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This windmill, and the farm beside it, used to belong to one of Gnawnia's most prosperous farmers before the mice took it over. Windmill mice enjoy the simple life down on the farm, but don't be fooled by their relaxed attitude-- they're laid-back about everything but cheese.

Description and Requirements

The Windmill is a location in the Gnawnia region requiring a minimum rank of Apprentice to enter. Mice are unable to steal a hunter's supplies while in this location.


There are no shops available in the Windmill. The nearest available shops in the region are in the Meadow, Town of Gnawnia and Harbour.

Windmill Mice

Mouse Points Gold Mouse Group Loot
Brown 115 150 Indigenous Mice
Diamond 1,200 600 Indigenous Mice Simple Orb
Dwarf 225 450 Indigenous Mice
Farmhand 1,000 1,400 Indigenous Mice Flawed Orb
Field 200 200 Indigenous Mice
Flying 450 450 Indigenous Mice
Gold 600 1,200 Indigenous Mice
Grey 90 125 Indigenous Mice
Longtail 1,000 900 Indigenous Mice
Mole 550 500 Indigenous Mice Marble cheese
Pugilist 700 600 Indigenous Mice
Scruffy 250 400 Indigenous Mice Flawed Orb
Silvertail 1,200 1,200 Indigenous Mice Simple Orb
Speedy 950 900 Indigenous Mice
Spud 300 500 Indigenous Mice Flawed Orb
Tiny 200 450 Indigenous Mice
White 70 100 Indigenous Mice

Hunting Strategy

Hunting Tips by Larry

Congratulations, MouseHunter! You've reached the Windmill, a rustic locale where Apprentice MouseHunters go to prove their worth. A group of rowdy country mice overran this farm a while back, and ever since, they've been throwing a hoedown with the farmer's crops!

Recently, a gigantic bread-like mouse has taken up residence inside of the Windmill. This has caused production problems that only a MouseHunter can solve!

• Catch mice in the Windmill • Every catch helps the Windmill operate more efficiently • The more you catch, the more the Windmill can produce! • Collect Packets of Flour and create Grilled Cheese • Capture the Captain Croissant Mouse!

WARNING: If you leave the Windmill for too long, it will begin to slow down! Keep hunting until this breaded tyrant is caught to restore the Windmill to its former glory!

So set your trap, MouseHunter, and discover all the wacky and wonderful mouse breeds at the Windmill! Fight hard, and trap often, and you'll be an Initiate in no time!

History and Trivia

The Windmill location was introduced on 30 June 2010, as part of the overhauled early stages of the game.


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