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  | Icewing's Invasion (Bergling)
  | Icewing's Invasion (Bergling)
  | align="left" | [[War Scrap]]
  | align="left" | [[War Scrap]]
| align="left" | [[Relic Hunter]] [[#notes|<sup>1</sup>]]
| 650
| 935
| Indigenous Mice
| align="left" | [[Treasure Map Scroll Case]]
  | align="left" | [[Saboteur]]
  | align="left" | [[Saboteur]]
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  | align="left" | [[Frosty Metal]]
  | align="left" | [[Frosty Metal]]
<div id="notes">
<sup>1</sup> Appears only on Tuesday (GMT), and only if the hunter owns [[Ancient Relic]]s.<br />
== Hunting Strategy ==
== Hunting Strategy ==

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In recent days, huge chunks of ice have washed ashore the beaches of Gnawnia. Worse, dangerous mice have floated ashore alongside and are attacking the walls of Gnawnia!

Head the to beaches and stop the invasion!

You must be the rank of Lord/Lady to travel to this dangerous area.

Description and Requirements

The Slushy Shoreline is a location in the Gnawnia region requiring a minimum rank of Lord/Lady and Icebreaker License to enter. Mice are unable to steal hunters' supplies in the Slushy Shoreline.


These are the shops that can be found in the Slushy Shoreline:

Slushy Shoreline Mice

Mouse Points Gold Mouse Group Loot
Chipper 4,525 1,235 Icewing's Invasion (Tunnel Rat) War Scrap
Icebreaker 5,850 1,320 Icewing's Invasion (Tunnel Rat) Wire Spool
Incompetent Ice Climber 5,230 750 Icewing's Invasion (Bergling) War Scrap
Living Ice 1,850 3,250 Icewing's Invasion (Bergling) Frosty Metal
Heating Oil
Wire Spool
Polar Bear 6,760 1,865 Icewing's Invasion (Bergling) War Scrap
Relic Hunter 1 650 935 Indigenous Mice Treasure Map Scroll Case
Saboteur 6,800 850 Icewing's Invasion (Bomb Squad) Heating Oil
Snow Bowler 11,650 3,845 Icewing's Invasion (Brute) War Scrap
Snow Slinger 7,825 2,450 Icewing's Invasion (Bergling) War Scrap
Snow Sniper 9,255 550 Icewing's Invasion (Bergling) War Scrap
Snow Soldier 6,430 2,230 Icewing's Invasion (Bergling) War Scrap
Yeti 12,350 1,245 Icewing's Invasion (Brute) Frosty Metal

1 Appears only on Tuesday (GMT), and only if the hunter owns Ancient Relics.

Hunting Strategy

Standard cheese such as Brie or Gouda is effective in this location, but SUPER|brie+ is required to attract Living Ice mouse. Softserve Charms are required to attract Icebreaker, Saboteur and Yeti mice.

Hunting tips by Larry

Brr, it's cold! But don't let the icy chill stop you, hunter!

New and dangerous mice are flooding the shores of Gnawnia, and we need you to help out! The mice seem to be particularly vulnerable to Hydro-based traps, so pull yours out of storage and put it to use.

If you don't have a Hydro trap, or don't feel yours is up to snuff, check the Trapsmith! The King's best trap researchers have been at work preparing for this invasion.

History and Trivia

Further, some of the less-common mice have raided the King's private hunting supply. Gold, SUPER|brie+, and King's Credits have been found in the War Supplies they are carrying, and they can be yours if you track down those mice!
The King's scouts have counted a week's worth of War Supplies, so get out there and catch these mice while there is still time.


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