosive Scientist 6,200 800 X X Event Mice Marshmallow Monterey
Elven Princess 2,700 400 X Forest Guild Whisker Woods Egg
Field 200 200 X Indigenous Mice
Ghost 3,590 3,590 X The Shadow Clan Haunted Egg
Giant Snail 5,750 550 X The Shadow Clan
Gluttonous Zombie 1,750 3,000 X The Shadow Clan
Gold 600 1,200 X Indigenous Mice
Goldleaf 5,500 2,450 X Forest Guild
Gorgon 1,400 2,800 X The Forgotten Mice
Granite 285 525 X Indigenous Mice
Hardboiled 3,200 800 X X Event Mice Marshmallow Monterey
Hare Razer 7,000 3,200 X X Event Mice
Lich 12,200 8,700 X The Forgotten Mice Lich Egg
Lycan 9,250 5,500 X The Shadow Clan
Monster 9,100 9,100 X Indigenous Mice Brie cheese
Cheddar cheese
Marble cheese
Swiss cheese
Living Shard
Monster Egg
Mummy 4,725 3,750 X The Shadow Clan Haunted Egg
Onion Chopper 5,000 5,000 X X Event Mice Marshmallow Monterey
Ooze 5,500 5,400 X The Forgotten Mice
Pan Slammer* 7,200 1,000 X X Event Mice Golden Egg
Lucky Egg
Pirate 350 2,750 X Aquatic Order Pirate Egg
Pugilist 700 600 X Indigenous Mice
Ravenous Zombie 5,400 5,400 X The Shadow Clan Haunted Egg
Reaper 8,700 1,200 X The Forgotten Mice
Scavenger 3,375 5,200 X The Forgotten Mice Scavenger Egg
Sinister Egg Painter* 5,000 1,200 X Event Mice Blue Argyle Egg
Caring Egg
Friendly Egg
Gift Egg
Green Plaid Egg
Scalloped Pink Egg
Sharing Egg
Stripy Red Egg
Wavy Purple Egg
Sorcerer 6,200 350 X The Forgotten Mice
Spectre 5,600 5,600 X The Forgotten Mice
Spotted 175 175 X Indigenous Mice
Steel 270 500 X Indigenous Mice
Vampire 2,700 900 X The Shadow Clan Haunted Egg
Wight 8,750 900 X The Forgotten Mice
Zombie 2,700 2,700 X Indigenous Mice
* These mice can only be encountered by arming Marshmallow Monterey Cheese

Hunting Strategy

For the final three weeks of the event, the amount of Charge Eggs was doubled. A hunter remaining in the Omelette Factory and with a bit of a cushion in supplies can utilize the typical expected loot rates to maintain an indefinite cycle of loot, by using Eggscavator Charge Charms to charge up to 20 then Eggstra Charms on the way back down. A hunter could either use normal cheese and drop down to a charge of 12 and collect Marshmallow Monterey from Medium Charge Eggs and event mice, or use SUPER|brie+ and drop down to a charge of 17 and rely solely on the higher encounter rate of event mice. The Marshmallow Monterey obtained each cycle is typically enough to buy sufficient Eggscavator Charge Charms to recharge, and the amount of High Charge Eggs looted is enough to supply Eggstra Charms and SUPER|brie+ to cover the cost of maintaining the cycle.

Hunting tips by Larry

Greetings Eggsplorers! You must act quickly to help liberate this year's eggs from the evil, egg-cracking clutches of the Pan Slammer Mouse! He has taken control of this year's egg supply for his own personal gain: Cooking endless omelettes in an attempt to rule Gnawnia! All we know of his evil plan is it begins with cooking omelettes... Lots and lots of omelettes... We don't know what threat this poses exactly, but we know it can't be good...

Also, under the employ of the Pan Slammer, the Eggscrambler has re-scrambled the frequency of the Eggscavator, rendering it useless again!

You will need to Track down the original 10 painted eggs in the factory in order to re-tune the Eggscavator. Hopefully, with careful calibration, the Eggscavator can then pick up the scent of the eggs again so that hunters can find and complete their collections, keeping as many eggs as possible out of the Pan Slammer's pan!

Good luck and get crackin'!

History and Trivia

  • During the event, clicking on the event banner on the Travel page will take the hunter to Omelette Factory for free, along with a message that reads: I burst through the doors of the Omelette Factory to stop the Pan Slammer!.

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