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This volcano is said to have long ago given life to the entire island in a massive eruption. For this reason the tribes have long worshipped the Dracano, bringing offerings of peppered cheese to a fearsome winged mouse they believe to be a deity.

Description and Requirements

Dracano is a location in the Tribal Isles region requiring the minimum rank of Knight and the Ocean Navigation Kit.


There are no shops in Dracano. Shops for the Tribal Isles region can be found in the Cape Clawed.

Dracano Mice

Mouse Max Points Min Gold Power Type Loot
Draconic Warden 12,895 1,246 Physical Coconut Milk
Fire Salt
Dragon 74,200 39,940 Draconic Dragon's Chest
Whelpling 1,310 12,281 Physical Delicious Stone
Satchel of Gold (1,000 gold)
Savoury Vegetables

Hunting Strategy

Hunters should use a Draconic type weapon such as the Ice Maiden as this is the only trap type that is effective against the Dragon mouse. All three mice are only attracted to the Inferno cheese

Hunting tips by Larry

I'm afraid hunters have not learned much about this hunting location. Once we've learned a little more about the area I'll be able to give you some tips.

History and Trivia

Dracano is the last area of the Tribal Isles to be released. It was opened on 29th of September 2009


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