Burroughs Rift

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Burroughs Rift
Region: Rift Plane
Minimum Rank: Duke/Duchess
Travel Requirement: Rift Detector
Required Power Type: Rift
Required Cheeses: String Cheeses
Terre Ricotta
Polluted Parmesan
Number of Mice: 38
Shops: Cartographer
Charm Shoppe
Cheese Shoppe
General Store
Lose Gold: Yes
Lose Points: Yes
Lose Cheese: Yes
Release Date: 9 September 2014
Just when you thought you understood and could deal with the horrors of the Gnawnian Rift, a new rift opens up! Tendrils of mist curl along the ground, and the terrifying cries of powerful mice echo all around. Do you have what it takes to take it on?

Description and Requirements

The Burroughs Rift is a location in the Rift Plane region requiring a minimum rank of Duke/Duchess and the Rift Detector to enter.

The Heads-up Display gives hints about the gameplay and progress towards particular goals. If the wrong cheese is armed, a message warns You'll need String Cheese to hunt in this area!.

On the left is a listing of the hunter's inventory of the three cheese categories effective in the area (String Cheese, Terre Ricotta, and Polluted Parmesan), with a button for ARM on each, or a button ARMED for disarming if that cheese is armed. Hovering over a cheese icon gives a bit more detail:

  • The String Cheese icon defaults to Magical String Cheese when not armed, but hovering shows Arm String Cheese to gather Terre Ricotta potions! along with an option to arm any of the four string cheeses. When armed, the current cheese shows as the icon.
  • Hovering on the Terre Ricotta icon shows Brew Terre Ricotta Cheese from potions to summon dangerous mice! along with a count of the hunter's Terre Ricotta Potions and an option to brew more cheese.
  • Hovering on the Polluted Parmesan icon shows Brew Polluted Parmesan Cheese from potions to summon dangerous mice! along with a count of the hunter's Polluted Parmesan Potions and an option to brew more cheese.
Next, the HUD displays the Mist Meter. This shows the hunter's current inventory of Mist Canister and the current misting level, out of 20. Initially, the button reads MIST and hovering gives this hint:
Click to start releasing mist!
While misting, you'll release one Mist Canister into the air per hunt. Try to keep your Mist Meter in the green zone to attract mice worth the most points, gold, and loot!

When misting, the button changes to MISTING and the hint reads:

Click to stop releasing mist!
While not misting, one mist will dissipate per hunt. Try to keep your Mist Meter in the green zone to attract mice worth the most points, gold, and loot!

The Mist Meter affects which mice a hunter will attract. Each hunt with a Mist Canister armed results in the meter raising by one, until a maximum of 20, regardless of attraction or catches of mice. Each hunt without a Mist Canister lowers the meter back down. The meter starts in the yellow zone between 1 and 5 mists, with a smaller range of attracted mice. The green zone includes a checkmark icon, between 6 and 18 mists, with a larger range of mice. Finally, the red zone includes an exclamation mark icon, at 19 and 20 mists, where only the boss mice are attracted.

Messages are left in the Hunter's Journal for various events:

  • When a hunter starts misting:
I have opened my first Mist Canister and mice have begun to emerge from within the mist...
  • When a hunter goes up to 18 mist:
Nearly there! There is almost enough mist in the air that the biggest and strongest mice will start appearing!
I need to be sure I'm ready to face them and have the strongest trap setup possible!
Oh no! I've almost released enough mist to attract the biggest and strongest mice!
I should turn off my mister before they do serious damage to my trap!
  • When a hunter runs out of mist:
I ran out of Mist Canisters and stopped releasing mist.
I should use String Cheese to hunt mice that drop Mist Canisters in order to replenish my supply.
  • When a hunter is not misting and the meter reaches 0:
The last of the mist dissipated from the atmosphere.
I should obtain more Mist Canisters and begin misting again.

On the right, the graphic changes according to the current set of attracted mice. There is one image for 0 mist meter, then another three images for all three misting levels according to the cheese armed.

To progress in the area, a hunter first has to collect Mist Canisters and then start misting. Using String Cheese while the mist meter is above zero can attract mice that drop Terre Ricotta Potions. These can be converted to Terre Ricotta cheese which attracts mice that drop Polluted Parmesan Potions. These in turn can be used to attract the Menace of the Rift mouse, which drops a Null Gauntlet, as well as other mice that drop Rift Circuitry. These items, coupled with a smashed Crystal Tower purchased in the Gnawnia Rift, can then be used to buy the Focused Crystal Laser (best for mice at 19 and 20 mist) or the Multi-Crystal Laser (best for mice at lower misting levels).


These are the shops that can be found in the Burroughs Rift:

Burroughs Rift Mice

All mice in this area are from the Burroughs Rift sub-group of the Rift Walkers mouse group, except the Tomb Exhumer, which is a Halloween mouse..

At 0 mist meter, only four String Cheeses (Marble String, Swiss String, Brie String, and Magical String) will attract mice.

Mice may drop Calcified Rift Mist if a Rift Vacuum Charm or a Rift Super Vacuum Charm is armed.

The Phase Zombie, Tech Ravenous Zombie Mouse, and Zombot Unipire the Third may drop Undead String Emmental Potions during Zombie Invasions. Undead String Emmental cheese is the only cheese that will attract the Tomb Exhumer in this location.

Amplified Brown 25,250 2,900 X Mist Canister
Amplified Grey 24,250 1,600 X Mist Canister
Amplified White 24,000 9,000 X Mist Canister
Assassin Beast 285,000 50,000 X Rift Circuitry
Automated Sentry 30,500 4,500 X Mist Canister
Big Bad Behemoth Burroughs 250,000 21,000 X Burroughs Rift Theme Scrap III
Rift Circuitry
Boulder Biter 70,000 14,000 X Mist Canister
Polluted Parmesan Potion
Clump 37,000 4,800 X X Polluted Parmesan Potion
Count Vampire 35,000 4,600 X X X Mist Canister
Terre Ricotta Potion
Cyber Miner 39,000 4,900 X X Mist Canister
Polluted Parmesan Potion
Cybernetic Specialist 27,500 4,500 X Mist Canister
Doktor 35,000 3,750 X Mist Canister
Evil Scientist 34,000 2,250 X Mist Canister
Itty Bitty Rifty Burroughs 36,000 4,600 X X
Lambent 60,000 10,000 X Polluted Parmesan Potion
Lycanoid 50,000 6,500 X X Mist Canister
Terre Ricotta Potion
Master Exploder 65,000 12,000 X Mist Canister
Polluted Parmesan Potion
Mecha Tail 45,000 1,000 X X
Menace of the Rift 350,000 150,000 X Burroughs Rift Theme Scrap I
Null Gauntlet
Rift Circuitry
Monstrous Abomination 150,000 15,000 X Burroughs Rift Theme Scrap II
Rift Circuitry
Phase Zombie 34,000 4,400 X X X Terre Ricotta Potion
Plutonium Tentacle 260,000 50,000 X Rift Circuitry
Pneumatic Dirt Displacement 35,000 4,500 X X
Portable Generator

Requires Magical String Cheese
26,500 8,500 X Mist Canister
The Red Button
Prototype 32,000 4,000 X X Terre Ricotta Potion
Radioactive Ooze 47,000 1,100 X X Contaminated Crumb Cake
Rancid Bog Beast 50,000 1,950 X X
Revenant 55,000 8,000 X X Mist Canister
Terre Ricotta Potion
Rift Bio Engineer 27,750 3,300 X Mist Canister
Rifterranian 36,750 4,700 X X Crystallized Fossil
Polluted Parmesan Potion
Robat 32,500 4,200 X X Terre Ricotta Potion
Super Mega Mecha Ultra RoboGold 52,500 4,200 X X
Surgeon Bot 32,500 2,500 X Mist Canister
Optic Receiver
Tech Ravenous Zombie 37,500 4,800 X X X Mist Canister
Terre Ricotta Potion
Tomb Exhumer

Requires Undead String Emmental
50,000 6,500 X Calcified Rift Mist
Enerchi Charm
King's Credit
Radioactive Curd
Rift Antiskele Charm
Rift Ultimate Lucky Power Charm
Rift Vacuum Charm
Tomb Stones
Undead M.Y.N.O.R.C.A. Skin Pattern
Toxic Avenger 48,000 1,850 X X
Toxikinetic 47,500 900 X X
Zombot Unipire the Third 45,000 4,500 X X Terre Ricotta Potion

Hunting Strategy

Adventure Book

Hunters can Defeat the Menace of the Rift by hunting with Polluted Parmesan in the Burroughs Rift to catch the Menace of the Rift and obtain a Null Gauntlet.

Hunting tips by Larry

I swear, it's not cold, but I did get a chill just now! This place is spooky!

First up, you'll want to arm some string cheese and collect Mist Canisters from local mice. Then, start opening them up to attract spookier, stronger mice. Pay close attention to your mist meter while you're hunting. Not enough mist and you won't attract any mice worth catching. Too much mist and you'll attract big bruisers that are too much to handle for now!

Hunt in the mist for a while and you'll start collecting Terre Ricotta potions. The cheese you create from these will allow you to hunt new and scarier mice. These new mice will occasionally drop Polluted Parmesan potions, which allow you to create the rarest and most dangerous cheese in this rift!

When using Polluted Parmesan, you'll want to hunt only in the deepest areas of the mist, and try to catch the Menace Of The Rift. He has a fantastic treasure - a Null Gauntlet - which allows you to equip Rift Vacuum Charms. These charms siphon tiny amounts of energy from rift mice and condense it into Calcified Rift Mist - the main ingredient in creating rift charms!

Finally, once you've collected your Null Gauntlet and created some powerful charms, it's time to go back into the depths of the mist. The mice there drop Rift Circuitry, which you can use to craft two new powerful Rift Power traps and turn the tables on the rift mice!

It's a long list and a tall order, hunter, and the mice here are more powerful than most, but I know you can do it, so have at it!

History and Trivia


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