Sunken City

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Dive into the depths of the Rodentia Ocean and explore this ancient underwater city! Great treasures await adventurous hunters who journey into the deep waters!

Description and Requirements

The Sunken City is a location in the Rodentia region requiring a minimum rank of Count/Countess and having purchased the Sunken Souvenir to enter. Mice in this location may steal points, gold, or multiple pieces of cheese if not captured.

This area is divided into multiple zones. Initially, the hunter is Docked; in this state, a hunter can use Standard Cheese or Fishy Fromage to hunt mice that drop Oxygen Canisters as loot. Each Dive costs 10 Oxygen Canisters; then a hunter spends one Oxygen Canister per hunt during the dive. A hunter can leave the Sunken City and will return to the same dive distance and remaining oxygen. If a hunter runs out of oxygen, they return to the Docked zone. A hunter can also return early from a dive, without losing any oxygen (but of course costing another 10 oxygen to start a new dive).

The Heads-up Display shows progress in the area. In both Docked and Dive states, it shows the hunter's current Damaged Coral Fragment, Mouse Scale, and Barnacle counts on the left, and the Empowered Anchor Charm, Water Jet Charm, and Oxygen Canister counts on the right. Additionally in the Docked zone, it shows the current count of Fishy Fromage on the left, and a button to start a Dive on the right. During a Dive, the right side has a button to return early from the dive as well as progress meter of current exploration distance. The center of the display shows images of upcoming zones.

Each dive has a random selection of zones, with each zone occupying a multiple of 250 meters. The possible zones are chosen according to distance; the first group of zones are found up to 2,000 meters, the second from 2,000 to 10,000, and the third after passing 10,000 meters. A dive can last indefinitely. During a dive, a catch normally gives 30 meters of progress, but this is changed to 10 meters if an Empowered Anchor Charm is armed, and to 500 meters if a Water Jet Charm is armed. Failure to catch gives 10 meters of progress, and failure to attract has no progress. The Scoreboard tracks a hunter's furthest dive, mice caught in one dive, and overall use of Oxygen and Water Jets.

When starting a dive, the following message appears in the Hunter's Journal:

I equipped my diving gear and submerged myself into the depths of the ocean surrounding the Sunken City.

After each zone is completed, another message appears:

I finished exploring a XXX!

Upon running out of oxygen, a final message appears:

Having run out of Oxygen Canisters, I returned to the Sunken City to stock up on more after traveling XX meters.
During this dive, I visited XXX.


These are the shops that can be found in Sunken City:

Sunken City Mice

Hunting Strategy

Hunting tips by Larry

Welcome to the Sunken City! A civilization lost long ago to the depths of the ocean. Now, overrun with mice, they have taken over and restored functionality to use as a secret base of underwater operations. Using advanced submarine science, it looks like they have been trying to recruit the aquatic mice and gather underwater resources.

The King needs you to use one of these submerging sea shuttles and explore the deep sea to see how far the reach of the Sunken City goes and to stop those mice waiting to strike from the sea!

Before you can begin a dive, you'll need to collect some Oxygen Canisters by hunting in the city. Once you have some Oxygen Canisters saved up, begin a dive! While exploring the ocean floor you'll find ingredients to craft the valuable Fishy Fromage: a bait the mice in the Sunken City find especially tempting!

The ahem, "unique" smell of Fishy Fromage can't quite stink while underwater, so avoid arming any while diving. Instead, use it at the Sunken City where you'll attract a greater number of mice that drop oxygen! If you manage your resources well, you may find that you're better able to resupply yourself after each dive, so dive early, and dive often!

The further away from the city you get, the more valuable treasures you're likely to find. However, far away from the city are also where the most powerful predators lay, so be careful!


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